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Application Deadline Tonight

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Application Deadline Tonight

February 22nd, 2009  · stk

Boy, I'm glad I got my Island Caretaker job application in when I did! Applications close tonight and all the last-minute uploading has cratered the website (again)! More on the looming deadline

Island Caretaker Applications close at 11:59 PM UTC

Anyone wanting to apply for "The Best Job in the World" had better get on the stick! Tourism Queensland will not be accepting any applications uploaded after 11:59 PM UTC (3:59 PM PST).

I'm not sure if the whole application has to be uploaded by that time," conjectured Scott, "or if it has to be started by that time."

"Either way, there's likely to be some disappointed people."

Tourism Queensland has had a phenomenal response to their advertising campaign, which is seeking an employee for "The Best Job in the World". The final numbers aren't in yet, but there will likely be well over 20,000 applications, by the time the dust settles.

Tourism Queensland Site Overloaded

With all the last-minute application uploads, the site is overwhelmed with hits.

"I can't even pull up the main site this morning," said Scott.

Unless Tourism Queensland has some kind of backup plan, this overloaded state will likely continue all day.

Here's what Tourism Queensland had to say about "Uploading Applications Before Closing Date"

Due to the overwhelming amount of applications that we have received and the time required to process all applications and shortlist for the next stage of the selection process, we have to be very strict with the closing date for submissions. This means that we can not accept any applications, for any reason, after 11.59pm (UTC) on the 22nd of February. No discussion will be entered into, regarding this matter.

Some applicants are experiencing difficulties in uploading their application so we suggest you try to upload you video at a different time of day which may help, as will reducing the file size of your video (recommend under 40MB) and using a fast internet connection. Please also ensure your video meets the size and time limit criteria. Any video that does not meet these critiera will automatically be rejected.

At present Tourism Queensland's digital marketing team are processing approx 1,500 applications a day and is working around the clock to process these applications and have increased the number of people working on processing the applications.

Work will continue right throughout the weekend as we expect to receive close to 30,000 applications and have staffed to meet this demand accordingly.

Any applications that we receive before 11.59pm (UTC) on 22nd February will be processed on the spot to ensure shortlisting commences immediately.

Tourism Queensland is closely monitoring the number of applications received and is ready to increase the number of staff working on processing the applications as well as any technical equipment needed in response.

Please note it is the responsibility of the potential applicant to ensure that they’ve allowed enough time to upload their submission before the closing time.

Good luck to all applicants!

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Updated: 22-Feb-2009
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1.flag Gary Comment
So I havn't got much time to make my video and upload huh ?

Here's hoping for all the best to yours.

2.flag stk Comment
Just fly to Hawaii and you'll have even more time! :p
3.flag Gary Comment

4.flag John Comment
I did get a play of your video..
Views were at 13,099.
Oh, and your not on the first page of Most Popular.
That reclining leggy Russian chick is still there though :)
Page two won't load at all!!
5.flag John Comment
Bugger, now it's had a reboot your back on the front page !!!
Views : 13144
and page two of Most Views..

Yeh :)
6.flag stk Comment
LOL @ "reclining leggy Russian chick" ... I know EXACTLY who you mean! :p

I've been on page 1 "most views" since midnight our time? :o (yer freaking me out).

OKAY ... unfreaked. Looks like the site is unloaded again. Very close to the cut-off time.

Yay, most popular too! :D

Got a funny screen grab shortly after I landed on page 1 (did you hear the "whoop" all the way from Canada?) :p

2 secs ... lemme PS the screen grab.