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Privacy Policy

privacy policy

Randsco Privacy Policy



Randsco uses an OpenSource blogging engine called b2evolution. It uses "cookies". This means that the software stores a small file, called a cookie, on your computer. The file name is named something like "[your userid]randsco.txt" and it is stored in the temporary Internet file folder, for whichever browser you're using.

This file stores some personal information: Your name, email, URL(if you have a web page) & a b2evo-assigned sessionID number. Accepting cookies from is not harmful. We take your privacy very seriously.

b2evolution cookies are only used for your convenience.

If you make a comment on randsco, the b2evolution cookie allows us to "remember" who you are, so if you comment again, you won't have to enter the same data multiple times (your email address, name and URL). The information is pulled from your cookie file.

The cookie can also store your "skin choice", but because we only offer one site design (or skin), this information isn't utilized.



Anyone can comment on Randsco. We also allow link in our comments (something that a lot of other sites don't do). Because we believe commenting should be easy, we employ crafty anti-SPAM measures that do the SPAM-busting work in the background. We don't ask you to enter hard-to-dechiper numbers and characters (CAPTCHA), answer silly questions or delay posting your comment until we've had a chance to look at it (moderation). Your comment is published immediately.

We do, however, have a zero-SPAM policy and we reserve the right to moderate your comments: We edit for poor grammar, spelling mistakes, invalid code, swearing, etc. We will delete comments that, in our opinion, do not add value, are off-topic or perceived as "spammy".

If you have posted a comment by mistake, or if your comment contains information that you wish to have modified or stricken ... just contact us and we'll be happy to edit or delete your entry.

When you leave a comment, an email address is required. It can be a fake email address or your real one. Either way, it will not be displayed, collected or sold.

Your email address will not be displayed, collected or sold.

We would prefer you leave your real email address, because we may wish to reply personally, providing further information, help or links. Rest assured, this will be the extent of its usage.



Privacy on our contact page is similar to comments. Anything we receive via e-mail (except personal information and e-mail addresses) may appear on our website, unless you have requested otherwise. We utilize discretion and generally ask for permission before posting anything.

If you have any questions regarding privacy, please contact us. We will do our best to answer your questions.


Google Advertising

Since June 2007, visitors landing on this site from a search engine, are shown Google Adsense ads. These advertisements are clearly marked as such and separated from regular content in an obvious way. When visitors click on these ads, we accumulate a small bit of revenue, which accumulates over time and helps defray the cost of hosting and domain management.

Google advertising uses cookies to help improve and display relevant advertising that: (a) matches your Google search terms; (b) displays ads from geographically-relevant advertisers and (c) displays ads that tries to match the content on the page you're reading.

Google's cookies don't contain any personally identifying information (e.g., below is a current sample of what my IE8 Google cookie looks like).


Learn more about Google's advertising and privacy policies. (Note: It's possible to Opt Out of Google's interest-based advertising)


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