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mQuote: If you track your portfolio with Quicken, you've likely encountered problems downloading price data using Quicken's "One Step Update". mQuote is a multi-ticker, historical ticker downloading tool, which offers a variety of enhancements



Quicken Price Download Problems?

If you use Intuit's Quicken software for tracking your portfolio of stocks, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, it's likely that you've encountered some problems downloading quotes. Has any of the following happened to you?

• You try to download quotes in your Quicken portfolio, but 'One Step Update' refuses to connect, no matter how many times you try? Sometimes such 'outages' last for days, leaving you frustrated.

• You add several stock or mutual fund symbols (or been away for longer than a month) and you want to download daily price data for the entire time, but Quicken won't download daily data further back than a single month?

• You get an email from Quicken, saying your 'Online Services are being discontinued' - buy a new version or lose the ability to download quotes?

If so, then you'll like mQuote.


What is mQuote?

mQuote is an online tool that provides a painless and simple way to download historical stock or mutual fund quotes, for multiple ticker symbols!

• Use it as a back-up for when the Intuit connection goes down.

• Use it for obtaining daily historical prices after you've been away for long periods or when back-filling new positions or watch-lists.

• Use it if you've been bitten by Quicken's "Sunset Policy" and the only Quicken online service you need is downloading quotes. (Why shell out $60 - or more - for new versions that don't contain substantive improvements; have work-flows "improvements" which are actually more cumbersome; or take the risk of bugs or worse - data transfer problems?).


Coming Soon

mQuote has been helping frustrated Quicken users since April 2008. Membership is free and there's no software to download or install. You can test it using the demonstration link below.

mQuote Demonstration

User:demo | Password:demo_mquote

Remember to log out. ;)

If you like mQuote, you'll want to have your own registered account. The account is free and it allows more ticker symbols and remembers your tickers in a saved list, just email and ask. Include your first & last name, a contact email address, your preferred username and an initial password.



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