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Broadband: Socket to Me

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Broadband: Socket to Me

October 2nd, 2005  · stk

Every existing electric socket in your home can be a broadband connection, thanks to Matsushita Industrial Co. (an Osaka-based company that's the manufacturer of Panasonic brand products). They have developed a new chip that does away with Ethernet cables and wireless networking equipment.

The new chip allows the existing copper wiring in your home to carry BOTH electricity and data. The obvious advantage is that there are commonly multiple sockets in every room of your home, each a potential broadband connection. The other advantage? Data rates are 170 MBPS, faster than even Cat-5 Ethernet cables.

Not very often does technology advance with such universal appeal. If you can plug in an appliance, it can be powered AND be Internet-ready all at the same time. (Think network-capable refrigerators, microwaves, coffee-makers, and Televisions).

Read more about it.

Apparently, Matsushita isn't the only player, as this Telkonet News Release indicates. All 31 Sandman Hotels, Inns and Suites throughout Canada have been equipped with "powerline communications" (PLC) technology.

Learn more about PLC here .

Learn more about BPL here.


19-Dec-2005 - BPL Rollout in Texas

As part of an upgrade to the existing grid, TXU and Current Communications Group announced the nation's first major BPL rollout in the United States. The $150 million dollar project will convert TXU Electric Delivery's power distribution network into the nation's first BPL-enabled "Smart Grid".

The rollout will make BPL available to approximately 2 million Texas customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, at prices competitive with existing cable and ASDL solutions. (Current's only other widespread BPL availability is through Cinergy Corp. in Cincinnati, where it charges $20-45/month for BPL connections, with speeds of up to 3 MBPS.

Current, with backing from Google and The Hearst Corporation (among others), has smaller pilot BPL pilot projects in Hawaii, Maryland and southern California.

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1.flag DontheCat Comment
Mindboggling, to say the least..
Opens up one lotsa options, I guess. I'm making a mention in Raves...

Now, Rohini can stop cribbibng that sh'e unable to check her mails, cos she is busy cooking in the kitchen ;-)

Hows the Lil' one ?

btw, do check rajnykrishnan. Just started building it for Rohz's cousin. Planning to use PZ2 for the gallery. Be prepared for some queries :-)
2.flag ₯είίε Comment
Funnily enough, waaaaaay back in the eighties, when I was a sprog. My friend did something similar for his electronics exam.

He basically plugged a computer into a socket in one building , and a lamp into a socket in another building (about 50 meters away) and could control the lamp by overlaying commands over the power supply.

His version could only send on/off commands, but he was only 16 :|