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Yay, It's Been Accepted!

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Yay, It's Been Accepted!

February 12th, 2009  · stk

After five days of nail-biting, Scott's video application for "The Best Job in the World" is now available on the website. Check it out! (Don't forget to VOTE and pass it along to friends, collegues and anyone you that will watch!) Thanks!!

Scott Kimler's Video is at 136 Views

At about 7 PM on Wednesday, just over 5 days since submission, Scott's video application for "The Best Job in the World", has finally been approved!

"Yee Haw!" exclaimed an excited Scott.

Be one of the first to see it online!

Elation turned to disappointment, however, when Scott saw that the video quality wasn't up to par.

"There's a video and audio "sync" problem and then the video really cuts out - visually - during Alex's cycle-touring picture and the first part of when I'm talking in the office. Darn," said Scott, "and to think we tried SO hard to get the quality 'just right'. The original wasn't like this."

Scott figures that the problems were introduced by whatever process that Tourism Queensland uses to prepare the final, uploaded videos.

Still, Scott's jazzed with his submission and it's been playing to a kind audience. Scott's video was on the site less than an hour and it had already found it's way to the first page of the "most popular" videos!

"Wow," said Scott, "and to think I haven't even tried to promote it yet! This rocks! (And give me hope, eh?)"

Still, there's a big difference between a hundred and forty six views (the view count at this writing) versus over 35,000 for the "most-viewed" video.

"Let's hope my rating stays high and the view count exceeds forty thousand ... there's only 10 days left!!" said Scott.

"Oh, gee ... I almost forgot *Scott sheepishly grins* ... here's the video link."

"Please," said Scott, "please pass it on to five friends and tell them to pass it on to five of their friends. If you think it's a pyramid scheme, it is!! So much of this application is about "Buzz" and who can generate it. Don't forget to tell people to "VOTE" too!"

To vote, just click the right-most "star" under the "rate me" section.

"Wait a minute," said Scott, "I'll SHOW you!"

Vote for Scott ... often :p

Voting is pretty simple. It's done from the website, but you only get one vote.

"Make it count," said Scott, winking.

"Thanks in advance," he added, "Don't forget to pass the link on to your friends, family and anyone else you can think of. (So much of this is "public relations". If you can think of any other way to help Scott get the word out, let him know!)

Don't forget the link!


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1.flag John Comment
Great news.
Was it upload number 9 or 29 that got accepted? :)

Ok... voting time.

Good luck to all of you.
2.flag stk Comment
Actually, it was upload #1. (I'll feel a tad sheepish when the other two are uploaded as well). :p

Who knew? :|

Feel free to spread it around ... *just like manure* !! :D
4.flag Gary Comment
Scott, that is brilliant. It says it all. You really deserve the job, I know from reading your blog and stories/adventures over the past few years that you would make an absolute FANTASTIC job of it. Australia could not ask for a better candidate - you would sell their country over and over again. No - I haven't been sniffing the tropical fish food again ;) GREAT job, I've got my fingers crossed for you and will head over to make a vote right now and plug your video on my blog as soon as I get time.

Gosh, if you only got the job, how good would that be :)

All the best mate.


5.flag Gary Comment
BTW (and delete this after you have read it) ...................... The youtube video has been removed, just thought I would let you know then you can upload it again

6.flag Danny Comment
Great work.
7.flag stk Comment
John, Gary & Danny -

Thanks! :D
8.flag John Comment
Scott, fyi
in your post, the first "See it online!" link fails.

It's missing a #/ after .com/ and before applicants
9.flag stk Comment
bugger :( ... thanks :D

EDIT: Odd, the link that was sent in their email didn't have that pound sign.

somehow, that redirects to:

(had lots of ppl - the FG, a fire-hall friend and Gary say "it says your video is no longer available")

:o Who knows?
10.flag stk Comment
Oh @ Gary ... yeah, I think the Aussie site is getting hammered pretty hard today. I've had several friends mention something similar and I've even gotten "site not available" messages.

It's there.

Persist! :D