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Draft Storyboard

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Draft Storyboard

January 20th, 2009  · stk

Best Job: I've created a "feed-only" blog that will allow feed subscribers (dedicated readers) and select people to follow my quest for the "Best Job in the World". In this update - my draft video story board.

Okay ... here's the rough draft of some of my initial ideas. The difficulty:

  • Can only be 60-seconds long
  • The video is the only thing to get you to the "next level"
  • There's lots I think I should say
  • It can only be 60-seconds long.

I tried to add in a bit of humor, but the one thing lacking (thus far) is that bit of "pizazz" to set me apart and (b) something to show that I'm "not shy" (something they're wanting).

I'm planning on generating a list of "what they're looking for", to help focus on changes.

Any suggestions/changes/additions you might have, would be greatly appreciated.

Now ... on to the (rough draft) show.

Best Job - Draft Video

Click a thumb to see the bigger picture

  • The Beginning
  • Scott Knows Islands
  • Scott Lives on an Island
  • Scott Knows Adventure
  • We both love adventuring
  • It is a BIG ride, eh?
  • Only Animation in Video
  • We Tried to Go On!
  • The End
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Updated: 21-Jan-2009
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1.flag John Comment
As an Australian, a word of warning.
The "Hamilton Island" job offer is in more trouble than Ned Kelly ( now there is an adventurous bloke ) with their YouTube viral marketing lies.

It's a wonderful place though. In fact the whole Queensland coast is a water boy/adventurer's dream.

Your story board looks good. Big bold scenery backgrounds from your photo collection would make an impact.

Good luck and I look forward to developments.
2.flag stk Comment
John - Thanks for the suggestions. Been see-sawing about how many (if any) adventure photos to show.

Know a good slide-show-to-movie app? (I've never made a movie slide show thing before).

If you don't mind, I'll off-line you about your take on the whole promotion. Be interesting to hear the views of an "insider".
3.flag John Comment
Fine with me Scott.
4.flag Dad Comment
Do they know 'Bucket List' down under?
5.flag John Comment
Re: Bucket list
Yep, I passed it up, based on the following review :)
6.flag stk Comment
Dad - Easy enough to shorten it to "list" or "list of places I'd like to go". (Figured 'bucket list' was part of the youth vernacular, but hey ... what do I know?) :p

John - I've not seen the movie either, but with a 5-year-old, my reason is more about "lack of time" and less about "discerning taste"! (This is coming from someone who cried at the end of the Pixar movie "Cars", so ... there you go!)