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Job Offer #1

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Job Offer #1

June 7th, 2006  · stk

Nanaimo, British Columbia

After two years of hard work and good grades, we're starting to see the fruits of Rachel's scholastic labor, as Rachel has (just today) received her first job offer. Mind you, it's not in writing, but it IS from the place we are looking at as our 'number one choice' - Vancouver Island. Specifically, Nanaimo, on the eastern coast, north of Victoria.

The offer is with Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, for a full-time 'surgical float' position, which means that Rachel would be "floating" between two different surgical units. Because nursing positions are government jobs in Canada, the pay is pretty much fixed and she's be starting at $26.25 per hour (less than what the Province of Alberta is paying - $27.93 per hour). However, she does qualify for up to $5,000 in relocation expenses and, perhaps, a sign-on bonus. The schedule is a split shift, working four 12-hour shifts (2 days, 2 nights), with a 4-5 day hiatus, between stints.

We're just now beginning the job hunt and today's news has put us in high spirits. We'd like to move back to British Columbia, but are willing to consider offers from Alberta too, as we think the Province has a bright future. Because Scott is from California and Rachel from Vancouver, we're partial to warmer climates and for that, Vancouver Island can't be beat. One of the locations to which we've applied, Duncan, boasts the highest mean temperature of any incorporated, Canadian municipality - (they're talking our language)!

Stay tuned, as we accept offers and decide which is best for the Kimler Clan. What do you think? Should we stay or should we go?

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1.flag danny Comment
Nice work, Rachel!
2.flag Rick Molcan Comment
hi, i just stumbled across this posting by accident, looking for pictures of nanaimo. all i can say is that we have lived in alberta for a number of years and a number of places and we used to live in between duncan and victoria. we now live in nanaimo, and have for the past 7-8 yrs. at this point you would have to pry our family off the island with a crowbar. and if we want bright lights and big city, we are 20 minutes away from downtown vancouver by float plane. best of both worlds we feel. good luck with your decision.

rick (a die hard islander now!)