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News About Closing

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News About Closing

February 18th, 2009  · stk

Island Reef Job dot com has relayed information regarding the closing of "Island Caretaker" applications. The news is as follows (please continue to view and vote for Scott's video)

Here's news about the closing of "Island Caretaker" applications, which is scheduled for February 22nd at 11:59 PM (UTC) - four days hence.

Bottom Line: Get your application in NOW! Delays of up to 5 days may occur and rejection due to selection criteria (60 seconds or under, relevant to the job & in the King's English) will mean certain death.

More than 19,000 would-be Island Caretakers have so far applied for The Best Job in the World. With applications closing on 22 February 11:59pm UTC, potential applicants should not leave it to the last minute to submit an application. Unfortunately we will not be accepting any applications after this time, given the huge task we have ahead of us to shortlist down to the top 50.

Please be aware that there may be an increase in demand on the site this week as many people race to get their applications in. We urge you to please take note of the closing time in your local time zone (22 February 11:59pm UTC) to ensure you don't miss the deadline. Applications must be submitted successfully by this time and any in the middle of being uploading as the deadline occurs will most likely receive an error message indicating the application has not processed and they will be unable to reapply. Applications submitted this week still go through processing and may be rejected if they don't meet the criteria. Processing is taking up to 5 days so if your application is rejected after applications have closed because it did not meet selection criteria you will be unable to resubmit. Please ensure that your application meets the criteria stipulated (i.e. 60 seconds or under, relevant to the job, in English etc).

As many applicants try to get their submissions in this week, the site may experience capacity issues. We urge you to keep trying and if you have a large file we recommend reducing it under 40MB to increase your chances of successfully uploading your application.

After applications close we will be shortlisting down to the top 50 applicants, these will be loaded onto the site 2 March 11:59pm UTC.

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