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An Eye on the Cloud

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An Eye on the Cloud

February 23rd, 2009  · stk

One of the things I debated about, when making my "Island Caretaker" video, was whether I would feature our website - - prominently. See what I decided and measure how well it worked out

The Randsco Search Cloud, I Mean

One of the things I debated about, when making the application video, was whether I would prominently feature the web address. Just like so many bikini-clad girls hopping about in piles of snow, I figured that in this blog-centric age, applicants would be plastering WWW addresses across the screen in droves.

Never to be 'one of the herd', I decided to underplay our web presence. Boldly proclaiming our typical visitor stats was the lure. has been "on air" since late 2004 and we're easy to find. Since 100,000 visitors a month do it, I figured Tourism Queensland could too (even if they are - how's John of put it? - a bunch of marketing wankers)!

I left two BIG clues in the video:

  • My Name - It always cracks me up when people say, "I'd have told you about [insert message here], but I couldn't get a hold of you." Google me!
  • Photo-Caption Zoom - It's a CSS technique (think "computer" and the answer will be - google it!)

Did the strategy work?

Off to the Cloud We Go

The bottom line is - we'll see. Haven't landed the job yet.

You can keep tabs on it, however. Just head to the little, blue cloud in the "Site Tools" section on the right. Click it to bring up 40 random search terms that people used, who landed on the site.

If you look in the very lower right corner of the pop-up box, you'll see the text "Top 40". Click that and it will bring up the TOP 40 search terms people used.

Keep an eye on the top terms.

Normally, there's no "Scott Kimler" in there. "CSS Photo Zoom" - yes. "How to bring US goods into Canada" - yes. And ... during College football season (Aug-Jan) ... "Listen live to Penn State Football" looms large.

"Scott Kimler", not so much. Until the "Island Caretaker" application, that is. ;)

It's now 'the metric' I'm using to gauge the success of my decision. On Thursday, it was searched for [17 times]. Today, after applications closed and we managed to claw our way to the #1 "Most Viewed" page ... [34 times].

It'll be interesting to see if this number climbs.

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Ummm. that would be wow-factor, however, looking at the site, this bloke also needs a holiday...
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Whoa ... my bad. Sorry. :oops:

Fixed. :D