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Archives for: April 2007

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PZ3 Figure Numbers

April 22nd, 2007  · stk

Can you add figure numbers to Photo-caption zoom thumbnail images? Sure! What's the best way? I dunno. I had a play with some variations

A reader emailed, asking if there was a way to modify PZ3 to provide a figure number overlay, such that it showed on a thumbnail, but disappeared on hover. It sounded like an interesting modification, so I had a bit of a play with it, this morning and this is what I came up with.

There's a number of ways of doing this and I've shown the most straight forward here - "Figure 1" text that is centered over the thumbnail and disappears, when the image is zoomed (moused over).

For some other variations, including some fun with opacity, read on ...


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Intuit Canada

April 19th, 2007  · stk

We give Intuit Canada (makers of the QuickTax software we used to do our taxes this year) a thumbs up for standing behind their web site errors. Read about our taxation frustration

intuit canada thumbs up

Kudos to Intuit Canada for exceeding our customer service expectations when we questioned them about pricing and licensing contradictions regarding their 2006 QuickTaxWeb software.

Filing taxes isn't in most people's list of 'fun things to do'. Ours either. In Canada, taxes are due at the end of April and like most people, we procrastinate. We finally caved in and spent the better part of the afternoon, yesterday, muddling through our complicated Canadian taxes (foreign income, household moving expenses, capital gains, tuition, child care credits, sole-proprietorship ... yuck)! When did our lives become so complicated? (Answer: When we each married a foreigner!) :p

This year, we used the online version of the popular QuickTax software, thinking that it was less expensive than a boxed version. Imagine our surprise and frustration when it came time to print our final tax forms and the bill was more than double what we were expecting!

Find out why reading the license agreement is a good thing or (how being anal saved us money) ...

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March Madness

April 18th, 2007  · stk

Blog SPAM is a pain. Our stats for March: 17,209 attempts from 6,001 unique IP addresses. ZERO successful. Our comments are open to anyone, we allow links, no CAPTCHA, no htaccess black-lists, no moderation. We're here to say that having wide-open commenting and a SPAM-free site is NOT an oxymoron. Find out more

"Wash that SPAM Right Outta Yer Blog"

It rained a lot, on Vancouver Island, in March. It rained on our web site too, as we logged 1.5 million hits and over 200 thousand page views, during the month. That's a lot of visitors!

Not all visitors are interested in the articles we write, our lives or the pictures posted. Many try to redirect visitor traffic to another website or collect 'inbound' links so that their website-of-choice rises higher in search engine rankings (appearing more "popular"). Yes, we're talking about spammers. That lovely breed of individual who leeches bandwidth, clogs blogs with unwanted and sometimes offensive material - porn, pills, sex, easy loans, penis enlargement promises, weight loss wonders, work at home offers, get rich schemes, easy college degrees - it runs the gamut.

March marks the first time that we've decided to share our SPAM statistics. Read on for more spammy details ...


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Updated: 6-May-2007
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Pink Tassels

April 12th, 2007  · stk

Do you remember your first bike? Alex got her first bicycle on her half birthday! A "Pink Cupcake", complete with tassles. Boy was she excited!!

The Oop Gets Her First Bicycle

Alex met the neighbor kids, shortly after we moved in. They have three children, all older than Alex (7, 9 and 13 years of age, I think). Two are boys and a the oldest is a girl named Sydney. All ride bicycles.

One day, early this spring, the Oop was out playing next door. She comes running back into our yard and says, "Daddy, them is going on their bicycles. I need mine. Where is it?"

When I tried to explain that she didn't have a bicycle (because she was too small to ride one), she burst into tears. I felt horrible and the poor Oop felt left out, because she didn't have a bicycle (apparently the ability to ride a bike isn't nearly as important as possessing one, when you're three and a half).

"We'll have to get you one for your next birthday," I said, hoping to mollify her distress.

"Yeah," she said, taking big gulps of air and gradually calming down, while I held her close.

I relayed the story to Rachel.

Maybe I should have been more specific about which birthday I meant?

Continue on with "The Oop Gets a Bike" ...

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Updated: 7-May-2007
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A Taller Oop

April 4th, 2007  · stk

Alex turned three and a half, yesterday! We thought we'd celebrate her half-birthday, by sharing a few recent photos. Happy half-birthday Oop!

"Girl of Style" turns Three and a Half

Yesterday, the Oop celebrated her half-birthday. She's now a "big girl".

We certainly agree that she's bigger! She's grown an awful lot in the last six months and the proof is in the measuring. Yesterday, we hung her height chart and measured her. She's grown a full two inches since July and is now a whopping 39 inches (99 centimeters) tall. :D

We thought we'd celebrate her half-birthday by sharing some recent photos. (next page)


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