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First GOOD Video

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First GOOD Video

January 22nd, 2009  · stk

I think most of the video submissions for "The Best Job in the World" are crap. I've looked at hundreds, scoping out the competition. Well, I've finally found one that competes. I bet this guy gets a call back.

I've pawed through hundreds of the "Best Job" videos and - finally - found one that I think stands out.

I bet they go, "Hey, we've got to get this guy down here for an interview."

Hmmm ... makes me think about having a snappy background soundtrack for my own video. (Love that he's standing in front of rolling video of past adventures. Too bad all our stuff is stills. Tad lackluster on personality & creativity maybe.)

LOL ... how can I be critical? His video is good and FINISHED! :p

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1.flag John Comment
It's good, though the cynic in me might question the relationship between the "talking head" and the "background activities".

Make it personal. You, the better half ( her strong medical is an isolated island), your achievements, the impact you make and the effect you have on people and projects.

I remember a Flash presentation by some bloke who wanted a job at Google or somewhere.
It was just a scrolling screen of great, and specific one liners, with all supporting documentation attached as a download.

It allowed for dynamic backgrounds plus audio, in small doses.
2.flag stk Comment
Well, and Rachel pointed out that the background activities didn't really include "the guy" (could've been swiped from anywhere).

I'm not really doubting that "he" didn't take/do those things, just that (like you) there's a tad of a disconnect.

Still mulling over the options (and trying to sync time + oppty + help + guts).
3.flag Jonathan Kraft Comment
That video ROCKS! Nicely done. I also agree that the video could have been pulled from anywhere, so there's a little disconnect, but the video is abolutely rockin!

watch mine
4.flag stk Comment
Jonathan - Yours is pretty good too. Good luck to you.

I've seen loads better ones, since February (people have had time to put together things).