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Archives for: September 2004

Grandparents Visit

September 9th, 2004  · stk

Grandpa and Grandma Pilley came out for the better part of a week, with their tent-trailer and Sasha, their dog, in tow. (Well, I guess Sasha got to ride in the back seat, but you get the idea). They had a great visit with their #2 grandchild, Alexandra, who was delighted with all of the extra attention. It's the second Edmonton visit for Gran Pilley, but the first for Grandpa and he got the nickel tour of our new home, shortly after he arrived.

Outings for the week included a trip to Fort Saskatchewan and we all took a brief ride east to see some Plains Bison at Elk Island National Park. It was a nice visit and we're extra thankful, because they sewed and installed a Roman blind in our bathroom. They also gave us two curtain rods for the two remaining curtainless windows (when we moved in there were NO window coverings in the house). THANKS!

Scott was absent for part of their visit, because he had to fly down to California to pick up our Honda Accord, which we've been storing at his parent's ranch. Wouldn't you know, they sold the ranch and are moving into a rental house, temporarily, until they can locate a permanent place.

The cows, sheep, chickens, pasture, orchard, garden, yard, watering and general caretaking has become onerous and down-sizing will allow them more travel time. After all, they're supposed to be retired! Anyway, with the sale of the ranch, the storage option for the Honda evaporated and Scott had to make a trip down to bring it up north. It was a long drive, but he enjoyed visiting with his folks for a few days, as well as stopping by to see an colleague from his oil-company days, now retired and living in Logan, Utah. Visiting was nice, but he missed Alex and Rachel and was happy to be home, after a week of traveling.

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Icefields Parkway Tour

September 9th, 2004  · stk

In early August, we packed up the bikes and Oop's tow trailer, headed south, and cycled from Canmore, through Banff & Jasper National Parks, along the Icefield Parkway. It was about a 300 km trip, which took us 5 days to complete. We were worried about Alex and how she would adjust to cycle-touring. We needn't have worried, because she adjusted just fine, as she normally does.

This was our only summer adventure, packed tightly between our big Edmonton move & the start of Rachel's nursing program at the Univeristy of Alberta. We nearly didn't go, because Scott felt there were too many things that needed doing before winter set in. Rachel put her foot down & said she was going to go anyway. "We need to do something this summer. We didn't do anything last summer, because I was pregnant and we won't have much of a chance to go anywhere during the 2 years I'm in the nursing program," she argued. You know what? When she's right - she's right. Scott capitulated and is very glad he did.

We had a great time. Though we started the trip with rain, the sun came out and great weather prevailed all week. The scenery was simply awesome. Alex enjoyed camping and was the talk of the town, as we received lots of kudos from fellow cyclists & auto tourists alike. She adjusted to camping more readily than we adjusted to her getting dirty (it took a couple of days before we stopped fretting every time she headed for a dusty patch). In the end, we learned to relax & though Alex was dirtier, she was happy!

Rachel kept a wonderful journal of our trip and it's posted in on a cycle-touring web site, along with a short slide show.

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OMG It's Snowing !

September 9th, 2004  · stk

You know those postcards that people send while they're on vacation? The ones that have a picture of a warm, tropical beach and say, "Wishing you were here?" Well, we won't be sending any of those from Edmonton this year. As you can see from the photo, taken in the early morning light, it snowed last night, in Edmonton! Oh My GOD ... it's September 9th!! I guess we won't have to be worried about having a white Christmas this year? Shoot ... Scott's thinking he might get a white birthday (which would be a first)!

This is freaking us out (OKAY, mostly freaking out the California-boy ... the cat hasn't gone out yet, so he doesn't know. He won't be happy, that's for certain. The Oop could care less and Rachel ... well, she is Canadian, after all.) Nope, fun-in-the-sun, been-in-123°F, California-boy is scared he's gonna freeze before the New Year arrives! It's time to install block heaters, insulate the garage, put up the vegetables, get out the sweaters, buy electric socks, plan a Mexican escape and take a steamy, hot shower! Scott never thought he'd be jealous of a duck, but when he looks up in the sky and sees the flying "Vee", headed south, he's thinking, "There go some ducks ... smart birds ... lucky birds ... Damn - wish I was a duck!"

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