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Snipping Golden Locks

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Snipping Golden Locks

January 25th, 2007  · stk

Alex got her first haircut, at 3 1/4 years old! One could argue she didn't need it. Read "Hair Story History" to see what all the fuss, lack of muss, is all about!

Alex's First Haircut

I'm not certain if it's a new World record, but Alex didn't get her first haircut until the day before yesterday, a full 1,208 days since her birth! To be honest, I didn't think she even needed one, but Rachel thought that maybe, having her golden wisps trimmed, would make her look like she had more hair! (Is that "Curl logic"?) |-|

Alex is renown (among other things) for her lack of hair. From the day she was born, until ... well, NOW ... we've wondered, "When will it grow?". We admire other girls, Alex's age and younger, with full heads of hair. Little girls in pig-tails, with cut bangs, all possessing thick manes.

On the plus side, Alex's thin dome has been a cost savings for us and her hair has always been easy to maintain! On the negative side, it's driven Rachel bonkers that she can't dress Alex up like her own personal doll and play with her hair - putting it in pig-tails, adding barrettes and other ornamentation. What fun is having a cute little girl, unless you can dress her up like a little dolly?

Not that it's stopped her, for Rachel has TRIED, but the effects aren't quite up to par and rarely last more than five minutes. Barrettes fall out by themselves and rubber bands holding small tufts of hair are pulled out within minutes.

For "Oop History: Hair Story" ... read on!

The Beginning

Newborns come with varying amounts of hair. When Alex popped out, nearly bald, we didn't worry, just happy to count toes and fingers. As the months went by, we eagerly waited for signs that her bald head would sprout a golden mop. We waited, waited and waited some more. Nothing.

Alex actually LOST hair, before she GOT hair. Before she could crawl, Alex spent a great deal of time on her back, on the floor. She would writhe, this way and that, staring up and interacting with small, dangly play-toys. After some weeks, we noticed that she was actually getting a BALD SPOT on the back of her head. A big 'carpet burn', if you will.

After she learned to crawl and then sometime after she learned to walk, the bald spot began, gradually to go away. While she had hair now, on the back of her head, it was quite obviously SHORTER THERE, than anywhere else. Her hair growth appeared to be only slightly faster than that of a speeding glacier.


The Middle

In Edmonton, we would measure Alex's height, on a wall-chart. She grew taller, with each passing month and she was learning words and other things, at an incredible rate. Somehow, however, not much of her energy was being directed toward making hair. (Scott used to mollify himself by saying, "She's putting all her energy into being smarter, not silly stuff like hair!")

At the playground, in the mall and at day-care, we would admire all the other kids, Alex's age (and younger) and wonder, "When is her hair going to grow?"

In truth, it did, but just not very fast. We heralded the day that Alex was even ABLE to have "a bad hair day"! (And yet, somehow, after that, it turned out that most days were bad hair days). Sigh. We got used to it.

People would guess Alex's age and invariably guess "too young", in part, because of her follically challenged nature. It didn't bother the Oop.

Not only did everyone think that Alex was younger than she was, most everyone thought she was a BOY! (One place where having a gender-neutral name - "Alex", didn't help.) Alexander, instead of Alexandra. ;)

Thank God for pink dresses, eh?

Although one of our neighbors in Edmonton, Jerry and his wife, Joyce, thought we were very strange, that we should put our little BOY in dresses! It wasn't until after he finally came to the understanding that Alex was a GIRL, about a year and a half after we moved there, did he actually become sociable with us. (They must not have wanted to associate with a couple of loonies, before that!)


The Cutting End

At some point, we stopped worrying about Alex's hair (mostly because it had grown to a point that it was noticeable, but still short). I was a bit surprised when Rachel announced that she was taking Alex in for a haircut, as I didn't think she really needed one. I just assumed that Rachel wanted to give Alex a haircut, just to "pretend" that she needed one.

Turns out, like most things, I was wrong. The beautician who gave Alex her first haircut said, "A trim will help make it look thicker and that new growth will be more apparent." Apparent, actual or just about any kind of growth will be welcome! :D

Alex's first cut was a freebie! No doubt there won't be many of those offers, so we were happy to take advantage of THAT. Mind you, the tip was $2, so I'm left to wonder ... was the haircut free, or just a funny kind of free? :p

Rachel reported that it all took less than 10 minutes. Alex popped up into the chair. A quick check and rinse, a few snips and BLAMMO, it was over before you can say, "I think I'll step out and get a coffee. Wait, I better not, because it looks like you're going to be done before I get out the door. Shoot, you're going to be done before I'm done talking. Darn, I was right."

Alex took it like she takes most things, in stride. Rachel took a few snapshots of the momentous occasion and I was surprised not to see "fist-agains" (Alex has a tendency to ball up her fists when she's uncomfortable in a situation). So, she must have been "OKAY" with the whole haircutting experience.

Whoops, there goes ANOTHER MILESTONE!


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WEll last time I saw Alexandra she was sporting bunches. Sny chance of an update to this story? Gran