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Not in Top 50

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Not in Top 50

February 26th, 2009  · stk

It's official. Scott did NOT make the top 50 of applicants for "The Best Job in the World". In other news, Scott's suicide is scheduled for 5 PM PST at the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge. Bring popcorn and an umbrella. Those watching from the base, may want to wear safety goggles.

It's Official: Scott Kimler not in Top 50 Candidates

Scott didn't make the 50-cut. The videos were quantitatively analyzed on 5 criteria:

What are you looking for in the top 50? What is the Selection Criteria?

(1) English is a must, as the successful applicant will be communicating to the world.

(2) Personal presentation is obviously important in such a high profile position.

(3) The technical proficiency demonstrated in the video application is an important element, as the job requires the successful applicant to produce blogs and video diaries.

(4) The applicant’s experience and knowledge/understanding of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef as demonstrated by the content in the video submission is vital in assessing whether they are the right person for the job. Like any job you apply for, it’s important to show you have researched the role and the company – or in this case the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

(5) Demonstrating motivation and a genuine enthusiasm for this position is vital. We need someone who can sustain worldwide interest for six months.

Newsy Night: Criteria & Results Come from Twitter "Queensland"

I got the Top 50 Criteria last night, when Tourism Queensland tweeted the news across. I posted it verbatim on this "hidden" blog and groaned. For the FIRST time, I realized that it was likely I wouldn't be included in the top 50. Why? Item 4.

I completely played it the other way. In fact, I told Rachel time and again, "Why would they want someone to go on with endless facts about the Great Barrier Reef in their video. They KNOW this stuff already."

I believe that it would be FAR more interesting to follow the blog of someone who's NEVER BEEN to the Great Barrier Reef! Gee, they'd be seeing things for the first time. Their posts would be filled with wonder, facts and true excitement (not some PhD type lecturing down at the masses).

I figured that the knowledge bit wouldn't come into play until the face-to-face interview process.

Well ... at least I have a clear understanding of WHY I wasn't selected. Never-mind being on the "Most Popular" and "Most Viewed" pages, eh? Gee, I'd have thought that would mean something (and maybe it did, more than I realize?)


Scott's Self Rating of his Reef Job Video

Now that the criteria by which the video were rated for the top 50 is out, Scott took a moment to look objectively at what he submitted.

  • English - 10/10 (clearly, a lot failed on this alone)
  • Presentation - 10/10 (subjective, but Scott got right in there with the camera)
  • Technical - 10/10 (no worries here, mate!)
  • Reef facts - 0/10 (*gong* sounds ... you're ooouuutta here - thanks for playing!)
  • Enthusiasm - 2/10 (if they even got this far, it's a two. But hey, I have a professional demeanor and it's hard to change what you are.)

At the end of the day, Rachel is proud of me for "putting myself out there" and my (beautiful) daughter, idolizes her Daddy and that brings a tear to my eye. My family loves and supports me, so life is good. Personally, I was pleased with the way the video turned out. It was better than I anticipated and so I'm content with that aspect. I'm also surrounded by a WORLD of great friends and supporters - you know who you are and I'll be thanking each personally.

I'll be filling out the blog post on the front page of with my video, a section giving my supporters some link love and who knows. Thankfully, it's a single (fat) post - would it be anything other than fat? :p - and I can put the wrap up on a very roller-coaster 2 months!

"I'll see all-y'all in the funny (web) pages!"

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1.flag John Comment
Bugger... so where did you end up? 51?
2.flag stk Comment
Have no idea and never will. Besides, "close" only counts with horse-shoes and hand grenades.

Fact is, I was 180° out with the whole "reef knowledge" bit. Took a gamble with that and ended up holding big air.

Oh ... just thought ... guys at the fire hall are gonna be really disappointed that Foster's truck isn't rolling in. Hmmm ... will have to lay low for a bit and let the snow melt. :p
3.flag John Comment

I was 180° out with the whole "reef knowledge" bit

.. mmm!

If you think the firefighters will be pissed, what about that long haired UK gardener
4.flag Gary Comment
* with a feeling of great disappointment for you after your FANTASTIC effort *

Scott, hard luck mate. Australia just said goodbye to 'The best man for the job' I agree with you, someone fresh faced on the Islands would of been better than some boring professor of aquatic life.

Your video was GREAT and after seeing you listed on Most viewed and most popular pages, I was really excited for you that you really could make it to be the caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef.

You should be proud of the work you have done , as you say Rachel and Alex were :) and rightly so.

Maybe, just maybe this job was not meant to be and that a better one is only just around the corner for you ;).

@ firehall buddies, just buy them all a beer and thank them for supporting you.

5.flag Gary Comment
@ John

LOL very loud @ ' If you think the firefighters will be pissed, what about that long haired UK gardener '

6.flag stk Comment

@ firehall buddies, just buy them all a beer and thank them for supporting you.

Good call, Gary. I say a round, for all the people who put in time and effort to help!

@ John ... I'm fairly certain that the blonde one's disappointment can be assuaged by beer! (Though he did threaten that he was heading over anyway and actually happy that a break-in wasn't required). :p
7.flag Gary Comment
If he's on his way over you had better stock up with Rice pudding and Custard, he just loves the stuff :)

8.flag stk Comment
Ewe ... no wonder he's such a skinny f*ck! :p
9.flag Gary Comment
Lol, he hates the stuff and would probably bitch slap me if he saw me suggesting it ;)

10.flag Danny Comment
Sorry to hear that. You would have been great at that job. They should have given you the criteria before they opened up for applications. Ah well, their loss.

Now you can cook up some other adventure, right?
11.flag stk Comment
Danny - Already half-baked! :p

The plan is to take our sea-kayaks down from Blue Heron Park (about 4 km down the road), put in and then spend 2 weeks paddling "south".

We'll blog about it and let you know how it turns out.
12.flag Yabba Comment

English - 10/10 (clearly, a lot failed on this alone)

I'll see all-y'all in the funny (web) pages!

Make that 9/10 :|

Lol, he hates the stuff and would probably bitch slap me if he saw me suggesting it

You can run but you can't hide :|

I'm fairly certain that the blonde one's disappointment can be assuaged by beer! (Though he did threaten that he was heading over anyway and actually happy that a break-in wasn't required).


Tough luck with the outcome but at least you tried huh? ;)

Now, about the Vancouver Island caretaker site......

13.flag Tamara Comment
Well, looks like I'm out too. I said the same thing you did about giving facts. As I looked at applications (until today) I kept saying to myself...they know all that stuff....why use 60 seconds on information you looked up on google. I was on Hamilton Island in December and I used my pictures there for the picture in picture and my background (green screen) and that was as far as I went. Anyone can google Hamilton Island and repeat what they read. Oh well, it was fun and I'm glad it's coming to an end. I'm looking forward to seeing who they did pick though.
14.flag Tamara Comment
oh I'm kind of heated after thinking about it! What about the fake tattoo video that was planted? Didn't they say they wanted to show something about the creativity? I saw that video and don't remember any factual information so how is getting a tattoo showing the knowledge about the islands?!?!?! hmmmmm.....
15.flag stk Comment
Tamara - Ah, I'm not alone then, in my thinking about "Islands knowledge". :D

Interesting point you make about the seeded video by "Tegan", who faked getting a tattoo. I saw the video, before it was pulled (and looked very hard to find a copy on the 'net, afterwards - to no avail). You're right!

I guess it's important to keep in mind that TQ's goal was marketing and in that regard, they probably exceeded all their own expectations. For all I know, they already had someone picked and the "open-to-anyone job application" is just a huge marketing gimmick.

I'd like to think not, but some are suspicious.

I do have some observations about TQ as an employer, however, and since a job application is as much about feeling out the prospective employer, as it is about assessing the applicant ... I should should voice them.
16.flag Tamara Comment
No, you're not alone at all. I seiously just laughed at those videos. They seemed so fake to me. I really couldn't stand the videos that had stolen pictures/video clips from the internet. There were some great ones, I admit and I hope they make the top 50.

Did you ever check out Alfred? I gave you the link a few days ago. He's a real winner!! jk! Just be happy you're not him!!
17.flag stk Comment
Tamara - Yeah, I caught the rock star performance. Thought it was really pretty cool, though it sounded more like something best covered by a country song! (A tear in my beer, kind of thing!)

Wonder if it's a true story?
18.flag Tamara Comment
I thought it was great until you really listened to the lyrics. I thought he was a bit I'm guessing it was a true story. I fell for an Aussie guy (hence why I want to get back there) so I know it's easy to do... except I wasn't married and don't have children!!
19.flag stk Comment
Tamara - Yeah, it is a true story and he says he had the full blessing of his ex and her Aussie boyfriend. (Chatted him up on, which is a cool online community of reef job applicants).

Just found out about it a few days ago and signed up. Hope to see you there!
20.flag Aunt Karen Comment
Whoops! Didn't see your last comment
21.flag Paul Comment
I guess there must be some subjective factors when they consider the candidates.

Maybe 1 country 1 person? something like that. So, that's why you didn't make it, but so many beauty did it.
22.flag stk Comment
Paul - Yes, I was surprised not to make the top 50. I've done a quantitative analysis of those that did make the list and arrived at some interesting conclusions. (1 person 1 country isn't too far off, actually!)

I'm still happy to have a supporter in China! I think it's pretty cool that you found my blog and supported my application. I've never even been to China! Thanks! (What's important in life are the little things, not the big things) ;)