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About Randsco

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About Randsco


Randsco is a family-run website that focuses on web-development, adventures, interesting tid-bits and local news. We currently live on a rural 5-acres near the ocean, on Vancouver Island (western-most coast of Canada). Our website began as a way to share our adventures and keep family and friends informed (Scott was transplanted to Canada from the United States), but it has turned into much more.


What's Randsco IS

Scott is a web-developer, designer, father, adventurer, scientist, handyman and volunteer firefighter. He's posted a lot of original material since he's been "online" in 1999 ... and it's still growing. Here's a short list of what you'll find here:

  • Family stories (About Rachel, Scott, Alex & Tuxedo) - written with the "general public" as an audience.
  • Web Development Articles - Learn what's new, what works, tips, tricks, design - stuff that interests Scott (e.g., he loves bending CSS).
  • Adventure Journals - Backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, cycle-touring - many with photos, maps, slide shows and more information
  • Informative Articles - Analysis, personal observations, humor and serious discussions covering a broad range of topics.
  • Educational Articles - How-to articles, tutorials, b2evolution blogging software, CSS techniques and other web tips and tricks
  • Free Stuff - Maps, music, brochures, cut'n-paste code and Penn State football live-radio links (exclusive to Randsco)
  • Local Issues - politics, environment, water, firefighting and other things for Nanaimo, North Cedar, Ladysmith and the Yellow Point areas
  • Product & Book Reviews - Stuff we buy and use, companies we like and don't like and books we've read.
  • And More - We regularly update the site with more than what's included in this brief list.


What Randsco IS NOT

Here's a brief list of what you won't find here:

  • Porn - We're a family-oriented website.
  • Foul Language - We believe that intelligent people can find more suitable words to express their feelings.
  • SPAM - We have a ZERO-tolerance policy against SPAM
  • Blatant Advertising - We offer a nearly advert-free reading experience for loyal readers (those who type our URL or bookmark us)
  • Poor grammar & punctuation - We're from the old school and believe spelling, grammar and engaging writing are important.
  • Coding Errors - We constantly update and maintain our pages and code. We try to maintain a high 'visitor experience' rating for ALL visitors.
  • Closed Comments - We believe comments should be open to anyone. We don't moderate our comments, we don't ask you to decipher and type funky letters or answer silly questions. We even allow links.

Spend some time and poke around. There's a LOT more to Randsco than meets the eye. Scott particularly enjoys adding depth to online content and websites he builds, which translates into not-so-obvious treasures (easter eggs?) for readers who like exploring. (e.g., Some "internal" links will you to separate websites, while hovering or clicking will yield hidden features, information, photos and other online "goodies").

We hope you enjoy your stay and find what we've put up adds value. Please comment, sign the guestbook or contact us - we like to get feedback - good and bad - from our readers.

-Scott & Rachel

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