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Get Quicken 2005 Free

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Get Quicken 2005 Free

April 21st, 2005  · stk

Maybe Even Make Money!

Here's the deal.

We don't normally buy every new release of Quicken. We've been using the 2002 version, happily, since that year. But on April 19th our version of Quicken was "sunsetted" (don't you just love the sound of that?). What's that mean? It's a fancy word that means Intuit is no longer is "supporting" this version. No updates or fixes, for sure, but we never suspected that it ALSO means that one can't automatically update portfolio prices via the Intuit website, but it does. On April 19th, we just happened to be trying to update our portfolio prices (which we don't do very often because it seems that each time we do, we just end up crying ... but that's another story). Anyway ... we kept getting a "server error". We went to the Intuit support website, which is how we determined that our version was no loger supported. If we wanted to update our portfolio prices, we'd have to buy a newer version.

Quicken costs $59 if you buy it directly from Intuit ($39 for an upgrage). So we plunked down our $39 and downloaded the upgrade (which also comes with a will-maker program). I installed the program and noticed a bunch of new icons on my desktop. (I detest such icons. So much so that you won't find a single one on my desktop). So I wasn't too excited about these icons, one of which, looked like the one here.

The $50 hooked me and I clicked it. Wow ... 3% interest on a no-minimum savings account linked electronically to your checking account AND a $50.00 bonus for new customers that have purchased Quicken. This is nearly twice the rate I'm getting on my current savings account, which has a minimum balance requirement. Sign me up!

So, if you live in the United States, are not currently an ING customer, you can buy/upgrade to Quicken 2005, then open an ING savings account and collect on their $50 sign-on bonus. You can't go wrong with either one - a new and improved Quicken program and a great savings account with a $50 sign-on bonus. Note: While all Quicken buyers are eligible for the ING bonus, the price you pay for Quicken will determine how much you "make" on the deal. Buying Quicken from a local store like Staples or Office Depot is recommended, as the price for the program is generally less than if you buy directly from Intuit. It must be the "Quicken 2005" product and the offer is good through 12/31/05. (For more details, click the orange ball.)

You only have to look past the orange television advertisements with the guy talking about "save your money". If you can do that, then things definitely are brighter in shades of orange! ;)

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1.flag brandon Comment
how long have you been with img? or did you just start when you saw the icon? it looks good, i just wann a make sure you get what they say.
2.flag stk Comment

Sorry for the late reply. (We've been on summer holidays).

We started with ING based on the Quicken advert. (April 2005)

We couldn't be happier. The interest rate is nearly twice what we were earning (with the "regular savings account" through Also, there isn't a minimum balance requirement (compared to our old $1000 or pay $2/month FirstIB savings account).

AND a $50 sign-up bonus? It's like a cherry on the top of a savings account sundae!