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Sunflower Project (24-Sep)

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Sunflower Project (24-Sep)

September 24th, 2006  · stk

Alex's sunflower was planted 114 days ago. Recent storms and winds blew the poor plant over. (Dad to the rescue!!) Read about the latest tragedy ...

September 24th: "Blow Me Down!"

Alex's "sunflower" has taken a dive!

It's been 114 days since Alex planted her sunflower seed at day-care. It suffered a bit of a set-back, after Edmonton got its first taste of winter this past week.

Where are those glorious "Indian Summer" days that Alberta is famous for?

Read on for the rest of this update. For the complete story (all updates in one article) look here.

This next week will be our last in Edmonton. Scott will pick up the U-Haul truck this coming Friday. Rachel is flying back, from Vancouver Island and we'll be loading up the 26-foot truck on Saturday. We'll probably leave on Sunday, taking 2 days over the 1,300-kilometer drive from Edmonton to Vancouver.

Hope is rapidly fading that Alex's sunflower will bloom before we hit the highway. Right when the sunflower needed warm, sunny weather to polish off the last of its growing season, the weather Gods have turned nasty and have been giving us a taste of winter. Rain, clouds, cold, and wind seems to have been the daily fare for the past week and the sunflower took it in the shorts, getting blown over a couple of nights ago. After propping the thing back up and tying it off with survey tape (it now looks like a wounded soldier), it was greeted, the next morning, to temperatures hovering just above freezing.

Poor sunflower! :(

While we're busy eating down the larder, packing up our possessions, and stacking boxes upon boxes in the house, the sunflower is struggling to bloom. We'll take our final update photos, right before we leave (but it will be a while before we can post them ... the computer will be off till late-October, after we take ownership of our new property, move into the house, set up the office and get back online again).

Keep your fingers crossed for sunflower blooms (and a crush-proof, no-shattered-glass, accident-free drive and ferry ride to our new home).

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1.flag DontheCat Comment
You want a real Indian Summer? Land up here :-)

Been following the 'Great Move". Will write/IM later

Hello to R and love to the Oop and tell her that Sunflowers bloom when you smile at them more :-)