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Sunflower Project (30-Sep)

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Sunflower Project (30-Sep)

September 30th, 2006  · stk

120 days ago, Alex planted her tiny sunflower seed at day-care. On Sept.30th, the day we packed up the U-Haul truck to move to Vancouver Island, it bloomed!

September 30th: "At the Bloomin' 11th Hour!"

Alex's sunflower has bloomed in the nick of time!

Exactly 120 days ago, Alex's tiny fingers poked a single sunflower seed into a soil-filled Styrofoam cup, marking the beginning of "The Oop Sunflower Project". The plant has been through a lot, since then. It germinated in the Styrofoam cup, at day-care and since been transported, planted, transplanted, trampled by a cat, pummeled with rain and hail, suffered through hot sun and cold winds, been tied to a stake (twice) and after all that ... it managed to bloom - the day we moved from Edmonton!

The "Oop Sunflower Project" is a success!

Read on for the rest of this final update. For the full project story, which contains all of the updates in one article - head here.

We weren't too sure how the sunflower project was going to end. When we last reported on the sunflower, it was doing a horizontal Mambo in the back yard, a victim of an early winter storm. Scott had to prop it up, tie it to a stake and cover it with a ladder and sheet (one night) to avoid a killing frost.

Alas ... Good News!

Petals began to unfurl, slowly, just days before the impending move. Scott waited till the last possible moment, just before leaving our home of 2 years, to capture the bloom on film.

It's still not 100% unfurled (petals from 3PM to 5PM are still unfolding), but it's enough to satisfy the Oop, who was quite happy to see the large flower.

"It's pretty," she said, glancing up a the bloom and then racing off to play with boxes, tape and unpacked belongings. (When you're three years old, you're easily distracted, because there's always something infinitely more exciting, just beyond the bend).

Having the flower bloom, before we left Edmonton, was a fitting end to both the sunflower project and our 2-year stay.

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1.flag Gran Pilley Comment
I hope you got my email ablout Alex on the sled. WE have played it many times and Ella has great deligfht in watching her cousin.