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Tourism Queensland Site Craters

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Tourism Queensland Site Craters

February 18th, 2009  · stk

Yesterday, many of Scott's "Best Job in the World" supporters, complained that the link to his video application didn't work. The problem was with the Tourism Queensland website, which was overloaded. Today it buckled under the strain and crashed.

"Best Job in the World" Website Crashes - Again

Due to the overwhelming response to the "Best Job in the World", the website that is playing host to over 8,000 60-second video applications, has crashed.

The crash occurred at approximately 2 PM PST. Scott received an email from a friend, who went to the site to view and vote for his video application.

"What's going on?" this friend wrote, "I tried to view your video yesterday, and the link wouldn't work. Today I'm getting this message (see attached image).

Scott doesn't know. Tourism Queensland probably doesn't know either. They're probably just as mad about it as Scott's supporters are.

"It's a grand waste of time on everybody's part," said Scott, "It's very hard to drum up support for your video application if those supporters cannot even get to the site to view the video. It makes all the applicants look bad and it makes Tourism Queensland look bad."

Tourism Queensland reserved the right to move up the closing date, if the number of applicants exceeded 30,000," said Scott. They've reported close to 20,000 applications, two-thirds of that amount.

"You'd think they would have prepared for this kind of digital onslaught, eh?" said Scott.

Complaints aside, it's one thing to plan for it, but another to actually live through it.

Scott, who stepped back for a moment and put on his "web developer" hat, said, "You can't really test for the onslaught, until it actually happens. One thing I would have done, however, is put the application uploads on a completely separate server from the one hosting the site. I would have also provided applicants with some kind of immediate feedback, to verify that their application video was received without being 'munged'. This would have prevented multiple uploads and saved much server bandwidth."

Regardless, the site - - crashed about a half hour ago and is still down, at the time of this posting.

"Picture in your head," Scott said, "scads of skinny, pimply-faced kids, scrambling around in a room humming with computers. The site will be up again, once they've ate their pizza and drank all the coke from the vending machine!"

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Updated: 18-Feb-2009
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1.flag John Comment
"As we speak, they are wheeling in more servers to back up the system," Ms Boyle said.

"It is under so much pressure with people at the last minute putting up those job applications, so we're increasing the capacity expecting that the next four to five days will be very busy indeed."

Applications close on Monday."
2.flag John Comment
Oh dear.....!!!!!

404 Not Found
"Not Found

The requested URL /index.php was not found on this server."
3.flag John Comment
it's back but the numbers are nuts.....
Can't find Scott for love nor money!!!

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4.flag stk Comment
Look for it now on page 3 of "most viewed". See it?

The number of views rose unexpectedly and dramatically yesterday. For the day, it received over 2,000 views! After the fracas, however, the coveted 4-star rating was lost and since then, the view rate has dropped to a steady trickle. Very strange. (Almost like a whack-load of people swooped in and voted it a 1-star ranking?)

I've been concentrating on telling friends and supporters to not only view, but VOTE too, as having a good rating positions one nicely on the Most Popular page.

I have no idea what Most Popular page it has dropped to, but I bet it's way down there somewhere. :(

Yesterday's view-counts were spooky weird.