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New Script

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New Script

February 4th, 2009  · stk

OKAY ... I've done up a new script for "The Best Job in the World". It's hard to trim it down to 60 seconds, but here it is .... (Shooting takes place tomorrow, rain or shine) ...

Shooting Begins Tomorrow

LOL ... between getting ready for deployment (the new site that we've been working on is going "live" this Friday), getting over Alex's cold (thanks Oop!) and preparing for our annual Fire Department awards night (last Saturday) ... I've also been trying to hammer out a new script for "The Best Job in the World".

Those keeping score at home know that the draft script was a tad "off the mark". Well, I've taken creative control and spun my own story. It's kind of like Hollywood meets the Clampits, minus Granny, the mansion, the budget and stars.

OKAY, maybe that wasn't the best analogy. :|

The hard part of writing the script was fitting it into 60 seconds! So much info, so little time. (Seems they're a tad ruthless about the 60-second mark, from what I've seen, automatically rejecting anything that exhales over 60.00001 seconds). There's nothing about being a fireman, having a master's degree, certified diver, competitive swimmer, 2-years spent exploring for oil in the jungles of Sumatra, field research in Costa Rica, work in Qatar or other overseas travels. No mention of being on the b2evo dev team. Pity.

There's also no fake tattoos, no Osama Bin Laden or any cheezy "how cold it is" references, marketing hooks, hype or cheesy website addresses. Just straight-up Scott (and Rachel, if she manages to wake up in time to be included in a shot - she's working a night shift and will sleep in past the 9 AM shooting start - and Alex).

SCREEN GRAPHIC ("Scott Kimler" in Bold Text + American & Canadian Flags)

CUTTO: SCOTT (Adding wood to a campfire, tent in the background) - "Hi, I'm Scott. My wife and I love the outdoors so much that we actually live in the woods."

(Camera angle widens to show tent in the yard & house in the background).

SCOTT (shouting): "It's like camping every day!"

CUTTO: (Photo slide show begins in the background, 2-3 seconds per photos, while narration continues)

SCOTT: "I quit a high-paying, corporate job to follow my dream of adventure. We've cycled across America - twice. We even hiked across it, following the rugged, Pacific Crest Trail. It took 5 months. We've been on many adventures and introduced our daughter to cycle-touring when she was only 10-months old."

SCOTT: "Since 1999, we've been sharing these adventures, big and small, with the rest of the world. That's right, we've been blogging since before "blog" was a word."

CUTTO: GRAPHIC [World Map showing reader distribution for a month]

SCOTT: "Our detail, easy style and humor appeals to a wide audience. Our website gets over 100,000 visitors a month - from all over the world."


SCOTT: "I also invented "Photo-Caption Zoom", a CSS-method that brings online images to life.

CUTTO: SCOTT, RACHEL & ALEX (w/ "The Best Candidate" Sign)

SCOTT: "We're great storytellers and since we've never been to Australia, we could take the world on a journey of discovery. Hire me I'll bring my enthusiasm, family and over half a million visitors!"

CUTTO: SCREEN GRAPHIC ("Scott Kimler" in Bold Text + American & Canadian Flags)

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1.flag Gary Comment
If it were up to me you would of been hired already :) If Aus doesn't want you then maybe Hollywood would ! :)

2.flag John Comment
Good, very good.
I just don't think the wankers in Queensland Tourism and Marketing would know CSS if it hit them over the head with a bat.

Just emphasise your "online experience and reach"
3.flag stk Comment
Gary - Too bad it's not up to you! :p

John - I type softly, but tend to carry a fairly large CSS stick. (I was planning on laying the audio on top of this 6-second Photo-Caption Zoom demo). :D

If the stick isn't large enough for even TQ&M 'wankers', then I've failed at communicating. OTOH, I have limits regarding how much "dumbing down" I'll allow myself. :D :p
4.flag Gary Comment
Nice video showing PZ3 Scott. Ive got my fingers crossed for you :-)