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Caretaker Gets Free Beer

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Caretaker Gets Free Beer

February 17th, 2009  · stk

Tourism Queensland's "Island Caretaker" gets a pretty good salary, multi-million-dollar house to live in and plenty of adventure. Now they get free beer too, courtesy of Fosters, which (apparenly) is Australian for beer

Fosters - Australian for Beer!

As if the 6-month "Island Caretaker" job on Hamilton Island doesn't offer enough: $150K 6-month salary, airline tickets, multi-million dollar 3-bedroom beachfront home, golf cart and various adventure packages. Fosters Group has announced that they are adding to that pile by awarding the successful candidate with free beer "to help them get acclimated with the Aussie lifestyle"! press release

In the press release, Foster's has agreed to reward the new "Island Caretaker" with a three-months supply of Foster's Oil Cans, prior to their trip.

"Excellent!" said Scott, "I like beer!"

"Great," said Rachel, rolling her eyes, "like Scott needs more incentive other than warm sun, adventures and an opportunity to blog about it."

The Skinny on the Fat Can of Beer

In the press announcement, Doug Kooyman, who is Foster's brand manager, said, "Foster's is all about bold flavors and bold perspective ... we believe a few ice cold Foster's Oil Cans is the proper way to congratulate and prepare the winner."

A note to the winner: You must email to claim your prize.

"That would just be icing on the cake, wouldn't it?" Scott said.

"Still, I have a few questions," Scott said.

"For one, what constitutes a '3-months supply'? How much beer is that? If the winner doesn't drink beer, one can would be more than enough. If you drink a lot, maybe it's not enough?"

"Another thing," he went on, "If you look at the key dates, you'll realize that Tourism Queensland will announce their new employee on May 6th and they will report for work starting July 1st. I guess they'll have to drink a 3-month supply of Fosters in two months! That really says something about acclimating to the Aussie lifestyle, eh?"

Scott figures that if he wins, the fact that he's in Canada will mean his Fosters will arrive quickly, since all the Fosters in North America are brewed right here in Canada! ;)

source | Foster's History

"It sure will be a g'day indeed!" said Scott, holding up a fake Foster's Oil Can, "Cheers!!"


Aussie Fosters Goes with Aussie Football

Something else that Scott will have to acclimate to, besides Fosters beer, is Aussie football (of which, he knows very little).

Scott explained, "I just ran into this video while I was scouring the Internet to find out what the heck a Fosters "oil can" was. Looks like a pretty exciting game! Can't wait!"

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Updated: 17-Feb-2009
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1.flag John Comment
Oh dear, you are a PR junkie.

1. It's a cheap ad for Foster's beer.
Free product always is.
How much beer?
Foster's will say, in very small print, that you should always drink in moderation. So I guess that gives you some idea of how much beer will be in your luxury dwelling's fridge when you arrive.
Lots :)

2. The real home of Real Australian Football (AFL) is Melbourne.
The State branches/teams go no further north than Brisbane, The Brisbane Lions, which is a long way from the "island".

They will most likely will fly you down to a Brisbane match as a PR exercise along with Tourism Queensland, Foster Execs and assorted Marketing people all getting in on any PR opportunities.

You do realise that you will be "owned" for the duration, don't you!

2.flag stk Comment
Geez, what a buzz kill. :|

Hey, it sounds fun! (As long as I don't have to get a fake tattoo) :p

What are the odds, eh? ;)
3.flag John Comment
The odds of you winning are great.

BTW, when they take you to a football match, just sit back and be amazed at our "no helmets, no padding" approach to physical football.
4.flag stk Comment
I like the way you state it as a fact. :D

Same game we call "rugby"? (Really am clueless about Australia ... it's not just an "act".) :p

ps - been having a devil of a time bringing up the video on to see the view count today. Server is jammed, looks like. (Hard to recommend folks "go vote for me" when their visitor experience is so horrid ... the guy on my video aside).
5.flag John Comment
It played as fast as greased lightening from where I'm sitting.
Views 3800
6.flag stk Comment
Hmmm. Must be a great white knawing on the fibre optic cable to Canada or something then, cause it's slow as molasses from here (and the view count has been frozen @ 3800 for a while). Somebody vote! :'(
7.flag John Comment
This may explain a few things...

'Best job in the world' overload | The Australian
"THE Best Job in the World is experiencing application overload, and Tourism Queensland has had to increase its IT support for the website in its final days.
Tourism Minister Desley Boyle says applications are flooding in, and with a significant spike in traffic and applications, the site's expecting a heavy hit rate."
8.flag Gary Comment
Nice to hear of the free beer for 3 months, that would be about 3-4 cans for me as I can hardly drink (ask Yabba) :)

I guess you are hoping for a tad more than 3-4 cans in 3 months though huh ?

9.flag stk Comment
John - Thanks for the link! Yes, it definitely looks like TQ's servers are buckling under the stress of 8k+ videos and related viewings.

I imagine things will simmer down a tad come March 2nd, when they whittle it down to just 50. ;)

Gary - A tad. I'd consider it my duty to acclimate myself in the most appropriate of Australian manners! :p

Actually, when the Foster's truck arrives, I've promised an "Australian bash" for all my fire hall mates. We'll be tossing a few shrimp on the barbie and quaffing a few pints. (You can imagine that I was the brunt of a few jokes, last night, at our weekly practice! A few - all rather poor quality - Australian accents were bandied about.) :D
10.flag Gary Comment
Lol, like the way that you are hoping for a Fosters truck !!!!

Ever the optimist huh ? :D

If your Fire fighter buddies are taking the rip about Aus. just wait to they start calling you Grandpa after the V card fiasco. How that made me laugh ;)

11.flag stk Comment
LOL ... My mates want to know ... "Is that a Canadian 3-month supply or an Australian 3-month suppy?" :p
12.flag Gary Comment
What you sayin' That the Aussies drink more than the Canadians or vice versa :P ? Maybe its just Fire Fighters build up more of a thirst after a hard nights work of putting fires out huh ?

13.flag John Comment
@ Gary..
"Aussies drink more than the Canadians"

We do... while all the economies are tanking at relative speed, we have a shedload more hot weather than Canada and the Uk put together.

Thirsty stuff, all that hot weather.

When I lived in Canada they all drank wimpy cocktails and head banging spirits.

We start with beer and then we imitate Canadians.
In the UK, they start with beer and then they fall over :)
14.flag Gary Comment
@ John:

Lol, glad you can handle ya beer, not like me, one pint and I am almost on my back :( Still its a cheap night out !

I guess it takes a real man to hold his beer huh :) ? Not a limey wimp like me ;)

15.flag stk Comment
It's all a big myth! :'(

Mind you, firefighters make up for all the other Canadians that drink only wimpy cocktails and head banging spirits! ;)