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Short-Listing of Applicants

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Short-Listing of Applicants

February 26th, 2009  · stk

Well, news finally, from Tourism Queensland about the short-listing process. Pulled this off of their Tweet about an hour ago. Regurgitated here for those interested (and posterity).

Twitter Queensland | 10:02 PM PST Feb 25th

What a week! Over the past few days a huge team of trained and dedicated Tourism Queensland staff have been working literally around the clock to make sure every one of the 34,684 video applications we received for the Best Job in the World by the closing date has been processed. This phase has now been completed and we're moving into the next exciting stage - short listing.

On Thursday February 26 (Queensland time) a pool of applicants will be contacted via email to undertake online psychometric testing for potential short listing into the Top 50. We'll then publicise the Top 50 next Monday 2 March at 11.59pm UTC. So stay tuned!

FAQs on the Short-Listing Process

The following is taken directly from the FAQs page.

What is the process once the applications close?

Step 1 – Initial vetting of all videos

We have a team of people who have undergone rigorous training and are fully versed on the selection criteria. The videos are first viewed and accepted or rejected based on a simple criteria (eg. no nudity, obscenity, meets the time limits and has relevant content). Exceptional applications have been flagged for further short-listing. They will be assessed on more detailed selection criteria.

Step 2 – Short-listing and online testing

TQ and its international offices will view flagged applicants in more detail and assess them against a robust selection criteria. Applicants who are being considered for the Top 50 short-list will be required to undergo 30 minutes of psychometric testing online. The test results will be compiled and combined with the assessment of the applicant’s video submission. On this basis Tourism Queensland and it international offices will select the Top 50 applicants.

What are you looking for in the top 50? What is the Selection Criteria?

Proficiency in English is a must, as the successful applicant will be communicating to the world.

Personal presentation is obviously important in such a high profile position.

The technical proficiency demonstrated in the video application is an important element, as the job requires the successful applicant to produce blogs and video diaries.

The applicant’s experience and knowledge/understanding of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef as demonstrated by the content in the video submission is vital in assessing whether they are the right person for the job. Like any job you apply for, it’s important to show you have researched the role and the company – or in this case the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Demonstrating motivation and a genuine enthusiasm for this position is vital. We need someone who can sustain worldwide interest for six months.

Is the Selection Criteria ranked / rated / weighted?

Applicants will be rated against the key elements of English language proficiency, personal presentation, the technical proficiency of the video, the content and experience demonstrated in the video and their motivation. Tourism Queensland has taken advice from external experts in ensuring the construction of the Best Job in the World recruitment process is rigorous, robust and effective. It has also established quality assurance measures to make certain that all candidates are judged equally, fairly and impartially on strictly applied selection criteria.

What is psychometric testing?

Psychometric testing refers to the process of measuring a candidate’s cognitive abilities and personality or behavioural style. The tests employed in this process are powerful tools used by many organisations to select, develop and manage people. They provide a comprehensive insight into individual traits, abilities, preferences and behavioural tendencies.

Why is Tourism Queensland submitting the potential applicants to psychometric testing?

We require all potential top 50 applicants to complete this test as it is an important part of the process which ensures we identify the right person who has the best fit with both the position and the organisation as a whole.

When do the potential applicants have to complete this online psychometric test?

Once we have significantly narrowed down the applications, we will be contacting potential top 50 applicants via email explaining the next phase. They will then be contacted via email by our contracted recruitment specialists with details of the online test.

Potential applicants will be required to undertake two psychometric tests online (in their home or where they have internet access). The deadline is tight and they must have them completed within two days (they have Friday 27 February and Saturday 28 February to complete and return the tests).

There are two tests at this stage, which will take about 30 minutes in total to complete.

How do you rate applicants in the psychometric test?

Our contracted external recruitment specialists, who are experts in this field, will be compiling the test results and providing feedback to Tourism Queensland.

How do you know people won’t cheat in their online psychometric test?

Experience shows that people generally complete such tests in an honest manner, and if they don’t are usually ’found out’. Ideally these tests are completed under supervision, however in today’s world, with job applicants often geographically dispersed, online testing is becoming increasingly common. While we are not in a position to confirm the legitimacy of those undertaking the testing at this stage of the selection process, there are a number of checks built into the process subsequent to testing that will check and confirm the identity of applicants. Applicants who are found to have been untruthful about their identity or responses will be automatically disqualified from proceeding to the next stage of the selection process.

Is this test culturally neutral – eg. will it be easy to understand for someone who is from a non-English speaking background?

Yes this test is culturally neutral and furthermore the tests use high school level English and are commonly used in international recruitment processes.

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1.flag John Comment
All the very best.
Here's hoping you make the list. Yabba would be heartbroken otherwise.
2.flag Gary Comment
Here here Scott, all the best, we are routing for you :)

'psychometric testing online' It does sound a little daunting even after you have explained about it ;)

@John: Yab's is counting on Scott winning so he can have a free holiday in Canada :P

3.flag stk Comment
Oh sure, make me responsible for Yabba's heart. :|

He says he's coming over anyway. :p