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Penn State College Football

Penn State College Football

October 1st, 2005  · stk

I don't follow sports. NFL, NBA, NHL or any other "N". I'm just not "N"-to it, if you know what I mean. However, College Football is a different animal. I attended Penn State (graduating with a Masters of Science in GeoPhysics in 1983), so I have an affiliation with the school and their football team.

Today's convincing win against the Nationally-ranked (#18) Minnesota Gophers (with a score of 44-14), moves the here-to-for unranked Nittany Lions into Top-25 territory. Go Lions! For the first time in a number of years, WE HAVE A TEAM!

"Listen live" to Penn State football: PSU Football -- click for streaming audio options.


Beaver stadium holds over 106,000 people. It's huge - the second largest college stadium in the nation. I've attended games there (not when it was THAT large, but still, it was pretty huge when I was going to school there). I remember a game in 1982, when #1 Nebraska came to play #2 Penn State (Penn State won in the final seconds, with a shoe-string catch in the end zone). What a thrill! The best game I've ever attended, for sure.

The tradition lives on today and still, Joe Paterno remains head coach. What a class act. What an upstanding guy. He must love what he does and he has contributed SO much to the school, the players and college football. I know his contract is good through the 2008 season, so we can still look forward to him leading the team for another 2 seasons, at least. Way to go, Joe.

Next week, Penn State faces #8 Ohio State. Let's hope that they keep their heads about them and commit no crimes (in this week's game, Penn State was penalized only 3 times, for 15 yards and neither fumbled the football, nor were intercepted - a stark contrast against the 5 cough-ups last week against Northwestern).

The clash between OSU and PSU is set for October 8th, 7:45 PM (EST) and you can listen to it here . For sure, it will be televised and if you're lucky enough to watch it - please DO. Color me jealous, because here in Edmonton, if it's not played on ice ... it ain't on T.V.

Nittany Lions!

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1.flag Skip Huber Comment
I just downloaded internet tv (free from CNET) and saw that WNEP scranton/wb comes in strong. you may want to try it today to WATCH the PSU/OSU game tonight. It's working for me, and I now live in Brazil.

Bom Final de Semana e PENN STATE VITORIA!!!
2.flag stk Comment
Skip - You don't need to download anything to watch ... just head here or here. I'm pretty sure that's the feed you're seeing.

Unfortunately, it's not a "live" streaming video feed of their broadcast. If you head to their website - - and look under "News", the last item on the list is "Newswatch 16 Anytime" (which, I think, is the feed you're watching). If so, "During most of the day, [it] carries a replay of the latest Newswatch 16 newscast".

I don't think you'll get to watch the Ohio State - Penn State game. :( (But ... it's worth checking, eh?) ;) Good luck ... let me know. If you can't watch - you can always listen.