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Boxing Daze

Boxing Daze

September 5th, 2006  · stk

The move has begun. (Moving sucks)!

Moving Sucks -or- Living in Chaos

On Friday night, before the long Labor Day weekend, Rachel was in the dusty loft, above the garage, handing down folded boxes to Scott, below.

"Thank God we're pack rats," Scott said, "otherwise we wouldn't have kept all these boxes."

When we moved to Edmonton, two years ago, we knew we'd be moving after Rachel finished her UofA nursing degree. So we kept most of our moving boxes, storing them in the dusty attic.

Rachel starts her new job on September 18th and will be leaving, ahead of Scott, in less than 10 days.

Ideally, any move shouldn't disrupt things for more than two weeks, but because of the unusual situation we've stuck ourselves into, ours will last three times longer. Over a month and a half of disruption. Yuck!

Your new property is nice, it'll be like you're camping every day!

We're starting to pack early, so that it's not all left to Scott, at the last minute. Of course, this means that Scott and Alex will be living among boxes for all of September. Again - Yuck!

We must be out of our Edmonton home at the end of the month, which is why Rachel is flying back on September 30th, after a full day of work. She'll help Scott load up the largest truck that U-Haul rents and then we'll make the 2-day drive to Vancouver Island.

It doesn't end there.

We don't take possession of our new home till October 17th, so we've had to find a place to unload and store all our stuff, till then.

Where? In the garage of the new home.

So, we'll be homeless for half of October. Scott will head down with Alex to California, to visit his folks and Rachel will continue working at her new job at the Nanaimo Hospital.

"Where's Rachel going to stay?" you ask.

"She doesn't know," is the short answer. She's following up on several leads, but not found the "best fit", yet. She'll probably take the ferry back to the mainland on her day's off, staying with her folks in Vancouver, but it's where she'll stay on the Island that's still undecided.

And (as if there's not enough else going on), she writes the CNRE exam on October 11th. (It's the big, National exam that she has to pass in order to actually work and BE a Registered Nurse).

No pressure, eh?

At least you now know what we'll be doing for the next six or seven weeks. :|

Let's face it - MOVING SUCKS!!

Mind you, this should be our last move for a good long while. AND ... we're moving to an awesome spot! (If you like camping, then you'll appreciate the quote from Alex's grandpa, regarding the treed 5 acres ... "Your new property is nice, it'll be like you're camping every day!")

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1.flag Gary Comment
Hi Scott,

My name is Gary (a friend of ¥åßßå), in this little country called England.

After talking to Paul and him showing me your blog, I thought I would intoduce myself and say "Hi".

You've got a great blog and I love a lot of your ideas, especially the Photo-Zoom, which ¥åßßå set up for me on my blog.

Gosh, moving house looks a lot of fun (NOT). If you're moving to the house in the forest in one of the other posts then WOW! I bet you can wait to move and get settled.

You should see the houses over here in the UK, they are like hen huts compared to yours over there.

Hey - thats it for now, have fun and happy bloggin' dude :)
2.flag stk Comment

Thanks for saying!

Yes, we're moving to a 5-acre lot with oodles of large 2nd-growth Cedar trees. (And it's close to the water too). I'm still pinching myself!!

We're not looking forward to the actual MOVE ... just to be MOVED. ;)

¥åßßå showed me your Patch site (assume that's you?). Cool.


3.flag Gary Comment
Yep thats me, got a patch site and a blog.
Good luck moving, hope all goes smooth.
4.flag Ann Comment
Oh my, you poor kids - that is havoc on steroids but I tell ya what - it is so worth it - I've looked at the photos of your new home - and that is ever so gorgeous. I lived in Washington state and Colorado so I remember the absolutely therapeutic influence that living in the midst of beauty can provide, Might I say that I am so very happy for y'all. You've worked very hard to get there and well deserve what you have secured . Stay safe - now I'm off to look for your 'email a friend script' so I can mess up your template! :>)