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Alex is Two

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Alex is Two

October 7th, 2005  · stk

Here come the Terrible Two's!

Wow, does time fly. Our little girl just celebrated her SECOND birthday on October 3rd.

She knew it was coming.

"MY birthday," she said (she's really "into" what's her's, Mom's or Dad's right now. It's kind of embarrassing when we go to visit friends. "MY toy," she says, grabbing some other kid's toy. "Huh?" Where did THIS child come from?)

Of course, Rachel's birthday is in August and Scott's in September, so she had some practice.

"How old are you?" we asked.

"TWO!" she says. (She can count to three now, but it's usually, "one, three, two").

We bought her a large, colorful, plastic "kitchen center" for her gift. We debated long and hard about bringing a plastic centerpiece into the house, but ultimately, capitulated. Why? Because she LOVES doing dishes and helping out in the kitchen.

Despite our distain for all things large and plastic, I think it was a good choice. She's been serving Daddy "coffee" and Mommy "tea", every morning (even if the cups are very small, at least they've been warmed in the "microwave"). Her teddy bears have been served full course meals and although they've starved for months, they're now caught up from three feedings each day since Alex received her gift! (They're starting to look positively TUBBY!)

Alex has been a joy (for the most part) during the year and we've chronicled her development, facial expressions and antics, in her "Year Two" slide show. There are over 120+ photos and accompanying notes. We hope that you enjoy the show. (The slide show is a Java Applet and requires Java be loaded on your computer).

Happy Birthday Alexandra!

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1.flag Kathleen Comment
Well here I was at work digging up references to an SMS server problem...and I happened across your website.

Tempted by the OOPS slideshow I lost 1.2 hours worth of work looking at pictures which made me miss my little 2 1/2 year old terror, Nevan. You have a beautiful little girl and the picts show your love for her.

But alas, I must return to the drudgery of vague MS error codes before I go home for a wet sloppy puppy kiss from a tot.