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Mac -vs- PC

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Mac -vs- PC

March 20th, 2007  · stk

Mac vs. PC ... You've seen the Mac ads on television, where Mr. PC ends up looking like a goof? Well, here's an underground reversal that had me giggling. You'll find it funny too!

MacIntosh vs PC

You've seen those Macintosh ads on television, where there's a guy that represents a Mac computer and a guy that's supposed to be a PC? Clever, for sure! Well, here's a different spin on them and they're a tad in PC's favor! (An underground backlash, if you will).

 Bill Gates Steve Jobs

Interestingly enough, after finding these videos, I did a quick search for "Mac vs PC" on and what did I find as the number one entry? APPLE! But the funny part is that they list TEN reasons to get a Mac. (If you go to the site, they list SIXTEEN reasons. Can't they count? Not that more isn't better, but why say 10, when you supposedly have 16?) :p

Honestly, I'm not a die-hard PC fan. I've had my share of problems with Mr. PC and I'm not married to a brand. In fact, I nearly considered getting a Mac for my last purchase. OSX is cool. The ability to run UNIX and Windows. Sweet. But for some reason, Mac seems to hold their technology a tad too close to their chest, which is why I find this video so humorous.

I hope you do too!

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 Macintosh Video take notice - PC will not lie down

Which is better? Isn't that what it's all about?

I don't know. Is it like choosing a Ford or a Chevrolet? Or is it a Cadillac or a Yugo? Honestly.

If you're looking for opinions, you can find LOTS. One place to try is Epinions.

You can take a more quantitative approach and look at System Shoot-outs. If you read Mac vs PC, it seems that Mac is the winner hands-down.

HEY ... I'm all for giving the Mac a try. If anyone wants to pony up a donation, I'm all ears. Just make it a BIG Mac, cause I've got an appetite for computing!!

An lastly, not AS IF this is the ultimate comparison, but as of 2003, the Forbes 400 (richest people in the U.S.) had Bill Gates at #1 with a net worth of $40B and Steve Jobs was #49, with a net worth of $5B. While I'd LOVE to have EITHER balance in my bank account, Bill's about 8X better off than Steve. Luck, happenstance or maybe a better game plan? Maybe Mr. PC is eight times better than the Mac dude? ;)

Either way ... as Popeye says ... "Eye'am what Eye'yam" (or ... it is what it is).

In any case ... SOMEONE loves PC!! (Otherwise these videos wouldn't exist)!


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Mint !
Nice one Scott, had a good chuckle with those vids.

Payback time for Mac I think !!

Have a great day
2.flag stk Comment
Thanks. They are tummy ticklers, aren't they? ;)

3.flag Maclover Comment
they said TOP TEN reasons for switching
which means two things
1. there may be a 100000000 reasons to switch but they have shown 10
2. your dim-witted brain is too old to interpret this so if you don't understand, shut your hole
4.flag stk Comment
Maclover - Your rude, name-calling, puctuation-less and poorly capitalized comment puts Mac users in poor company and reflects badly on the entire country of India. ;)

1) There may be aliens living in your backyard, but the fact is that they showed 16 reasons, then listed them as the top 10.

2) No hole is utilized to leave a comment - fingers are!

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.