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Google Spell-Check Plugin

Google Spell-Check Plugin

May 30th, 2006  · stk

AstonishMe! brings you "Google Spell-Check Plugin", adding spell-checking capabilities to your b2evolution (v1.0+) posts and comment forms. It uses Google's API and has many similar features to the Gmail spell-checker. It supports 8 different languages. Learn more.

 AstonishMe! Google Spell Plugin

An AstonishMe! Public Release

If you want to get a really nifty spell checker for your b2evolution blog, then look no further than AstonishMe!

Now publicly available, our "Google Spell-Check Plug-in" is a back-office and comment form spell-checker, which uses the Google Spell-Check API. If you use Gmail, then you're already familiar with the interface, as ours has the same look-and-feel and uses the same dictionary. It's a piece of cake to install, easy as pie to use and makes for a delicious add-on to your b2evolution blog.

To learn more about "Google Spell-Check" and obtain your copy, continue on ...

Google Spell-Check to the Rescue

It doesn't dice tomatoes, slice hard boiled eggs or cost $19.99. It's free and quickly checks blog posts for misspellings and (optionally) comments also. Because it piggybacks on Google's code, it offers a number of unique features. Below is a summarized list of benefits.

  • Uses AJAX (no pop-up windows)
  • Multilingual (8 supported languages)
  • Easy to install (3-step plug-in process)
  • Easy to use (Intuitive interface)
  • Recognized many XHTML tags and attributes
  • Recognizes many commonly used proper nouns
  • Includes many technology words (hey, it's from Google) ;)
  • Fewer false positives (faster checking)
  • Scan a post for highlighted, suspect words (fast checking)
  • Check long posts (no length limit)

It's been tested in PC versions of IE(6-sp2), FireFox(v1.5), Opera(v8.5), as well as MAC versions of Safari, FireFox and Opera.


Follow the link below to see a demonstration, get the code and obtain installation/usage instructions ( or leave a comment here and spell check it by clicking the little "ABC check mark" that's by the comment form. Looks like the one on the left. ) :D

EDIT (10-Feb-2008) - Now that FireFox has a built-in spell-checker, I've removed this feature from our blog. Also, the demonstration on the AstonishMe! page hasn't functioned for some time. When I last checked, the plug-in still works.

Spread the word! Get your cool b2evolution plug-ins and such at AstonishMe!

Google Spell Check Plug-in

Legal Mumbo Jumbo: Intended for use ONLY in b2evolution "Phoenix" versions (v1.0 or higher). May cause excitement in some people. DO NOT use if you're currently taking any heart medications. DO NOT operate heavy equipment while using "Google Spell-Check Plug-in". DO NOT use if you're hooked on phonics. Will make your posts better looking, but will NOT make you better looking. Does NOT correct grammar (if you write like trailer trash, your posts will be spelled correctly, but will still read like trailer trash). Conversely, the plug-in may gag if you use a surfeit of pedantically elongated college words. Requires JavaScript, so those with with it disabled will be on their own. Your smileage may vary.

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Interesting test word!

(You should have said "Happy Birthday"!)
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LOL ...

Boy, seems Brits can't spell well. :|