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Alex the Cat

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Alex the Cat

November 14th, 2004  · stk

There is nothing that causes Alex more squeals of delight than a sighting of our cat, Tuxedo. These sightings are rare not because of Alex, but rather, the cat is actively HIDING from Alex. He spends a great deal of time in the basement, napping on a blanket among boxes or under the covers of the guest bed. It's the only way he can catch uninterrupted Zzzs (which, next to eating, is his 2nd favorite pastime). Laps and petting have taken a distant third place, but let me tell you, when the Oop goes to bed at 8 PM (her bedtime), the cat emerges from the basement, looking for a warm lap. He's become quite militant about having one too, demanding that either Rachel, or Scott, provide him with a warm, cozy spot (preferably one that INCLUDES petting). Anyway, this is supposed to be about Alex, not the cat.

Because Alex is so enamored with Tuxedo, she knows what a cat looks like and "meows" when she spots one in a book. She has been doing this for quite some time and we may have already mentioned it, but we've noticed that her "meows" have improved DRAMATICALLY. Now, when she pipes up with a "meow", it's difficult to tell if it's Alex or the Real McCoy (if we're not standing right there). Well, a few weeks ago, we discovered the answer to the mysterious question of WHY Alex's "meows" were becoming so realistic. She has been living an alternate life - as a cat! Scott went to go put out the trash the other day and found Alex, one hand in the cat's water bowl (just sitting there, wet up to the wrist) and the other hand plucking dry cat food out of the food bowl and into her mouth. SHE'S BEEN EATING CAT FOOD! (In one fell swoop, we discovered the answer to yet, another mystery - why was Alex's breath smelling was so bad?).

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1.flag John Cub Comment
So I was doing a google image search for someone eating cat food and you were the winner. I figured since you were the winner you'd want to see why I was searching for such a thing.

Let's just say my company's retirement plan is a bit lackluster.

Hope you enjoy the demotivator.

2.flag stk Comment
LOL ... hmmm, guess there's a real shortage of such photos, eh?

If it helps people laugh (or motivates management to sign up with a better workplace plan) ... then Alex's pinching cat food pic will have been worth it!

Thanks for the laugh.

I'm shooting you back another version (where I used the original photo, with better image quality).


PS ... That's a pretty fun poster site!
3.flag gilbert Comment
Please, I am seeking permission to post the retirement poster on my blog. May I? I will be placing it on the front page and will give all due credit but if you don't want it there, let me know and I'll take it down. Thank-you. Gilbert
4.flag stk Comment
Gilbert - Thanks for asking. No problem! If it helps get the U.S. Govt. back on track, it will be worth it.
5.flag Gilbert Comment
Thank you so much. Please visit me @ and see what I've done...Cheers