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The Quest: Best Job in the World

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The Quest: Best Job in the World

January 20th, 2009  · stk

When Rachel told me about "The Best Job in the World" ($150k for 6-months of adventuring in Australia), it took me about a half hour to get jazzed about it. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was right up my alley. Now all I have to do is put my best foot forward in a 60-second video....

"Caretaker" of the Australian Great Barrier Reef Islands

Tourism Queensland, in Australia, has hit a gold mine with their recent "Best Job in the World" campaign.

Timing for the campaign, which aims to promote Queensland's Great Barrier Reef Islands, couldn't be better. It was launched on Jan 12th, in the dead of winter for the northern hemisphere and on the heels of a tremendous downturn in the global economy.

If you haven't heard about it on your local news (weather segment, most likely), Tourism Queensland is looking to hire someone to be "caretaker" of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef. It's billed as "The Best Job in the World". The successful candidate will live on Hamilton Island for six-months and must be willing to explore the other Great Barrier Reef Islands. The only catch: you must report back on your adventures to a global audience (via weekly blog updates, photo diaries and video snippets).

"They'll also have to talk to the media from time to time about what they're doing," says Anthony Hayes, CEO of Tourism Queensland.

Upping the ante even more, the successful job applicant is paid $150k for their six-month job and is provided a 3-bedroom, ocean-view home (which comes with some other perks, such as a golf cart, computer and video equipment).

(Ewe ... sounds rough, eh?)

If you think you're up to the task, just head to and submit your application. They must include a 60-second video (saying why your the best candidate), photo and contact details. The application deadline is currently February 22, 2009, but Tourism Queensland reserves the right to move it forward, once 30,000 applications have been received.

That may happen, as the promotional campaign has been very successful. Interest in the job overwhelmed the site's servers, shortly after the job was announced and Tourism Queensland had to scramble and add additional equipment to handle the web traffic.

I estimate that about 3,500 applications have been received, thus far.

Of course, this begs the question: "Will Scott or Rachel throw their name into the hat?"

The Kimler Case

Rachel and Scott met, while on a 3,250-mile bicycle ride across the United States. Along with 150 other riders, they raised $7,500 USD each, in the effort to fight lung disease and then spent 48 days, bicycling through 13 States and traveled from Seattle, Washington to Washington D.C.

The foundation of their relationship is adventure and they both (independently) had online journals of their experience.

Since the Big Ride, they've done a bunch of other adventures, most of which, were shared with the rest of the World - online.

Who better to take the world on an Australian adventure than Scott and Rachel? They've been sharing their adventures with the world since 1999!

"Heck," says Scott, "Our website is all about adventure! It's even called, 'Our Adventure Pages'."

"Just Google for 'our adventure pages' or 'rachel scott adventures' and we'll likely be the first result," added Rachel.

For sure, the Kimler's know adventure and share it with the World, with detailed prose, photos, video and often, maps.

"Even our (now 5-year-old) daughter, Alex, gets into the act," said Rachel. "She started adventuring at 10 months, joining us on our cycle-touring trip from Banff National Park, in Alberta, to Jasper National Park, along the Icefields Parkway!"

"Yeah," said Scott, "but it's the five-month trek we did from Mexico to Canada, along the Pacific Crest Trail, that should peak their interest. We had a PCT website, we kept an online journal that we updated "live" from the trail and we persevered through the snows of the High Sierra, the heat of Lassen, all the way to the Canadian border. It shows that when we set our mind to something, we finish!"

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1.flag Gary Comment
It sounds just like your cup of tea Scott.
Imagine being paid for exploring the Great Barrier Reef Islands.

I thought you already had the perfect job working at Astonish Me with Yabba ;)