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Astonish Me

Astonish Me

December 11th, 2005  · stk

After a year working with b2evolution, I've decided to join forces with a British programmer, combining our efforts and creating a value-added website presence at a soon-to-be-announced web location. Initially, our goal will be to provide b2evo-specific add-on features, tutorials and plug-ins. Many of these features will be free, in the spirit of Open Source software, but because we both hope to continue full-time development, we'll be accepting donations, offering site subscriptions, and taking on website consulting work. And we're planning on extending support, articles and features beyond b2evolution, covering such diverse topics as CSS, XHTML, site maintenance, design and a number of other open source applications.

Pooling our efforts should result in more popular and well-documented plug-ins and features for the b2evolution blogging community at large. We want to promote a savvy, active and strong b2evo community, raising the bar, across the board. Both as a tribute and acknowledgement, we'll be donating 10% of our gross to (or to whichever open source application we've earned money from).

To start, it will be the two of us, but we're interested in adding to the team and we're looking for dynamic, prolific, well-organized, enthusiastic contributors that can add value to our services. If you're interested, please drop us a line.

We're excited by our joint venture and hope that you will be too. By combining talents, one with 20+ years in programming and developemnt and the other with a similar experience in user support and technical computing, we hope to offer superior enhancements which are easily deployed and well documented.

With a major version release on the horizon (i.e., "Phoenix"), our efforts are timely. We can increase the adoption rate, provide sought-after features and in the process, strenghten the b2evo blogging community. We're both active on the b2evo forums and will remain so. Our individual blogs will continue to be a source of information, but will likely direct you to the new website for detail and downloads. Our goal isn't to make a financial "killing", but we do hope that there's enough monetary support to justify a full-time effort.

Make a list of your desired enhancement requests and features, because we'll be looking to you to help set our direction. What would YOU like to do with b2evolution that you can't do now?

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1.flag Don Comment
Why am I not astonished ?

Scott, I'm willing to pitch in time and energy to help you and the 'British programmer' in whatever ways possible. Jus lemme know...

2.flag stk Comment
Thanks Don for your offer and support!

We're hoping to turn out some really cool features and maybe then, we'll astonish even you.

3.flag Danny Comment
Great! I just sent you a pm in the forum about a possible client.
4.flag stk Comment
Hey, great Danny, thanks!
5.flag Savage Comment
This is great to hear Scott, I wish you the very best!!!
6.flag stk Comment
Not quite what you suggested, but maybe it'll be better?

Looking forward to seeing you in the members area.
7.flag Vincent Navarino Comment
It'd be great to see a lot more development for enhancements to b2. We need a real active community and if it wasn't for those few of you out there I wouldn't have nicer features on my blog today. Thanks!
8.flag Lare Comment
Just a new blogger but blown away by your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've broken my site a number of times "playing" with it (b2E) since I don't know diddly about the "how to's" and trying to make it so every post can be indexed by the actual title.

Got a feeling I'll find out here eventually.

Thanks again for all your efforts!!!