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Far Side of North

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Far Side of North

April 2nd, 2006  · stk

Edmonton Grafitti

Usually, it's the female complaining, "I have a headache", but this street artist puts a different spin on things here. Maybe someone sprayed the penguins and someone ELSE added the commentary? We'll never know. Either way, this witty bit of street art caught our attention during an afternoon stroll, along the North Saskatchewan River Parkway, on this warm (50°F/10°C) and blustery, early spring day.

The penguin might be an appropriate symbol of cold Edmonton winters, but the geographic mark is several thousand kilometers in error, as penguins are indigenous to the southern pole, not the northern one.

The remark by the male (clearly the brighter of the two, as males are often more highly decorated than females) has a double meaning, which is hopefully lost on younger readers. Was "fish" added as an afterthought, or was the artist simply a poor planner?

How do YOU feel about grafitti? It seems to be everywhere. Is it modern art? Expressionism? Vandalism?

I've often thought that railroad companies were missing a golden opportunity. Let others pay for the paint and labor, so they can make a 'statement' on railroad cars, thereby protecting metal from rusting. Railroad companies could surreptitiously erect "scaffolding" , so taggers can put grafitti on the tops of railroad cars too.

As further proof that the Internet contains information on EVERY subject, I searched for "Edmonton Grafitti" and turned up this site, which features artistic grafitti from several different Canadian locations. Nicely done, too. (I especially liked the bit about Mosquito Creek, in N. Vancouver, which is a stones throw from our old stomping grounds on E. Hastings). ;)

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1.flag Shiana Rodriquz Comment
This is awesome, but I think that graffiti is awesome and it is modern art. It's just people expressing their feelings about the world! ; )

(Just so you know, I am a graffiti artist that does not spray on buildings, but I do it for people who want it done).

2.flag Leti Marie Comment
awwe its so cute but its a little sketchy