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Running Low on Beer

Running Low on Beer

May 27th, 2006  · stk

"Edmonton Oiler Fans Drain Local Supplies"    (Story)

Up three games in the best-of-seven NHL Western Conference finals, the Edmonton Oilers weren't able to shut-out the Anaheim Mighty Ducks during game four, played on Thursday, here in Edmonton. Game five is tonight, in Anaheim, and the Oilers have another shot at de-feathering those pesky Ducks. The finals games have been exciting and Oiler-mania has hit Edmonton - BIG TIME! A win tonight means the Edmonton Oilers will be playing in the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in 16 years.

Wahoo! The Oilers WIN game 5 and the series. They're headed east for the Stanley Cup Final!!

When you live in Canada, it's hard not to be a hockey fan. When you live in Edmonton, only blocks from Rexall Place, it's IMPOSSIBLE. The whole city is buzzing from the excitement and hardly a car passes by that isn't sporting an Edmonton Oiler flag. The stadium holds just over 17,000 fans, but it's renown for being the noisiest in league. While we were watching the game, on television, the other night, it was so bloody noisy that we could barely hear the announcers, over the din of the sell-out crowd.

After a long drought, it's finally raining Oilers, which is having some very strange effects. During the singing of the Canadian National anthem, before game three, the singer was being drowned out by the 16,839 Rexall Place fans, so he stopped, held up the microphone and let the crowd finish the song! Later, during the game, the CBC announcer, Ron MacLean, raised a sound meter into the air. It measured 106 decibels, just a smidge short of the level set by a jet airplane, during takeoff! Local fans are so thirsty for hockey success that they're also draining the city of its beer supplies. Distributors are having to truck in beer from the neighboring Provinces of British Columbia and Saskatchewan!

We'll be glued to the television set tonight, rooting for Dwayne Roloson "Rollie the Goalie", Chris Pronger, Steve Staios, Mike Peca, Fernando Pisani, Shawn Horcoff and the rest of the Oilers!

Even Alex has been bitten by the Oiler bug! When we tell her that we'll be watching a game, she shouts, "Hockey, hockey, hockey!!"

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1.flag Vincent Comment
This yank is so glad that the Oilers won game 3! I don't like blowouts. Here's hoping for quite a cup whoever wins!
2.flag stk Comment
LOL. After the first two periods of Game 1, I thought the blow-out was the OTHER WAY!! ;)

Losing Roloson was a huge disappointment and I really feel for the guy. He worked so hard to bring the team this far and now can only sit and watch. :(

Hopefully, Monday night's game 4 will be a repeat of last night's performance!! Go Oilers!
3.flag Vincent Comment
Ok... Carolina won again so GO OILERS! :)
4.flag stk Comment
Thanks for rooting, Vincent. It must have helped!

That short-handed OT score was sure exciting!!

Game 6 (another do-or-die) in Edmonton, tomorrow night!
5.flag Vincent Comment
Sorry it didn't work out in the end but hey, 7 games is GOOD no matter the ending!
6.flag stk Comment
LOL ... 7 games in the Stanley Cup Final is ESPECIALLY good, considering they came into post season play as the last-place seed.

What an amazing attempt!