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It Begins

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It Begins

February 22nd, 2009  · stk

Did you know that there's a social network site, just for applicants of "The Best Job in the World". Scott didn't (until a friend told him). Also, Scott gets his first mention in a news article. And so it begins ...

First Article and the Pundits Come Out

A friend told me about It appears to be a social gathering place for 'Island Caretaker' applicants. I recognized some of the faces in the "members" section, but hadn't heard or discovered it until moments ago.

Two hundred and forty five of the roughly 20,000+ applicants are members.

One, Australia's own Hailey Turner (long-time turtle-toting 'Most Views' member) posted a "Top 50 Potentials" list. (Mind you, looking at the article, I see it's dated January 30th, so it's way out of date).

Nevertheless, it reminds me that now that the application deadline has passed, the pundits will be out in full force, putting forth their top 50 picks.

The whole world will be focused on the 'Island Caretaker' selection and it's a reminder that the big magnifying glass in the sky will come out. (Better not hold Alex out our bedroom balcony sliding window! It's a full two-story drop, don't you know!)

Will we live in fear of helicopters buzzing the property?

"I sure hope not," said Scott.

"I like to poop in private, without it being all over the news!"

In Other News ... Literally

Not knowing what else was out there, I began an internet search for all things related "Island Caretaker" and found an interesting tidbit.

The Earth Times Online Newspaper published a feature article entitled, "Passion Parade for Australia's Dream Job". It was posted Monday, February 23 @ 03:14 GMT, just three hours after the applications closed.

It talks a bit about the diversity of the field of applicants and how one applicant failed to realize that "it's a marketing job, not a [pool] maintenance job". Nichole McNaughton (Tourism Queensland spokesperson) said, "We've seen a lot of bikinis in the snow."

The the drop (in comparing applications):

Some applicants fall before the first hurdle. Olga, a Russian, is almost mute. Fellow Russian Stoyanov Lev declares his love for "the vegetative world."

Others are frighteningly professional. Canadian Scott Kimler claims a huge internet following already. "Hire me and I'll bring my family, my experience and half a million visitors to the islands," he promises.

"Cool," announced Scott, "I'm a sound-bite"! :D

And so it begins ...

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1.flag John Comment

frighteningly professional

What an odd term .. not that I would use marketing terms like "sensationally", impossibly, brilliantly, creatively, advisably, specifically" etc.

But I may have said something like, the Scott submission reflects a "typical corporate dropout" style, a submission that screams ... "this man needs a holiday" ... and so on. :)

If this were a horse race, I would bet a dollar or two on you at this stage.

Soak it all up, it must be fun. It is for me and I'm just a spectator.
2.flag stk Comment
Hey, life's an adventure, eh?

I never liked the "corporate scene", though the bi-weekly paycheck WAS somthing to write home about.

When I quit my high-paying job and started adventuring, only a few were jealous (just not their bag, maybe)

-- had a friend admit that his idea of "roughing it" was a night at Motel 6 (big chain of low-budget motels in the States) --

Anyway ... can you imagine? Big adventure AND getting paid decent coin? Hello. We're talking feather in a cap here for this guy!

EDIT: Forgot to mention (my bad) ... I'm really glad yer along for the ride. Looking forward to meeting you one day. ;)
3.flag Gary Comment
Scott, Glad to see you are doing so well, I noticed that you are on the most viewed and most popular pages viewed :) You must be kinda excited / anxious by now surely ?

Fingers crossed