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Sunflower Project (11-Sep)

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Sunflower Project (11-Sep)

September 11th, 2006  · stk

Alex's sunflower was planted 101 days ago. It's taller than she is! See the changes and read about the project in this September 11th update.

Here's the latest scoop on Alex's "sunflower project". For a historical perspective, the original story (plus all the updates), can be found here.

September 11th: "Heading On Up"

It's been 101 days since Alex planted her sunflower seed at day-care. The plant is nearly twice as tall as Alex and the flower head has fully formed. We're hoping to see some bright yellow petals, before we leave for Vancouver Island, which will be a fitting end to Alex's botanical experiment.

The daylight hours are waning, temperatures dropping and the sunflower really needs to step it up a notch, if it wants to bloom before the snow flies. Sadly, the sun has moved much lower on the horizon and there's an apple tree, garage, pine tree and our own house, all shading the plant, which limits the amount of direct light it's now receiving.

To learn about the state of the sunflower and Oop ... read on.

Scott couldn't figure out why the flower had its head turned to the north, but then quickly realized that the flower is receiving so much more reflected light, than direct light, that it's turned to face the source: light reflected off the side of the neighbor's white house.

Poor sunflower! :(

The good news is that the flower head has fully formed and appears to be just days away from bursting forth with glorious yellow petals. It's quite amazing to look straight into the flower head, with all of its spikes and whorls. A couple of ladybugs have taken up residence in the folds of the flower. We hope they're busy eating any parasites and pests, protecting Alex's plant.

We held Alex up and told her, "Sniff the flower, Oop!"

She got a tad too close with her nose and recoiled at its prickles, laughing.

Just as the plant is maturing, so is Alex. She's now fully potty trained, though she's still not quite gotten the hang of "doing the paperwork required to finish the job". In fact, she's so well potty trained that she'll often just get up from what she's doing and go to it. (This creates a tad of a problem for us, as there's no "announcement" that paperwork is required and we don't find out about it till later, when we notice a tiny 'present' in the portable potty. A sore bum is the result.)

Alex's vocabulary is also expanding, though she's still failing the "Tom Cruise" day-care test. (Scott asks her, when she returns from day-care, if Tom Cruise stopped by to say "hi". The answer is generally, "yes", which provides some insight into her comprehension.

Last night, she distinctly said, "Dammit!", which caught Scott a tad off-guard.

"Where did you learn to say that?" asked Scott.

"From Daddy," said the Oop, matter-of-factly.

"Great," said Dad, who holds himself only partly to blame.

"It can't be from me," Scott tried to convince Rachel, later, who was chastising him for this undesirable turn of vocabulary events. "I rarely say 'Dammit!'"

"Oh, is that right?" asked Rachel.

"I usually opt for 'God-dammit'," he said, which didn't exactly earn him any points with Rachel.

We really have to be careful what we say, because the Oop has turned into a little mimic. Pronunciation is still an issue and many people, besides ourselves, have a difficult time understanding what she says. No worries, because the bad words are usually very distinct and loudly spoken, however. :|

Our Oop is growing up.

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