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The Motley Crew

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The Motley Crew

June 6th, 2006  · stk

The Official UofA BScN Group Photo

This is sooo like, Rachel.

"Honey, can you do me a favor?" (It's an hour after Edmonton gave up Game 1 of the 2006 Stanley Cup Finals in a pitiful game that saw them squander a three to nothing lead and, potentially, lose their goalie to an injury. It's 15 minutes before she bolts off to her part-time job at the Norwood, a graveyard shift.) In other words, it's late and I'm not exactly feeling in a "giving" mood.

"I need to find a way to get the group photos that we took with your camera, to everyone in the after-degree program and some are on dial-up." :roll:

"Okay," I think to myself, wondering where my white steed might be corralled at this time of night, "I know the right answer to this question." We've been married for, what, is it five years already? I want to keep it that way. I mean, my plan is finally coming to fruition. Rachel has her degree in nursing (just about) and can take care of me, when I'm old. ;)

"I could make a web page and let everyone download the photos, at a variety of resolutions," I offer.

"Oh, that would be great!" she says, practically dashing out the door. "And, could you do it sooner, rather than later? The photos were taken last Thursday."

(Photos expire after 4 days? I didnt' know that.) :-/

Read on to see how the knight turns out ... or does Rachel file for divorce? ... (Oh yeah, continue on if you want to see/get the group photo, too!) :D

OKAY ... by now you're probably thinking that I dislike Rachel and her last-minute requests, but this isn't the case. I love her to death and take solace in knowing that I'm her knight in shining armor, even if the armor is a tad rusty in places (and weighs a ton, sometimes). Maybe I just like to complain?

So, I did make her the website. I'm proud of her completing the after-degree nursing program at the UofA (yeah, I know, the preceptorship still remains, but geez, all the term papers and finals are done - isn't that the sucky stuff?) and you should be proud of yourself too. It was a tough two years, especially with a husband who owns a white horse and a daughter who's taking walking/talking/potty-training lessons all at the same time!

But, enough of us! Continue on to preview and download YOUR group photos.

(And, if you need a website designed in 20 minutes or less, one that is XHTML valid and CSS compliant to-boot ... you know where to reach me. It might smell a bit "horsey" for the first week or so, but you'll get used to it.) ;)

Cheers and congratulations with your achievement!

PS - The nice thing about having this blog entry (as embarrassing as it might be for Rachel) is that if you ever lose your photo, or need another and we've jotted of to Tahiti (I can dream, right?), you can always contact us, or search for us on the internet under "UofA", "Randsco", "Kimler", "Group Photo", or "White Steed". ;)

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1.flag Darian Comment
Hi Rachel,

Thanks to both you and your husband for putting these up.

The pictures are wonderful. Hope to see you soon.

2.flag Ian Comment
Hey Rachel,

Thanks so much to you and your knight (and his white steed) for doing all of this, I really appreciate it. The download was a success and the
website was great. Thanks again and have a great final placement.

Bye for now,

Ian :)
3.flag Candace Comment
Thanks Rachel and hubby for posting the pictures! :)