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Archives for: May 2007

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Cooking Oil Fire

May 30th, 2007  · stk

In the U.K. each year, thousands are injured during kitchen cooking oil fires. Some 40 or so people die, each year, as a result. The U.K. Home Office released an effective, public-awareness video, demonstrating the difference between the "right way" and the "wrong way" of dealing with cooking oil fires. It's worth a look. ;)

cooking oil fire

A Public Safety Video Worth Watching

Put out by the U.K. "Home Office" in 1999, this £1.5 million national advertising campaign was aimed at reducing the number of chip pan fires, across the United Kingdom. While the video is now eight years old, the information and message is relevant to ANY stove-top cooking oil fire. It is an amazingly well-done advertisement that demonstrates the volatility of cooking oil fires.

Apparently, Brits like to eat fresh chips (or fries) after drinking beer at the local pub, which has led to a nationwide epidemic of late night cooking oil fires. More than 4,600 people were injured in 1998, when trying to make fries. More than 30% of those injuries happened between 10 PM and 4 AM. As many as 46 people per year die as a result of these chip-pan fires. Sobering statistics, for sure.

In the typical scenario, the drunken Brit arrives home, decides to fix some French fries, pours oil in the pan, turns on the stove top and then passes out on the couch or sofa, awakening (or not) only after the oil is super-heated and on fire. A groggy, drunken person doesn't make for a great fire-fighter and what you see in the video can easily be the result.

Knowing how to extinguish a stove-top cooking oil fire is demonstrated. Follow the 3 simple steps and you've controlled a volatile situation. Make the wrong move and you could be on fire in a split second - or worse - dead.

Use a deep fat fryer or buy your late-night fries at Micky Dee's, but regardless, take 30 seconds and watch this video.

For an explanation behind the volatility of cooking oil fires, carry on ...

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Updated: 1-Jun-2007
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April's Fools

May 24th, 2007  · stk

Randsco SPAM statistics for the month of April. SPAM-free record blemished by a single SPAM message. Not bad, considering how many were turned away! When will these SPAM fools learn? Randsco has a zero-SPAM policy and wide open commenting. Take your SPAM elsewhere.

A Month of Mirth, Courtesy of SPAM Fools

April marks our second month of public SPAM reporting. In our first report, we revealed that 17,209 SPAM attempts were made on the website, during March, and that ZERO were successful. We also posted a nifty excel graph that reveals some insight about how the SPAM attempts are made. (Many one-off SPAM attempts are made using disposable IP addresses and there's a pesky bunch that keep on trying, over and over, using the same IP address).

How does April compare?

Suffice it to say that Randsco staff are laughing at the SPAM fools who attempted to SPAM the website, during April! In this month's report, appropriately titled "April's Fools", we reveal how foolishly persistent a couple of our favorite SPAM fools can be. No graphs, this month, but we do reveal the IP addresses of the top SPAM fools, so that you can be sure to add them to your own list of SPAM fools that you don't want around your website. (We recommend a dose of htaccess and a fat 403 forbidden message for these top SPAM fools).

And without further ado, on with the April's Fool show...

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Updated: 1-Jul-2007
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phpMyAdmin Ditties

May 13th, 2007  · stk

After hunting down the syntax for a global search-and-replace in PMA (phpMyAdmin), I decided to start a list of useful phpMyAdmin SQL queries. (Mostly so I can find them quickly, but maybe someone else will find them helpful?)

Here's a short, but growing list of things I've needed or used in PMA (phpMyAdmin). I commonly search the Internet to find such jewels, as I need them, but figured it might be a good idea to post any I've found useful. If I needed them again, they'd be here and - what the heck - maybe someone else will benefit.

A (slowly-growing) list of phpMyAdmin techniques, tricks, snippits, methods that I've used:

  1. Global Search and Replace
  2. Bookmarking a Global String Search

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Updated: 12-Dec-2007
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A Numbers Tea Party

May 11th, 2007  · stk

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0 - What's with this number? Plenty, it turns out, as it's the key to defeat the Digital Rights Management solution for motion picture movies written on high-definition digital video discs.

Social Networking Overpowers MPAA Legal Arm-twisting

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

The number above is the HD-DVD processing key that circumvents the AACS copyright protection (DRM) for a motion picture digital video disc. That the AACS protection had been defeated, has been known for some time (last September or so). But at the beginning of the month, the number was posted to DIGG, a social networking website.

The MPAA and AACS both tried to quell the public leak of this number by legal means. Using legal strong-arm tactics, they tried to erase every occurrence of this number from the Internet - asking DIGG (and other sites) delete posts, suspend user accounts, etc.

Internet users resisted by replicating the number as far, as wide and as fast as possible. At the end of the day, DIGG caved-in to it's users. (Which is why you see it here). While I have no immediate use for this number (wouldn't know what to do with it), I do recognize its significance.

It's a modern-day tea party! Someone even made song of the number, called "Oh Nine Eff Nine".

Digital Rights Management, which is an oxymoron of sorts, has become a sticking point between the MPAA (an industry that wants to keep a choke-hold on content) and users of new technologies (who want fast, easy access to digital content). The MPAA and RIAA should reconsider their goals, tactics and positioning on this issue. Draconian legal moves aren't winning them many friends and supporters.

The world is changing via technology and globalization. The RIAA and MPAA need to adapt to the changing landscape. Handled correctly, they can continue to profit in unimaginable ways, but handled improperly, someone else will step in and take over.

Wonder how long it will be till I get my 'Cease-and-Desist' letter?

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Updated: 22-May-2007
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A Slice of Life

May 4th, 2007  · stk

What's the World coming to? Slice TV ... that's what. Sad to see that the dumbing down trend is alive and kicking ...

Slice™ Channel - Calling All Dummies

slice tv

With highly addictive, must-see entertainment, Slice™ is the juicy channel women have been waiting for ... With guilty pleasure viewing, Slice™ will become every woman's vice.

There's a new cable channel in town and in keeping with the 'Dumbing Down of Audiences' everywhere, it launched with a print advertising campaign that caught Rachel's attention. Why try to hide what you are? Just give the people what they want!

Geez. When she showed me the print ad, I could barely believe my eyes.

Slice TV ... proud sponsor of public voyeurism and the "Just say 'No!' to Education" campaign.

Have a look and you decide .... (print ad shown on next page to protect the innocent).

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Updated: 7-May-2007
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