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Archives for: December 2006

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#@% Pins!

December 10th, 2006  · stk

Our unpacking has become unhinged by lack of shelving pins. Read Scott's Dr.Suess-like poem & story about our latest debacle ...

Where for Art Thou, Pins?

We have looked high.
We have looked low.
We're left to wonder, "Where did those pins go?"

Did we pack them in a box?
Did we pack them in a bag?
Are they hidden, beneath that rag?

Are they upstairs?
Are they down?
"We looked EVERYWHERE," we say with a frown.

We won't let pins stop us!
We say, "Let's buy more!"
So off we go, to the store.
(Bloody 35 kilometers away.)

We buy new pins.
We think we're wise.
"Oh no!" - they're the wrong size!

Our quest for pins, continues still.
The unpacking is on hold.
Looking for pins is getting old.

- by Dad (who's had a tad too many Dr. Suess books on his reading list lately).


Read full story...

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Tobogganing Oop

December 3rd, 2006  · stk

Not all snow is bad! Alex had fun yesterday, tobogganing down our driveway, into the front yard. [A short video of her joy, can be found in this post]

Alex tobagganing down our driveway

Shredding the Driveway (Sorta)

At least Alex found joy in all of the snow we were handed!

We inherited a lot of 'junk', when we bought the property: an oil drum filled with sludge, scrap lumber and wood, metal pieces, chains, etc. Most of it is scattered across the entire place and we've started cleaning it up, trying to return the forest to a more pristine state.

Not all the 'junk' we're finding is undesirable. One of the items we found was a plastic, steerable snow sled (I think they're called 'snow shuttle sleds', but I'm not sure. We also have a couple of plastic discs and a thin, plastic toboggan.

I bundled Alex up and let her try bombing down the slight incline into our front 'yard'. The thin plastic toboggan didn't go fast enough for the Oop, so I dusted off the snow shuttle and let her have a go at it. (I was afraid that she wouldn't understand the concept of 'steering' and end up in a pile somewhere).

I shouldn't be such an overprotective Dad, I guess, because not only did she get the whole steering concept, but she had a hoot bombing down the driveway. Her only complaint (besides stopping) was that she wanted to go 'faster'!

I took a short video of one of her first runs. Have a look at "Oop - Our Daredevil"!

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What's with the Snow?

December 2nd, 2006  · stk

Are We Still in Alberta?

To add yet another layer of complexity in our adjustments to a rural lifestyle, Mother Nature decided that a dump of snow would round out an active month of weather. Geez ... we've seen it all this month. Twenty five millimeters of rain on the 5th, followed by record high temperatures on the 6th and 7th (16°C or 61°F). Mid-month, a rain/wind storm came ripping through that downed trees, closed highways and created flooding in some areas. Recently, we've had several days of snow and cold, reminding everyone who rules the show.

We're told that this weather is unusual and hoping that folks are right. From our perspective, we've had more snow here in "the-most-moderate-climate-in-all-of-Canada", than we did in Edmonton, Alberta last year (we had a brown Christmas). :-/ Apparently, the normal flow of warmer coastal air has been replaced by a blast of cold air from the Yukon (which has been experiencing some of the coldest temperatures on the planet, the past couple of weeks).

All we know is that we're now under a pile of snow, which makes it hard to replace the wood we're using and makes it difficult to do all those outdoor projects we have on the agenda. Topping things off, the pump from the house has failed twice (fortunately, both times it was easily fixed) and we've experienced three LONG power outages (> 2 hours) and a bunch of OFF/ON power hiccups. Life in the country, eh? What a change!!

We're told that this kind of weather is more generally reserved for December and January. Our response: "You mean there's MORE coming?"

"We moved from Alberta to get AWAY from the snow!"

Friends and relatives living in the United States and around the World aren't too sympathetic. The general response, "You DO live in Canada. What do you expect?"

Well, we didn't expect polar bears for (U.S.) Thanksgiving!

As proof that this type of snow is unusual, the nearby town of Ladysmith has (for the first time that the 20-year event has been run) canceled the "Light Up" event, associated with the town's renown "Festival of Lights".

Scott's folks, living in California, will be visiting for Christmas. They're worried about all the snow. Our advice, "Bring warm clothes!" (and maybe some extra wood)! ;)

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