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Oop Mows the Lawn

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Oop Mows the Lawn

June 16th, 2006  · stk

Our not-so-trusty electric lawn mower died a few weeks ago and we've been having to beg and borrow from neighbors, so that our back yard doesn't turn into a jungle. The nice thing is that Scott's been having the luxury of using gas-powered mowers. After always having to "plan" a route to mow, to avoid cutting the electric umbilical cord, he's enjoyed the freedom of mowing in any pattern he wants.

There are pluses and minuses with renting. On the plus side, when the lawn mower died, we didn't have to worry about purchasing a replacement. On the minus side, we have no influence over the type of mower we receive as a replacement. The choices were between a push-mower (which would be a bear with such a large back yard) or an electric. We should be happy that we received a new, in-the-box, electric mower. Hopefully, it'll have enough power to do the job and Scott won't add to the number of splices he's already had to make in the extension cord he uses with the thing. :-/

scary mower

Of course, the Oop is excited about anything that comes in a box, so she was all over the new mower and insisted the box be opened immediately upon receipt. As much as Scott didn't want to put the thing together after dinnertime, a day after he had already mowed, it was either that or deal with Alex's endless questions, enthusiasm, and pestering.

"Is that a present?" she asks, "for me?"

So, Scott (and Alex) put the lawn mower together. She even took it out for a test spin, while her Dad was putting tools away and fetching the mangled extension cord, to give it a "real" test. Let's just say that Alex's enthusiasm for the lawn mower immediately ceased after it was powered on. It's a cute little video that shows how much Alex wants to "help", how she's growing up and her fear of things that make loud, whirring noises.



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