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Picks and Pans

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Picks and Pans

February 15th, 2009  · stk

I've pawed through a lot of "Island Caretaker" videos and thought I'd start a list of some that stand out, both good and bad. Have a look.

I consider myself a "realist" and understand that while I've got a pretty good resume for the Aussie 'Island Caretaker' job, I'm not the only one. Who knows? Maybe Tourism Queensland already has an idea of the kind of person they're looking for and I'm not it.

Before I put my video together, I viewed a LOT of the videos that had already been loaded. After I uploaded my video, I've viewed a LOT of videos too.

While the majority are crap (really), there are some that stand out as 'worthy competitors'.

I've learned several things here. One: If you open up a fabulous opportunity to the world, the wannabies and idiots come out in droves! Two: There's some really cool people out there that are doing some very interesting things with their lives! Three: What some people will do to attract attention is ... well ... to put it nicely ... creative!

On the next page is my (growing) list of videos I've found that have struck me as either very good, or very bad ... for the reasons I mention.

Shirley, you've found some you like (or dislike)! Post the link. (I'm curious to see what floats or sinks your boat, not just Shirley's) :p

The Picks I've Found:

  1. My current favorite (I've been in contact with Cindy, via email. I like the 'buzz' she creates in her video. She looks like a real people-person.)
  2. World Traveler (Rachel was an intern at STA for 2 months. She's a coed, cute and bet she looks hot in a bikini too!)
  3. Amazing Animation This is just beautiful to watch! Corrie - excellent work!
  4. Excellent Music & Videography Philippe does a great job with this. It's just too bad I have a difficult time understanding him (and the English error in his credits - "leave" instead of "live" - is a killer).
  5. Cute Cartoon Work The level of videography work is amazing. It's a cute video with a good message. English is good, though a bit carefully spoken, as if she's having to work at it.


The Pans I've found

  1. Old Guy Dancing - (Not against mature folks in the fray, but this guy just looks spooky).
  2. Balancing a Chunk of Snow - (Can't see Brian's face and he's balancing a chunk of snow on his head. The message went right by me b/c of the delivery.)


Undecided List:

  1. Clever Teaser? - (Michael's video is all about a tease. It's creative, daring, but ... what's the message? Even Michael admitted this on his blog ... "it didn't demonstrate I could actually speak". I agree, but put it in the undecided column. Who knows, eh? He also has a contest to win an iPod, if you vote for him.)


More to come ... just put up the few I had, to get started.

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1.flag Gary Comment
I think with guys like 'wildman Jack', the snow balancer and the snow diver, it can only increase your chances of winning by tenfold ;)

Cindy's video was really good as was the other girls who had been around the world with her video camera.

Here's hoping for you Scott, and the half a million visitors you could bring. :)

2.flag stk Comment
Thanks! (Thought you were gonna ask for an iPod) :p
3.flag Gary Comment
Lol :) Years ago when we were looking for a house to buy there was a lad that was that keen to sell his house (just broke up with his girl friend) and he was giving away his car to anyone who bought his house. It was on the radio and in the local press. More spooky it was on the street we ended up buying our house and all we got was a 25 year mortgage ;)

So what free gift are you giving away then Scott? I got me an ipod already !!!!