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Props & Such

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Props & Such

January 22nd, 2009  · stk

The Best "Best Job" information, seems to be in the media kit. After downloading most of what's there, I realized that Tourism Queensland had included some suggested story photos that included a white sign with the words "The Best Job in the World" scripted on it. "Hmmmm," got me to thinking ....

Best Job Deserves the Best Candidate!

In an effort to set myself apart from the rest of the mooing herd, I thought I'd expand on the Tourism Queensland's white sign theme, with a sign of my own.

In fact, I had two signs made up. One is meant as a replicate of "The Best Job in the World" sign that's included in the media kit. With the other, I thought I'd trumpet my own horn a bit.

I'm not 100% sure how the photo is used and I had given some thought to including a huge photo, with sub-photos buried inside of it (almost like a collage). IF it's used solely on the site in a 125x104 pixels thumbnail purpose ... that idea would look horrid. If they scrutinize the photo, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea.

At the present time, I'm thinking of just making/using a photo that has the correct aspect ratio and includes this sign. It's the only time I'm planning on using this sign (won't be in the video ... well, maybe at the end or something.

The other sign, I figure I can use as a prop for a couple of other ideas I have (a) Setting up a booth at a public place and generating some buzz for the best job in the world by handing out applications (kissing babies and pressing hands) and (b) a fake press conference.

Knowing that the tattoo video was a staged fake by the same company responsible for the promotion, kind of gives me the license to "take the gloves off".

Other things I'm considering: (a) multiple submissions (no where have I read "only one submission per candidate"). I've always gotten a job I've wanted badly by pestering the people doing the hiring, to let them know I REALLY want it. (b) a parody of some of the videos that seem to have a common theme (e.g., girls saying, "They'll do anything" for the job; begging; best qualification being "I don't have anything going on in my life", "I need a vacation"; and perhaps getting a fake tattoo of the Australian flag on my shoulder and saying, "This one's REAL".)

In other news, I went to the fire hall and shot some footage of me saying, "I'm a firefighter and first responder at our volunteer fire hall" and went to the Nanaimo Aquatics Center to film some footage of me swimming and saying, "I grew up with a pool and was on the High School swim team."

Both SUCK! The fire hall one is worth a re-do, but the swimming one (looks more like a fat old has-been, which wouldn't really help my case against the youth market!) I'll just have to stick to saying I swim like a fish (which is true), but I just don't have to say the fish is more like a ling cod and less like a barracuda.

Rachel raised a good point the other day. Having much of my video narrated changes "I did this" to "Scott did this", which helps cement my name. (Danny has generously offered to help put the video together and he's got a great radio voice!)

Just some random thoughts.

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1.flag John Comment
The signs looks great. Nice work.

Also, don't forget to tell them you know thousands of cold grumpy Canadians that, on your word alone, will rush to Queensland for a holiday.

Umm... on second thought, change "Canadians" to "North Americans"
2.flag stk Comment
LOL ... I can jam it in right after showing our global blog audience, pointing out how most of our readers come from N.A., England and Europe. "If I just say the word, they'll flock down under"! :D

Hmmm ... on second thought, I'll use you're word "rush". Flock sounds a tad too much like a four-letter word. :|