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PZ3 & Opera v9.02

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PZ3 & Opera v9.02

November 15th, 2006  · stk

Photo-caption Zoom v3 can fail in the latest Opera version (v9.02). It appears to be a problem with the Opera upgrade process. Learn mody ...

A Flip'n, Zooming Upgrade Problem

I've recently tweaked the Photo-Caption Zoom v3 code, to provide support for IE7 and quirks-mode. (I'm still testing it, so the only place you can see it, for now, is in this Randsco new article.)

In fact, I wanted to test if further, by using it on our own website.

I uploaded the CSS and began modifying some XHTML, when I thought, "I'd better check, before I convert too much, that it works in all the browsers."

Low and behold, it didn't "Zoom" properly in Opera v9.02.

"That's odd," I thought, "I'm sure I tested it in Opera when I made the modifications."

Turns out, I did.

If you're experiencing problems with Photo-Caption Zoom v3 in Opera v9.02, read on ...

When an Upgrade is a Downgrade?

I upgraded my Opera version from 8.54 to 9.02, sometime after I made the IE7-Quirks modifications (recently, in other words).

"Great," I thought, "PZ3 doesn't work in v9.02. Oh joy. :(

So, just to make sure it worked in the version before, I uninstalled v9.02 and reinstalled v8.54. Yep. Photo-zoom worked, both with the recent IE7+quirks tweaking AND the original code.

So I installed the latest v9.02 as a standalone version. Guess what? PZ3 zoomed like it should!

"What's up with THIS?" I asked.

After much experimenting, it seems (though don't ask me why) if you install v9.02 ON TOP of v8.54 (perform an upgrade) ... it "does something funky" and the result is that PZ3 doesn't zoom (the image seems to shrink a tad and the caption pops up, sized to match the unzoomed image).

The Bottom Line

If you're having problems with PZ3 in Opera version 9.02, it's likely because you've layered it on top of an earlier version. If you uninstall Opera and reinstall v9.02 by itself (delete any remnant files in your Opera directory, before you reinstall it) ... it seems to fix whatever gets messed up during the upgrade.

Note: This is all empirical observation at this point, but I thought I'd jot it down and contact Opera folks, to see if they can identify/isolate the problem.

Hope this helps.

Addendum: Bug report submitted to Opera on 11-Nov-2006.
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1.flag Sieg Comment
Happy Thanksgiving as well.

The Siegs
2.flag Scream Comment
Did you test the new code so that you can adopt it to all PZ3 related articles?
3.flag Sachin Dhawad Comment
The PZ3 doesn't work in Opera 9.27. I have my website in Publisher 2003 and included the CSS through insert HTML Code Fragment.
4.flag stk Comment
Sachin - Both the PZ3 blog entry and PZ3 code page work fine in Opera 9.26.

They also work in the latest version of Opera - currently 9.51.

I'll go out on a limb here and say it probably works in 9.27 too, as your problem probably has more to do with your web authoring software and less to do with CSS. ;)