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Application Posted

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Application Posted

February 7th, 2009  · stk

At approximately 3 PM today, Scott uploaded his video application for Tourism Queensland's "Island Caretaker" job. Billed as "The Best Job in the World", it has attracted over 10,000 applicants, so far. "Whew," said Scott, about his submission. It's up to the judges now.

Video Application Uploaded Today

Queensland Server Farm - At approximately 3:17 PM PST, Scott Kimler's video, a photo and contact information was uploaded for the Tourism Queensland "island caretaker" position, which they bill as "The Best Job in the World".

"Whew," said Scott, "I can relax now! I've done my part and the rest is up to Tourism Queensland."

When asked about the quality of his submission, Scott was upbeat.

"The video rocks!" he said, "I don't know if it's enough to win, but I'm pretty proud of the entry."

Rachel, his wife, said, "I'm just proud of him for submitting an entry. It takes a certain kind of person to 'put themselves out there' like that."

"Well," Scott said matter-of-factly, "How else are they going to find 'the best candidate'? I was compelled by unforeseen and powerful forces, to toss my name into the hat."

"Yeah, yeah," she said, "You're just full of yourself now, aren't you?"

Scott just grinned. :D

Shooting Went Well

The weather cooperated on Thursday and Scott had set the stage for filming, the night before, by building a campfire ring and pitching the tent, for the opening scene.

Alex was so excited by the prospect of camping, that she made her father fetch the sleeping pads and bags. Scott and Alex even lit a fire and hung out by the "camp", letting smoke drift their way and eating marshmellows. When the sun went down and it started getting dark, Alex got sleepy and wanted to go to bed in the tent.

It was only 6:30 PM, but just like real camping, Alex was ready to hit the hay when it was dark! (Rachel hauled her upstairs to her own bedroom, when she returned from work, at eight o'clock).

Filming started a little after 9 AM, the next day and didn't go anything like Scott thought it would. First of all, none of the tent or campfire was even used for the opening scene.

Lorne, the director, cameraman, editing team and lighting director rolled into one, led Scott to various locations around the Hutton House property. He took "B-roll" shots and filmed the chickens, a deer (which happened to be in the pasture), the stone inukshuk, the house and a bunch of other things that Scott hadn't planned on.

Of course, Scott recited his well-rehearsed lines too (mostly following the script, but improvising too). He'd like to think that the improvisation was the result of a keen actor's skill, but the truth is that he was nervous and stumbled with his lines from time-to-time.

Not a worry! There were multiple "takes" of every bit of script. They even took some indoor shots, next to the computer (of all things).

Filming was wrapped up by about 1 PM, after getting shots of Alex and Rachel too. Lorne then disappeared with the canister of film and must've bribed the local developing company, because the very next morning, Scott received an email with a rough-cut of his 1-minute video application!

The rough cut was ... well ... rough and Scott sent back several suggestions and then went to work to gather the supporting graphics, photos and even a "Photo-caption Zoom" demonstration (as one reader pointed out that a "CSS technique" would go over the heads of the Queensland marketing types). Thanks John!

A 2nd version of the video was emailed to Scott this morning and it looked pretty snazzy. Scott had just one change and then, by noon, the final video was "in the can". All that remained was rendering it into an acceptable format and size (no small task, it turned out, as it originally landed as a MacIntosh MOV file).

Scott struggled with that most of the afternoon, but managed to find a way to render the video into a smaller video size (640px by 480px) and file size (12.5 Megabytes), without munging the quality or the first/last frames (which are an important component of Scott's video application).

"I sure wish I could share the video with y'all, at this time," said Scott, to a disappointed crowd of onlookers, "But my lawyer has advised me to wait, until after it's posted on the Tourism Queensland site."

Moans of disappointment were heard throughout the ranks of reporters, even though most of us suspected that we'd be watching Scott's video on the website.

"Believe me," said Scott, "I'll give you a link, just as soon as the video has been approved and posted!"

"I can't wait," he added, then wondered outloud, "I wonder how long it will take for them to approve my application? Sure hope they got the whole thing!"

He said that it took well over a half hour for the video and picture to upload. Lots of other applicants are reporting difficulty in uploading their material, citing instances of being "timed out" or getting "sorry" messages on their computer.

Scott was lucky. His application seemed to load on the first go! Hopefully, his luck will continue all the way to the top of the selection pile!

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1.flag John Comment

Moans of disappointment were heard ...

... all the way down here in Australia.

I'll check into the Queensland Site, after I've done my tax, so we can afford to pay you lot an extraordinary price just to play on a island.

Best of luck.. glad you hit the Send button.
2.flag stk Comment
LOL ... yeah, I was tempted to post the video here, but since so much of it's a "popularity contest" (assume) that I figured it would be better to wait, till the thing's actually posted (and I've had a chance to make sure it looks as intended).

Believe me, when I find out, I'll post about it! I'm jazzed and hope that you'll pass the link along to all your friends! (Mind you, that's assuming you think it's OKAY too :p ... and have friends :| ) ;)
3.flag Gary Comment
Good luck Scott, I hope it all works out for you.

Gz :)
4.flag Yabba Comment

He said that it took well over a half hour for the video and picture to upload.

Lets hope you get the job so you can afford a better connection huh? ;)

5.flag John Comment
Man, I've looked through 20 pages of Canadian submissions and I can't see a Scott Kimler anywhere.!!!
6.flag stk Comment
On one hand, it's nice to hear you love Canadians! :D On the other, I could have saved you 20-pages of time. ;)

The way the process is supposed to work is that I'll get sent an email, once the video is approved and uploaded, with a link.

The only problem? It's been 3 days since I submitted my application (Feb 7) and I've not heard a word. Leaves me wondering ... especially since I've got such a poor upload rate on my broadband connection.