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Dingo Eats Application

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Dingo Eats Application

February 10th, 2009  · stk

Three days ago, Scott Kimler submitted his application for "The Best Job in the World". Since then, he's been waiting for it to show up on the website. Nothing. It appears that a dingo ate his baby

Where for Art Thou, Video?

Somewhere in the Australian Ether - Scott Kimler's video application for "The Best Job in the World" is missing. Readers want to view Scott's video. So does Scott.

On February 7th, fully 3 days ago, Scott submitted his video application, photo and contact details to Tourism Queensland. Because he received a "Thank You" email, Scott assumed that the video application had been successfully transferred.

Fast forward three days and Scott is a nervous wreck.

"Where's my video?" he mutters, to himself, over and over. He's been checking his email 97 times a day and even looking for his video on the website.

"Where is it?" :'(

Unshaven and emaciated, Scott's very existence seems to hinge on seeing his video application posted on the Queensland website -

Oh Where, Oh Where Can that Video Be?

Who knows? All we can say for certain is that it hasn't been posted.

Scott lamented to reporters, "For sure [the video] is in an acceptable form."

Scott's submitted video is 59 seconds long and in MOV format, an Apple QuickTime construct. It's also less than 100MB - way less (only about 13 MegaBytes).

"Maybe the transfer didn't go through. It took over forty minutes, after I punched the "submit" button," Scott conjectured.

With less than 11 days to go till the application deadline, Scott's been left no option, other than to take matters into his own hands.

"I made another submission this morning and asked an Aussie friend - hopefully with a faster upload rate - to submit it as well. Each submission has a different email address. This way, I'll know which of them is the successful one," said Scott.

One must admit that the submission process is a bit of a black hole. Aside from an automated email, there's no confirmation that the video or picture data has arrived intact.

"Gee," said Scott, "If I had designed the application workflow, I'd have provided applicants with a temporary link, immediately upon submission, to view their uploaded data. They would then have the instant feedback to confirm that their data had been successfully transferred (or not), which would have saved a tremendous amount of bandwidth and avoided multiple submissions. Applicants could relax, knowing that their data had been successfully submitted."

"Ah well," added Scott, "All I can do is submit till they accept. It'll likely happen soon!"

"It better," said Rachel, "Scott put a lot of thought and effort into his submission, so he's hoping it gets posted soon. Besides, he's been a bear to live with and - for my sake - I'm hoping it gets posted soon!"

"Very funny," said Scott.

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1.flag John Comment
This "down under" connection would just like to add that The Best Job In The World website is not The Best Website In the World.
Scott's nervous disposition is justified.
One of the perks of being a temporary member of the Kimler Marketing staff is that I got to see the video and it's terrific.
2.flag Danny Comment
Are you going to link to the video file or upload to youtube so we can watch it?
3.flag stk Comment
John - LOL @ 'temporary member of the Kimler Marketing staff'. Keep this up and I'll hire you permanently! :p

Danny - The goal is to provide a link to the video, once it's approved.

There's a whole "popularity" component to the application, so I'm hoping that friends, relatives and even strangers will help by linking, promoting and otherwise cajoling others to view the video (once it's posted) and encourage giving my application a 5-star rating!!

Of course, all this hinges on Tourism Queensland. Get off your collective arses and approve my (hopefully fully uploaded) video! :|
4.flag Jonathan Comment
Scott - I think it took 9 days for our submission to be accepted. We did get a confirmation email once the video was uploaded (same day we submitted it). Did you get a confirmation email?

If you didn't get a confirmation email, I would re-submit (and might just re-submit for good measure anyway) ... waiting takes some patience for sure!

While we were waiting, we put together a plan for self-promotion, which we're working on now.
5.flag stk Comment
Jonathan - 9 days? :o ... here I've been wearing a path in the carpet and it's only been 3 days! Thanks for responding!

That's is helpful, though a tad frustrating. While I did get an immediate "thanks for submitting", it's far from a "your video and picture came across fine - by-the-way, it'll be a week before we can get it posted" kind of message.

I have re-submitted (just this morning - to be sure).

Self promotion? *looks at self in the mirror* What's that? :o :|
6.flag Gary Comment
Gosh Scott, you are like a cat on a hot tin roof, just take a moment, breath easy and that's it.... you are nice and relaxed ;) WHERE MA VIDEO :( - I hear you shouting at the family .......and calm down again, that's it, perfectly relaxed :)

Seriously, I can imagine the wait must be torture, I can't wait to see it myself!


7.flag Gary Comment
Just been looking at a couple of videos for the application of the job and I doubt that this guy will get the job but I could be wrong, it might just be what they are looking for (an over confident 'cool' person)

8.flag stk Comment
Gary - Have you been into the tropical fish food again? :roll:

@ that guy's video. There's a zillion like that (person sitting in front of a computer video camera, "Ah, um ... what else can I say? ... ") Every one of those will be heaped into the 'reject' pile. ;)

OTOH, it did make me laugh. He says, "I'm not afraid of anything" twice - at least - then follows up with, "I'm nervous". All that false bravado! :p

To contrast, look at Rachel's application. (I think Rachel's traveled enough on someone else's dime. She should step aside and let others have a chance.) :|
9.flag Yabba Comment
Retract those claws!

Good luck huh? ;)