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Sorting the TQ Top 50

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Sorting the TQ Top 50

March 7th, 2009  · stk

Presenting a quantified, sortable list of the Top 50 applicants selected by Tourism Queensland. I've ranked them based on several criteria and there are links to their videos, as well as comments on each applicant. This is currently a "work-in-progress", but I thought I'd throw it out there

A Sortable, Quantitative Evaluation of the Top 50

When I discovered that I hadn't made the Top 50 - (yeah, I know ... shocking ... take a deep breath, I've had my cry) I swore I wasn't going to follow the top 50. And I didn't. For exactly two days. Then, out of morbid curiosity, I took a peek at the current wild-card leader-board and watched the number one most-voted video.

"Whoa!" I said to myself, in shock.

It became evident that Tourism Queensland was saying one thing to the world (and 34,000+ applicants) and doing something completely different. Let's start with the fact that there are probably many less applications submitted than the 34,500+ that Tourism Queensland claims. I know my video was submitted three times, because of server upload issues, and all three were "accepted". There are likely many others duplicated in similar fashion, inflating the final numbers and making the marketing campaign look more successful than it really is.

Rather than just throw a big pity party, I thought I'd take a quantitative look at each the fifty videos that Tourism Queensland did select. Regardless if the actual number of unique video applications added up to only 12,000 - that's still a whack-load of videos to sort through! It's a daunting task that Tourism Queensland faced, for sure. No wonder they used a strict set of criteria to cull videos!

So, without further adieu, I present to you, the top 50 candidates that Tourism Queensland picked for "The Best Job in the World" (plus one that should have been included)! Hey, it's my blog, right? :p

Like "Ragu" (Spaghetti Sauce) - It's All in There

What did I find? Well, for starters, that looking through and analyzing even just 50 videos takes a fair bit of time (mind you, I did go searching for blogs on the Internet, tried to find occupations, background and experience ... so I did go a tad more into depth than Tourism Queensland did). Starting at around 10 AM, I was up till 2 AM before the 50th video was completed.

Now that everyone has been added to the table, let me talk a bit about what's included in the table and the methodology behind the scoring.

What's included in the table?

The table includes 13 columns of data and includes my subjective scoring for the five key elements Tourism Queensland said they were looking for in the video applications. Because the primary job functions are blogging (including writing, photos and video blogging) and "some" media interviews, I also included columns to cover experience in these areas. There's also a "notes" section (currently not fluffed out yet) and two total score columns.

In short, there are 13 columns of data:

  1. Applicant's name (linked to video)
  2. Location Flag (hover for details)
  3. English Proficiency (1-10 score)
  4. Personal Presentation (1-10 score)
  5. Technical Proficiency as shown in the video (1-10 score)
  6. Experience &/or Knowledge of the GBR Islands (1-10 score)
  7. Motivation and Enthusiasm (1-10 score)
  8. Do applicants have a blog? (Y/N plus application-only)
  9. Do applicants have marketing/media/tourism experience?
  10. Length of video (flagged if over 60 seconds)
  11. Notes with occupation (click for additional pop-up information)
  12. Total Score1 (includes scoring for blog/media experience)
  13. Total Score2 (scoring on 5 key elements only)

Every column except "Notes" is sortable. This means that you can click the heading title and the table data will sort in descending or ascending order, ranking all applicants by the data in that column. It's a quick way to "drill down" into the data and see which applicants come out on top (or bottom) in the quantitative rankings.


Yeah, Yeah ... Enough Blather ... Here's the Table!

It's still a work in progress, eh?

On another note - anyone feeling sorry for the wife of an obsessive/compulsive ex-geophysiscist, is free to send consoling messages of support and understanding to Rachel here. Poor girl is sick of Tourism Queensland and all their rot. Who can blame her? (LOL ... Ben Henry's dad is a retired petrophysicist! Rachel says "thanks" for your note. ;))

UPDATE: 19-Mar-2009 - Zellie's rankings have now been added to the graph and there's a new sort order! See who's now coming out on top.

Please email me when you spot errors or have something to add. Thx.

Cheers again to the Top 50! It's gotta feel pretty exciting! Good luck!

arrow First/Last Name arrow Loc arrowEnglarrowPresarrowTecharrowKnwlarrowMotvarrowBlogarrowBkgdarrowTimearrowTot1arrowTot2Notes
no-showScott Kimler CanadaCanada 10 7.5 8.0 0 6 Y N 1:00 5.57 6.30 Web Developer
Scott: Really liked this guys video. Thought it was professional and liked that he got right up into the camera. Amazing background and apparent technical skills. Said bupkis about the GBRI and didn't generate much enthusiasm, so scored low there. Still ... not a bad video!

Additional Information
1) Pacific Crest Trail Website
2) Resume of Adventures (shared online)
3) Social: email | facebook | twitter
Mark Ashby United StatesUnited States 10 7.5 7.5 0 6.5 N Y 1:01 4.86 6.30 Filmmaker
here are the notes
Erik Rolfsen CanadaCanada 10 7.5 7 2.5 7.5 Y Y 1:00 6.36 6.90 Website News Editor
Scott: Would like to read Erik's writing, if he were chosen. Erik is the only candidate with kids (2) and that's a plus in my book.

Additional Information:
1) Erik's Blog (for job application)
2) Erik on TV (CityTV Breakfast Television)
Sheree Marris AustraliaAustralia 10 6.5 7 8 6 N S 1:00 5.71 7.50 Activist
here are the notes
Gina Maeng South KoreaSouth Korea 9.5 5 6 1 6 N S 1:00 4.29 5.50 Communications
here are the notes
Sam Miyano Pitt Japanjapan 10 5 5.5 0 6 N N 1:00 3.79 5.30 Translator
here are the notes
Hamish Johnston Australiaaustralia 9 4.5 5.5 2.5 5.5 N N 1:00 3.86 5.40 Physiotherapy?
here are the notes
Adeline St Romain United Statesunited states 9.5 8 6 6 7.5 N Y 1:00 5.64 7.40 Actress
here are the notes
Melissa Schenk Canadacanada 10 8 7 7.5 8.5 Y Y 1:00 6.57 8.20 Television
Scott: Melissa is a weekend weather specialist, marketer and advertiser and runs her own production company called MS2.
Linda Hoang Canadacanada 10 9 7.5 7 9.5 Y S 1:00 7.21 8.60
StudentScott: Linda was one of the Canadians I watches, as my own video eventually caught up to hers (and passed it) in the "number of views" and "stars" ratings. (Even my Dad said he thought Linda's was one to watch). Also used the TQ media "signs" (like I did) ... AND ... lives in Edmonton, like we used to! Very strong video. LOVE her enthusiasm. Just starting out, like Anny, so this job could be a life-changing experience for this journalism student @ Grant McEwan. Go Linda!

Additional Information
1) Linda's Blog
2) Media Coverage
Jackie Miao Malaysiamalasyia 8 6 6.5 6.5 7 Y Y 1:00 6.29 6.80 Tourism Marketer
Here are the notes
Achim Dold Germanygermany 8 8 7 0 7 N Y 1:00 4.64 6.00 Filmmaker
Scott: Thought the bit with the cut-out of the "iron-man" was funny. Overall a nice video, but not one of my favorites. (I had a difficult time finding information about Achim on the Internet. On one site, he listed his interests as: playing guitar, cooking, children gymnastics, cats, ponies and guinea pigs. Odd 'caretaker' characteristics.)

Additional Information
1) Build-Work Film Studio
2) Achim Withdraws

EDIT 23-Mar: Achim withdrew from the Island Caretaker job hunt. No reasons were cited.
Marcella Moser Canadacanada 10 9.5 8.5 6.5 7.5 Y Y 1:00 6.71 8.40 Tourism
Scott: Led tour groups and works in the tourism industry. A lot of time went into this video.

Additional Information
1) Marcella's blog (for job application)
2) Marcella on TV (CityTV Breakfast Television)
Anjaan RJ Indiaindia 9 7.5 7.5 0 8.5 Y Y 1:01 6.07 6.50 TV Host/DJ
Here are the notes
Hailey Turner Australiaaustralia 10 7.5 7 8 9 Y S 1:01 6.64 8.30 Sales/Events
Here are the notes
Sarah Louise Lane U.K.great britain 9.5 7 8 7 7 Y Y 1:00 5.86 7.70 Ent Writing/Communications
Scott: Wasn't too impressed with the first part of the video, where Sarah is speaking from the back of a truck ... complete with really annoying "chirping" sounds and such. Doesn't seem like there was a lot of planning here. Mind you, she may have been on assignment or something, but still. Liked the bit at the end where she got the locals involved. Shows spunk! (Note: Sarah Louise's blog is currently not available for public viewing. Hmmm ... wonder if she realizes that the Caretaker blogging would be to a world-wide audience? :p)

Additional Information
1) Sarah's Reef Job Blog
2) FaceBook
Yi Yao Chinachina 6.5 6 7 1 7 Y N 1:01 5.00 5.50 Businessman?
Here are the notes
Holly Smale U.K.great britain 7.5 7 7 7 8.5 Y Y 0:55 5.64 7.40 Author/P.R.
Scott: I thought Holly's video was very clever, stylish, smart and sexy. I had a problem though - w/all the scene cuts and sound starts/drops, it's difficult to understand. (That's why she received an "8" for English, even though she's got a degree in English and an advanced degree in Shakespeare). Strong video.

Additional Information
1) Holly's New Blog
Juweon Kim S. KoreaSouth Korea 9.5 5 7 0 6 Y Y 1:00 4.29 5.50 TV News
Scott: Well spoken and engaging. No sample of writing skills to be found.

Additional Information:
1) Juweon's Blog (Created after Top 50 Announcement)
2) Listen to Juweon's Radio Show (6-8 pm daily - local time - S. Korea)
David Whitehill AustraliaAustralia 9.5 3.5 7.5 7.5 8 N Y 1:00 5.50 7.20 TV Host
Here are the notes
Kiran Jethwa KenyaKenya 10 7 7 0 7.5 N Y 1:01 4.86 6.30 DJ/Tourism
Here are the notes
Rafaelito DeAusen GuamGuam 10 8.5 6 6 7 Y N 1:01 6.43 7.50 Teacher/Musician
Here are the notes
Iris van Nispen NetherlandsNetherlands 9 7.5 6.5 7.5 7.5 N S 1:00 5.43 7.60 Leisure/Tourism
Scott: Iris worked the reef informatin into her video nicely. Her video didn't wow me, but it was solid (and boring) for me. What would she do 'on her own', however, and what would her writing be like? (After I found out that Iris' video was professionally produced, it lowered my opinion of her video application. Unfortunatley, it doesn't change her quantitative score, only my opinion.)
Additional Links

1) The Making of Iris' Video It turns out that Iris' video was made by the Dutch TV station "RTl4)". (When the campaign started, the Dutch news program created "Edite NL", a contest to help nationals applying for the Reef Job. Iris' application was accepted and her video was created by a major TV news crew!)
2) A Dutch Newspaper Article

Iris is 28, a fitness teacher, no blogs or blogging experience and a student of "Leisure & Tourism" (trying for an education internship abroad, so she can "kill two birds with one stone".)

Makes me wonder what she could do all by her lonesome? :|
Mirjam Novak GermanyGermany 10 8 6.5 6 8 N Y 1:00 5.86 7.70 Film/Theater/Modeling
Here are the notes
Kim Jagtiani IndiaIndia 10 7.5 6.5 7 7 N Y 1:01 5.79 7.60 TV Host/DJ
Here are the notes
Julia Yalovitsyna RussiaRussia 7.5 6.5 8 0 7.5 N N 1:00 4.21 5.90 PhD Candidate
Scott: Appears to be a PhD candidate in Marine Biology. Found an interview after she was shortlisted. She's now embroiled in a porn scandal. Doubt TQ wants any part of this. ;)

UPDATE (19-Mar-2009) - For violations of the Terms of Service, Tourism Queensland has delisted Julia from the Top 50 and will NOT be replacing her with another candidate. (More Info)
Clare Wang TaiwanTaiwan 9.5 7 7.5 0 7 N N 1:00 4.43 6.20 Interpreter
Here are the notes
Douglas Stidolph U.K.Great Britain 9.5 7 7.5 7 7 Y N 1:01 6.50 7.60 Student
Here are the notes
Jimmy Wong SingaporeSingapore 7.5 7 7 0 7 N N 1:01 4.07 5.70 Freelance Diver/Photographer
Here are the notes
Ying Yu ChinaChina 6 6.5 6.5 0 8 N Y 0:55 4.21 5.40 Tourism/Film/Writer
Here are the notes
Karyna Wallace JapanJapan 9 4.5 7 0 6.5 N Y 1:00 4.21 5.40 Tourism/Promotion
Here are the notes
Chris Bray AustraliaAustralia 9.5 7 8.5 1 7 Y S 1:01 6.14 6.60 Adventurer/Photographer
Scott: A 26-year-old is an Electrical Engineer by training. He turned to a life of full-time adventuring. I found his video a tad manic, with the speed with which he spoke. (Next stop - Alvin and Dale!) Didn't rate him very high on "experience/knowledge" b/c sailing thru the Whitsunday Islands when your five doesn't really count as experience (how much do you remember from when you were five?) Points for his awesome adventures, online adventure blogging experience and awesome photography!

Additional Information
1) Artic Expedition Website
2) Interview w/John Naylor
3) (Launched last year)
Sandra Crane U.S.A.United States 9.5 6 7 0 7 N Y 0:59 4.57 5.90 Marketing/Sales
Here are the notes
Manon Schmidin FranceFrance 9.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 8 Y Y 1:00 6.07 8.00 Tourism
Additional Information:
1) Manon's Blog (created after the Top 50 Announcement)
Felippe Mela SwedenSweden 9 7.5 7 7 7 Y Y 1:00 6.79 7.50 DJ/Music Producer
Here are the notes
Anny Chih CanadaCanada 10 8.5 9 9 7.5 Y Y 1:01 7.71 8.80 Marketing Degree
Scott: Worked in Island information nicely with her video. Good blogging skills. Sincere, active and energetic. Strong video.

Additional Information
1) Anny's Blog
2) Anny on TV (CityTV Breakfast Television)
3) Anny's Media Exposure
Steven Rogers U.S.A.United States 10 7.5 8 6 7 Y Y 1:00 6.21 7.70 PR/Marketing
Here are the notes
Nila Tanzil IndonesiaIndonesia 10 7.5 7 7 7.5 Y Y 1:00 7.00 7.80 Writer/Print Media
Here are the notes
Magali Heuberger NetherlandsNetherlands 9.5 7.5 7.5 7 7.5 N Y 1:01 5.93 7.80 Marketing/Advertising
Here are the notes
Cali Lewis U.S.A.United States 10 7.5 8 0 7.5 Y Y 0:59 6.14 6.60 TV Host/Actress
Here are the notes
James Hill AustraliaAustralia 10 8.5 8.5 9 8.5 Y Y 1:01 7.79 8.90 Marketing/Photography
Scott: James' video had some v.subtle references to the GBRI and I believe there's more to this applicant than meets the eye. (i.e., I bet he would deliver way more than what would be expected). Strong video.

Additional Information
1) Regular Blog
2) Reef Job Blog
3) facebook
4) Twitter
5) Flickr Photo Stream
Christine Estima CanadaCanada 9.5 8.5 7 7 8 Y Y 0:56 7.14 8.00 Tourism
Scott: I saw Christine's video before I uploaded my own. Thought it was very original, but wasn't one of my personal favs, even though it scores well quantitatively. She hit the mark! (Her website forces sound at people - watch out if visiting from work!) ;)

Additional Links:
1) CBC News Interview (3-Mar-2009)
Mitchell Moffit CanadaCanada 10 9.5 7.5 0 8 N N 1:00 5.00 7.00 Student
Here are the notes
Kat Mitsopoulos GreeceGreece 9.5 7.5 6.5 6 7 N N 1:01 5.21 7.30 Interior Design
Here are the notes
George Karellas IrelandIreland 10 7.5 7.5 8 7.5 N Y 0:59 6.14 8.10 Scriptwriter/Media
Here are the notes
Clarke Gayford New ZealandNew Zealand 10 9 8 7 8 N Y 1:00 6.36 8.40 TV Host
Here are the notes
Ben Henry FranceFrance 8.5 6.5 7.5 0 7 Y Y 1:00 5.64 5.90 Online Marketing
Here are the notes
Ben Southall U.K.Great Britain 10 8 8 1 8 Y N 1:00 6.07 7.00 Charity Adventurer
Here are the notes
Greg Reynen SingaporeSingapore 9.5 8 7 5 8.5 N N 0:59 5.43 7.60 Teacher
Here are the notes
Mieko Kobayashi JapanJapan 5.5 7 7 0 8 N N 1:00 3.93 5.50 Mgmt. Training
Here are the notes
Angelene Orth U.S.A.United States 10 7 7 0 7.5 Y Y 1:00 5.93 6.30 Tourism
Here are the notes
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1.flag Art Predator Comment
wow ...

ummm on top of all this--is it too much to ask you to do the math too?

really amazing
2.flag stk Comment
LOL ... I'm still trying to sort out the styling, javaScript, data, links and notes.

"Math" would need weighting factors for "blog", "job" and "time". Any suggestions?
3.flag John Comment
I think the "Time" field can be left out given that the variance seems to one second + or - and hasn't effected top 50 status.

The blog should get a score of 1 or 0 as I seem to remember it was a part of the job description.

An Occupation statement really can't be weighted until all supporting documentation is on the interview table :)

So a sum of the first six columns after the "flags" ( nice touch) column would give a reasonable shakedown.

Neat work Scott.

4.flag stk Comment
*EDIT* - LOL, getting ahead of myself here. :p I'll have a shorter go.

Dear John ( hehehe :p ) -

Time - Agreed. It won't be included in any mathematical scoring.

Occupation - Was mostly for my own curiosity, so won't be included in any tally.

Blog - Still trying to sort how to weight it, as it was listed as one of four primary job functions listed: "weekly blogging, photo diaries, video updates & "some" media interviews".
5.flag John Comment
Not having an existing blog doesn't mean one can't blog or write in an entertaining and engaging manner.
It's like being drop dead good looking doesn't mean they are engaging or intelligent.

Hell, I'm stunned there are 18 applicants with a score of 0 for GB Reef knowledge.
That says it was either a bullshit criteria or the applicants shine in other ways and can be easily taught some snappy reef facts.

This is being made for TV , not academia, and they would be "focus grouping" the daylights out of all final groupings.

1 second +/- is not going to be a killer decision for a great applicant and nor should it be.
It may have been an emphasised criteria from a management point of view but thats all.

6.flag stk Comment
John - Agreed that just b/c you don't have a blog, doesn't mean you can't or don't write in an entertaining way.

If you applied as a newspaper reporter and and didn't have any experience in reporting but said, "I can write really well. I've written two poetry books and a novel." How relevant is that in a newspaper world? (i.e., tight deadlines, terse writing style, prolific writing, etc?). Not very.

It's important to have experience using the media that will be used in the primary job function.

Yes @ GB knowledge, which was when I first twigged that TQ's "rigorous" evaluation was poppycock.

Any application over 60 seconds is significant, as it's the "basic criteria" that TQ used to accept applications. TQ said they "had to reject some fantastic applications because they were just over the time limit."
7.flag Rob Comment
Nice Job Scott.
8.flag stk Comment
Thanks Rob.
9.flag Susie Parish Comment
Holy cow, Scott! That took some serious work to put together. It is quite *interesting* to see it broken down like that. Thanks for taking all that time to create this.
Haha. Alright... 6 and 5 for Tech and Knowledge? Not too bad.

7 for motivation? Huh.

I don't know how everyone got my myspace link...

maybe thats what I put in my application.

Thanks for the feedback. I watched all 49 others and some were amazing and scared the crap out of me and some were kind of... yeah.

I'm glad I made it though. Keep up the great blog.
11.flag stk Comment
@ Susie - Thanks. I thought I'd let the data speak for itself. ;)

@ Rafaelito - It'd pretty hard for a top-50 applicant not to be excited about their application (a Google search for "name" "best job" is pretty effective for finding stuff) ;)

Thanks for stopping by and good luck! :D
12.flag James Hill Comment
hehe 6 for Knowledge

perhaps it was a little too criptic.. there are a fair few puns in the video which demonstrate local knowledge, I prefered that over the usage of wikipedia ;)

Ragamuffin is a super maxi yacht now turned charter that is a fantastic day out of sailing, you'll hit up both Whitehaven beach for some tanning and Blue Pear bay for some of the best snorkeling around!

Fantasea is the defacto ferry company, based out of shute harbour Australias second most busy port (second to circular quay)

;) but you're right I didn't make that clear to the viewing public, only the reviewing panel would know those facts :p
13.flag stk Comment
James - Thanks for commenting. Very subtle. (Tad too subtle for this Yank-turned-Canadian to catch).

I've reviewed your video and spotted the supporting photos of the ferry and sail. I'll bump you up to 8, accordingly.

(damn ... gonna have to retally the math) :p

14.flag James Hill Comment
haha... no no.. it's your list, i don't want to impede on it, I was just making observations.

It's great you took the time to do it, I think the subjective nature of this competition is gonna be one of the things that everyone will have to deal with come the day of the eleven.

The judges will see/miss things that we have all noticed, and unfortunately they're not going to make their decision-making process public, as you graciously have.

On the topic of time though, mine is exactly 1800 frames at 30fps, makes a total of 60 seconds. Actually makes a maximum of 60 seconds as the 1800th frame is 0.03 off a full second... Anyway I assume that's the same with the other applicants that have a time of 1:01, I think that youtube add the second for the referral link screen that pops up after the video.
15.flag stk Comment
James - No worries. Don't mind altering things when it's warranted.

Yes @ subjectivity.

Thanks for the input regarding time, as I know this is a big issue for some people.
16.flag Erik Rolfsen Comment
Cool post. Curious, though, what does an 'S' means under Bkgd? I have 14 years as a professional journalist, which should qualify as 'media' background. It wasn't explicit in the video, but I did say I was the website editor of a major daily newspaper — not a position they give to newbies!
17.flag stk Comment
"S" == "sucks" :p

LOL ... no, it was really a "sorting" thing. I figured that you weren't in front of the camera or used to media attention (in the back stacks, writing madly)?

I've changed it to "Y". (Doesn't change your point total in Tot1, as I'd already awarded you "media" credit).

Aren't you one of the few (only?) candidates with kids? So combined with your humor and writing, I think I'd be keen on following you. (Got a kid myself, tho just one, not two). High-five across Georgia Strait for making the top 50!
18.flag Nate Comment
looks like christine from canada has the highest score overall
19.flag Ksenia Comment
Wow - lol - that's a lot of work! Thanks. Quite interesting to see all the 0s.

One category that is missing (that I personally think was a big deciding factor) is - how well does the video promote AU/QLND?

I think videos that say nothing about the candidate but are great free promotional bits for TQ are up there ;)
20.flag Art Predator Comment
Thanks for doing the math and all! It really says a LOT...

I'm with Ksenia--I think they ranked the top 50 according to how good an ad it is for GBR! how much that factors as the contest gets closer to a decision remains to be seen...
21.flag stk Comment
@ Nate - It's only my "subjective" opinion, though I find it funny that in my rating, some of my favorite videos didn't necessarily score high.

@ Ksenia - "Face value" is the criteria used here (i.e., What Tourism Queensland is on the record for - the "5 Key Factors" and "job duties").

If Tourism Queensland had a hidden agenda, not only does it undermines their credibility, but one could only guess what it might be and why. ;)
22.flag Holly Comment
Where is Sarah from the UK?
23.flag stk Comment
Holly ... LOL. Dunno! I must've deleted her. :p

I know I reviewed her video. Good catch! :D *rushes off to find and add her spreadsheet data* EDIT: sorted!

24.flag stk Comment
@ Gwendolyn - You may well be correct and *if you are* it really, seriously undermines their whole "job application" campaign and brand credibility IMO.
25.flag Goedele Comment
Anything wrong with Sarah Louise?

Did you kidnap her and have now taken her place in the list?

Was this a contest then?

Did I win ????

26.flag stk Comment
Goedele - LOL ... OKAY ... now Sarah's REALLY sorted! :p

(Thanks) ;)

Of course you won! Most every one of the 34,00+ applicants is a winner in my book. ;)
27.flag Goedele Comment
Ahhh .. now I see her as well. That is weird! I posted the comment and there she was all of a sudden!

ps ... still ... did I win?

I've spotted the fault! 51 applicants ... :)

pps: I almost died over here, you know that!!!
I thought that I had overlooked you on the official website!!!

pffff .... :p
28.flag stk Comment
Goedele - THAT gave me a serious giggle! :p

I present ... the top 50 candidates that Tourism Queensland picked for "The Best Job in the World" (plus one that should have been included)! Hey, it's my blog, right? :p


29.flag Ksenia Comment

@ Ksenia - "Face value" is the criteria used here (i.e., What Tourism Queensland is on the record for - the "5 Key Factors" and "job duties").

If Tourism Queensland had a hidden agenda, not only does it undermines their credibility, but one could only guess what it might be and why.

Oh I see. You used the official stated criteria. OK I agree.

It's kinda obvious to me that the officially stated criteria wasn't the actually used criteria.

Case in point - "knowledge of the GBR". Look at all your 0s in the knowledge category.
30.flag stk Comment
Ksenia - Yes. ;) I think the data speak loudly and clearly. It's sad, of course, as this impacts negatively on Tourism Queensland, their product, branding efforts, ruins their credibility and ultimately sabotages their marketing effort.

I'm thinking about a final blog article (disassociated from this data-driven post) with a title something like: "Tourism Queensland: Hits a Markteting Home Run, but Loses the Game" (ish)
31.flag Rob Comment
You should score wild card standings on a point system for mass appeal.

1-10 place 5 points
11-20 place 4 points etc.

You know TQ is watching the vote hustle even though Clare has won.
32.flag Amy Comment
How are you scoring motivation? Honestly, I would have given a large chunk of the top 50 less that a 5 on motivation.

I also think you may have overscored on the personal presentation. While many present clearly, I consider holding my interest an important component of personal presentation.

Only the Canadians really shined on all aspects (can you see the personal bias coming out?)

What would really be interesting is if you compared the top 50 to some of the other great videos that were passed up. (Just kidding Rachel! Please don't hunt me down and hurt me!)
33.flag stk Comment
@ Rob - The analysis is really limited to Tourism Queensland's picking of the Top 50. I don't want the project to suffer from "scope creep", so because "wildcard" is post-Top-50 selection, I'm not including it. Sorry.

@ Amy - Urm ... subjectively? Kind of a smart-assed answer, but it's also why I'm asking for help, so I can average scores from many people, rather than have the table reflect only my biases and thoughts. The more people that help, the less biased the data become. ;)

I guess I started with the notion that the Top 50 represented the best and took into consideration the work and effort that each applicant put into their video. It's not just motivation, but there's also an "enthusiasm" component, which you'll notice, is a big reason I gave my video the lowest ranking. I didn't even smile in my video, let along jump up and down and act crazy (I'm just a corporate guy and presented my case from a logical POV ... missing all that vibe, jive and enthusiam that I see in - say Greg's video). I think it's one of the reasons I was passed over.

Score the Top 50 the way you see things and I'll average it in! That way, your vote will be included! :D (PS - Rachel just smacked me on the head. What's that all about? :p)

This invitation extends to anyone. Just rate all 50 applicants (and me ... I can take it), for the 5 criteria that TQ said they used, on a scale of 1-10 (and any notes you might wish to include) and email it to me (or post it on Ning). Just need a text file with "name, english score, presentation score, technical proficiency score, knowledge score, motivation score and notes", one applicant per line. Easy peasy! (I'll do all the math work and updating).
34.flag James Hill Comment
Hey stk,

my everyday blog is

missing the 'a'

also the blog just created for this job is
35.flag stk Comment
@ James - Thanks for the correction. I've fixed your blog link and added the new one to your comments (but noted that there's a problem with links in the notes field ... gonna have to sort that DONE!). :|
36.flag Rob Comment
Ok Scott...

The only problem I have with your entire board is with Christine Estima.

The 8 you give her on technical is the Same 8 you give us on ours....only Christina. Shaky handheld camera with the camera guy saying "ok go" and one of the worst backgrounds and poor light one could have.

From someone in the industry I give it a generous 6.

Of note however is the rest of her rankings...I think some people would be surprised by your rankings but she is actually a good contender for the job based on her experience....Good Job for reflecting that.

Unfortunately I think her video annoys the public more than the other 49 combined...

PS..thanks for the email last night. All that got sorted out this morning with am email by TQ and a posting by H.
37.flag Nate Comment
@ Rob
I don't think that's a fair assessment of Christine's video. I think her video is more endearing than the others because she's not trying to use graphics and green screens and wipes and fades like everyone else is.

She's just relying on herself for the 60 seconds. It's unedited, raw, and very creative, I think.
38.flag Adrian Comment
When I first saw Christine Estimas vid I thought, wow, a winner. As I did with Anny's, incidentally.

Yet the more I looked at Christine's entry the more her manic delivery really annoyed me.

Now I've just spent time at her blog, where she explains the creative rationale for her unique delivery style. Thus I can't help but admire her multimedia talent, raw determination and overwhelming force of personality.

As these qualities have been on show for the last four years the girl has an unparalled body of work which TQ will find hard to ignore.

Sure, she's totally in your face, captivating and urgent, but possesses the elusive X factor, like few others. Good luck to her.
39.flag stk Comment
@ Rob - The only problem I have with people having a problem with my rankings is:

  1. they're my rankings, not yours
  2. they're subjective (and likely not to be repeated - exactly - if I did them again)
  3. rank them yourself and send me the data, so your "fix" will be included!

:p ;)

@ Nate & Adrian Thanks for commenting!
40.flag Anny Chih Comment
Thanks for putting this together! It looks like it was a lot of work!
41.flag stk Comment
Anny - It's been a tad of work, but less than you might think (having a programming mate helps). ;)

As noted, you can send consoling messages of support to my wife - who's sick of anything TQ - here!

Good luck! (Missed your Canada AM show, think Erik posted a link somewhere ... will have to check that out).

If you're ever on Vancouver Island, give us a shout. We have better accomodations than you experienced on your last trip over! :p
42.flag Rob Comment
Fair enough Scott :)
43.flag Linda Comment
Hey Scott!

I thought I had left a comment earlier on but with a glance down the page I didn't see it so I just wanted to say this is a super impressive chart!!

Great job.

44.flag stk Comment
Hey Edmonton ... I wish you all the best!! Great job back to you, eh? ;)
45.flag stk Comment
Oh my ... Julia, currently in 2nd place in the wildcard voting, has been implicated in a porn scandal (Those Aussies eh? The title of the story is a bit blunt!) :p

(See Julia's notes for links to a Russian news article and a post-to-50 interview).
46.flag Bill Comment
STK, This is an awesome effort. Hats off to you. Love the dynamic and analytical approach you have taken here. I can tell off the bat that you were a highly motivated candidate. The only thing I want to know is based on your sorting criteria, it seems that Christine Estima from Canada is the top candidate based on your data. Is that your top pick? In my opinion I don't think she is the best, but hope to review her soon. Thanks for connecting.

Best Regards,

47.flag stk Comment
Bill - Thanks! Glad you like the graph.

Christine is certainly the candidate that floats to the top, but her video wasn't one of my personal favorites.

It was an interesting exercise to assign numerical values to TQ's "5 key elements", for all the applicants. I learned a lot - about the candidates (and about Tourism Queensland) in the process.

If you took the time to provide them, I'll happily include your numbers. ;)
48.flag Holly Comment
I'd like to petition for an extra point on the 'English' column, please. Maybe up to a 9. I've got a BA in English and an MA in Shakespeare from a top British Uni - can I please, please have an extra little point? Go on. It'll make me super happy.
49.flag stk Comment
LOL ... Yer a Brit. That's not English! :p (Actually, more so than my twangy "Yank") ;)

(You know, I thought your video was super cool - stylish actually - and I loved the whole thing, but with all the cuts and stuff ... I just couldn't HEAR you. The -2 is for that, not your mastery of the King's English - or is that the Queen's?)

On another note ... what I can do (not sure if you're on Ning or Twitter but) let me know when you get articles, interviews and I'll happily link them here.

Likewise, I'll add your "defense" to the notes and anything else you deem important.

I like Brits. My wife was born in London and my mate lives in Blackpool.

EDIT: Where are my manners? GOOD LUCK!!
50.flag Dana Flenderson Comment
I get that TQ said everyone should demonstrate their knowledge of the Great Barrier Reef... but, isn't the point of this to send someone there to talk about it from a fresh perspective - NOT to watch a bunch of people yammering about facts they read on Wikipedia? Face it - TQ made that a criteria so the majority of the 34,000 videos would be 60-second YouTube commercials for them. Not having or demonstrating this knowledge doesn't mean the eventual winner can't ever display or attain said knowledge. Is no one else getting this? If this theory proves correct, I wonder how much of a factor that criteria will really be in the end... is it possible to sort the categories with that factor left out? Think it might change things significantly?
51.flag stk Comment
Dana - Agreed. The critria that Tourism Queensland is on the record as saying "is vital", obviously wasn't.

It's worse than Tourism Queensland faking their own videos.

They flat-out lied to the world about what criteria they used (or didn't use) ... and who know how much else they're lying about?

While I am excited for the Top 50 and the Top 10 ... Tourism Queensland's credibility is gone and that reflects directly - and quite negatively - on their product and product-branding they're trying to achieve.
52.flag Holly Comment
Thankyou!!! (And I am English - born in Hertfordshire!)

Totally understand, though: sound quality was awful. I only used my little camera, and I was shocked that anyone could hear it at all!

Thanks though. Here's my blog address:

Wouldn't claim it's very good - I've just started, so I'm getting used to it - but by gosh am I having fun!

53.flag stk Comment
Holly - You're welcome.

Yep, got the Brit bit, which is why you have the Union Jack flag!

Blogging will take a while to get used to. It's a different (and much richer) medium, but there's a lot of "techno" attached. This is why I always thought applicants with blogging experience would be strong front-runners for the "Best Job" ;)

Manon has a blog:
55.flag stk Comment
You mean, "Manon has a new blog that wasn't there when you searched for blogs."

OKAY ... got it (and added it).

Thank you! :D
56.flag Julie Comment
A lot of work, Scott...whoa. So why did they pick these other 50 people and not you or me? I'm still scratching my head on this one. Seriously, what commonalities about the top 50 can we draw from this information?

I would also like to add that having a blog or website was not a requirement for applying, and TQ did not say they would consider that in addition to the video for the first round (getting to the Top 50).
57.flag stk Comment
Julie - It was to Tourism Queensland's advantage to lead everyone to believe that "anyone can apply". There was precious little information, initially, about what kind of person they were looking for, which sparked big debates on Ning and elsewhere. While you are correct in that they never stated having a blog or media experience was a prerequisite, blogging and media interviews are the primary job function, which is why they're included in the analysis.

Conclusions: (1) Tourism Queensland lied about "experience and knowledge/understanding of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef as demonstrated by the content in the video submission is vital" (since so many of the Top 50 didn't put anything about this in their video about either); (2) Tourism Queensland weren't completely honest in their advert, "anyone can apply, but preference will be given to applicants less than 30 years of age, with one or more years of tourism, marketing or media experience; (3) Tourism Queensland selected inferior applicants over more qualified applicants in favor of a tourism-friendly geographical distribution within the Top 50; (4) The preceived ability to promote the GBRI via written, television, existing contacts and video is paramount;
58.flag Jcnyc Comment
WOW! Just stumbled upon your blog... you are meticulous! I agree some of really great ones didn't made to final 50 & my personal opinion is that they probably selected the final 50 early on... last few days with so many applicants submitting, those candidates doesn't stand a chance. Also, did anyone notice they only selected fairly young candidates... no one is over 35 (or even 30 probably...) My vote is on Marcella as I think she made a damn good video. Where is your video? Couldn't you post your video for all to share?
59.flag stk Comment
Jcnyc - Yes, I've made the same observation on age and so has the media in Australia.

I have linked my video. :'(
  1. It's in the table above (click my name>
  2. It's on the front page of this blog.
  3. On this Yabba's UK Blog
  4. It's on the ClustrMaps UK blog
  5. This John's Australian Blog
  6. This Nelson's U.S.A. Blog (Los Angeles)
  7. Another Danny's U.S.A. Blog (Missouri)
  8. Gary's UK Blog
  9. On this b2evolution blog software page
  10. Save a baby kitten on Ed's U.S.A. (Arizona) blog

(Was planning on putting it on the front page post directly, since TQ munged the quality when they uploaded it!) Just need to get the time. ;)
60.flag Jcnyc Comment
Yes, I did see your video after I navigated a bit around your site (after I posted my question.) In fact, I remember seeing your video. It's obviously you have the qualifications & travel blog experiences... (it's too bad you were nervous & didn't sleep the night before, your 'bubbly' personality didn't come across the video :( & they are looking for 'cuteness'... another theory I had was that they didn't pick any one with kids (or couples for that matter)... I think that's an automatic rejection; believe they just don't want to be bothered. Your adventure diary is really cool, love the latest canoe one. So you have new reader(s) now from this experience!
61.flag stk Comment
Jcnyc - Yep @ personality (tad too "corporate" for the island job, I'm afraid.) Mind you, I knew that going in and tried to play that as a strength. Oh well! :p

Like Rachel says, "I'm just proud that you put in for it, regardless the outcome." (Which is something that every one of the 34,000+ that didn't make it can take away from the experience, eh?)

Yay @ new reader! :D
62.flag Jcnyc Comment
Regardless... your analytical skills , patience (& data entry skills :-) are pretty impressive based on the chart you created! No wonder you were high in the corporate ladder once...Question: what does all the color coded boxes denotes?? I liked Anny Chih's video very much & thought it was really personable & well done. Later I saw Marcella's video & was very impressed... I just can imagine how much time she spent making it. I'm sure everyone learned a lot about the GBR or at least about themselves going through this fun process making the video.

The Bowron photos are great... loved the pics of the moose & the "surfing the canoe" shot! My husband & I have done the same making "human sail going across a lake during 110 mile canoe trip @ Allegash Wilderness in Maine... we felt like a speed boat the wind was so strong! Thanks for sharing your fun memory!
63.flag stk Comment
Jcnyc - LOL you weren't kidding about reading!

The colored boxes are "flags" of one type or another:

Red == Warning flags (i.e., trying to visualize "problem" areas)
Yellow == Less severe "warning"
Blue == Have added data

I became keen on making the graph as a way to visualize the difference between what Tourism Queensland was saying -vs- what they were doing. (i.e., they said "demonstrating knowledge and experience of the GBRI was vital", yet so many videos didn't speak to that at all (ours included).

EDIT: I saw an TV interview - think it was with - Anny and Marcella (together) and it was interesting to compare the time they spent on each video. One had it done in a matter of hours and the other (Marcella) had invested over 100 man-hours in hers!
64.flag Bill Comment
STK, Nice job with your analysis. Looks like you called a good number of the candidates. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to review them all. BTW, I didn't even see the popup window you listed on the notes section of each candidate. Nice work.
65.flag Jcnyc Comment
I was shocked about the finalists!!!! What are your thoughts?
66.flag stk Comment
Bill - LOL ... if I "called" them, I was only following the guidelines set up by Tourism Queensland, so it means they were too.

Jcnyc - Caught me a tad offguard too: extending Top 10 by five additional applicants & choosing candidates by geographic distribution were to two big ones.

Will likely put my thoughts in a separate article.