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The Beast

The Beast

August 25th, 2007  · stk

We just bought a 1993 Ford F-250 4x4 pickup truck. Read all about it and how we've made a deal to get unlimited amount of gasoline, in exchange for the first 20 years of Alex's earnings (once she's graduated from medical school)!

 1993 Ford F250 4x4

Our boat towing and material hauling problems have been solved. Unfortunately, the solution comes with two problems (which sound like one problem) - a huge appetite for gasoline.

We're now the proud owners of a brand-new-to-us, 1993 Ford F-250 Super-cab 4x4 pickup truck!

In order to spare front-page readers the agony of reading about how excited we are to buy a 12-year old behemoth of a truck and gush about it, as if we'd just driven it off the car lot, in brand new condition ... we require you to hit 'read full story' to carry on. Mind you ... those brave souls who do that, will be rewarded with BIG PICTURES of the big beast!


All About the Beast

Besides the large footprint and the voracious consumption of fuel, what's not to love? The super-cab is a necessity with Alex and the back bench has no less than 3 belts, so she'll have her choice of where to sit, as she gets older. (Right now she's kinda in between a child-seat and a booster seat, which has led to some sticky conversations between Mom and Dad. Dad figures that a booster seat is imminent, while Mom thinks a child-seat is required for another year. Rachel tends to fixate on the 40 pounds test, while Scott goes for the height and age test.)

Anyway ... the truck has plenty of room for BOTH!

What else. Oh yeah ... nice full size bed for hauling those sheets of plywood, lumber, pipe and all the other stuff that we've been trying to put on or in our minivan and Honda Accord these past couple of years! Yay for that.

The 'towing the boat' issue has been artfully resolved, as the new 7.5-Liter, Ford F250 460-cubic-inch engine can tow like there's no tomorrow. Mind you ... it eats gas like there's no tomorrow too, but I digress.

To satisfy Scott, the truck's got a front receiver hitch, wide-view mirrors and is 4x4 (Scott grunts a lot when he talks about the off-road capabilities of our new beast). Argh ... Ugh ... Grunt. He's been singing, "I'm a lumberjack and I'm OKAY ... " a lot lately.

Not that the truck doesn't have things for Rachel too! It's the has the XLT trim package (whatever that means - Extra Luxury Trim?). Whatever it is ... there's some prissy (um ... womanly?) features too - like power windows, locks, lumbar support, XM Satellite receiver, CD Player, air conditioning, etc.


Feeding the Beast

On the gas mileage side, we're definitely taking a step (or two) down from our existing automobiles. It's too bad, but we were between a rock and the bank on this one. (It's hard to get towing power AND great gas mileage). I don't think Toyota's making a Prius truck yet?

Gas mileage ratings say 10 miles per gallon in the city and 15 on the highway (actual user reports, but it's from a 1990 F-250 4x4). Not really great mileage, with gas prices over a dollar per liter, but fortunately, most of the driving we'll be doing will be highway miles. (Haven't seen the price to fill up the tanks yet, but I bet it's over $100). OUCH!

EDIT (Apr 2008) - Last fill-up was $140 for both tanks (Gasoline prices are now at about $1.17 per liter). :(

Parking the Beast

The other detrimental feature about the truck is the long wheel-base and turning radius, which we hadn't really considered, until we drove the vehicle home. It doesn't make it around the circular driveway!

Of course, we're a tad 'new' at driving the thing and maybe it's actually possible to make it around the circular drive, without tearing off the corner of the house or wrapping the truck around the huge Douglas fir tree ... but if it is ... we haven't managed to figure it out yet.

Geez ... and we were only worried about towing and backing in the boat! (Now we're talking about things like ripping out the tall tree, moving the wood shed and providing access to the property from the small (largely abandoned) side road and even making the parking area larger!!

It's too early to say whether it was a good purchase or not. We need about 6-months of driving, in order to say one way or the other. We sure weren't pleased with the purchase of our Chrysler Caravan and are eager to sell it, once we've determined that the truck is reliable.


ICBC Rates and Taxes: What the Heck?

On a side note, purchasing this truck has me wanting to point out two HUGE flaws with British Columbia rules and laws.

Tax shouldn't be paid on used cars and trucks! We had to pay a 7% fee on the purchase price paid for this 15-year-old truck. Why? It's crazy.

Consider two vehicles, both purchased new and tax paid (fair enough). One vehicle never changes hands and the other is sold several times over. Why should tax paid on one vehicle be so much more and the other so much less? Makes no sense.

There should be a discount for auto insurance rates when there are more vehicles in the home than there are drivers!. We now have three vehicles and are required to pay rates as if all three are on the road, at all times. This is a physical impossibility, as there are only two drivers in the home. The probability of having an accident or other driving incident DECREASES in such a situation ... and therefore, so should the premiums. (I asked about this and the ICBC representative said, "There's currently no provision for this. You do get a 'fleet discount' if you own more than five vehicles.")

LOL ... just had to get that off my chest! Bankers, lawyers, insurance, government employees ... ack ... keep me away.

Some FORD Resources

  1. WikiCars: Ford F-Series (Where I learned that the 1993 is the 11th generation in the series).
  2. CarsDirect: 1993 F-250 (Where I was patted on the back for our "good financial" move!).
  3. Ford Truck VIN Decoder (Where I learned that our truck was born at Claycomo, Missouri *GASP* it's a Yank truck!)
  4. Ford Truck Enthusiasts (Where I hope I don't have to go to learn how to fix things)
  5. My Ford (Where you can register and learn about your Ford, based on VIN number, which spit me out, because it's a Canadian VIN number!) :(
  6. Ford Canada (Where there's nothing for owners, like 'My Ford') :-/
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1.flag Gary Comment
Nice motor Scott, looks like you got yourselves a great pulling/carrying machine there. 6.7 Litres ! wow my car is a 1.6L here in the UK. I had a 2.0 L but I sold it as it was thirsty. Mind you petrol (gas) over here is £1 per litre so its still cheaper for you than it is for us, thats really anoying for us brits. Hence why we have smaller engined cars I guess.

I bet you have a lot of fun in it as it looks a great to drive and not many cars can argue with you on the road.

Happy boat pulling, try not to rip your garden apart too much so you can swing her around the corner of your drive :-)

2.flag stk Comment
LOL. Thanks Gary.

Not so sure now, after having filled up with gas for the first time. OUCH!! It was over $100 CDN (mind you, that've been £100 in the U.K.)

Would never own a beast like that in Britain, for sure!

I'll try to watch out for the tiny 1.6L cars on the road. (They look like ants way down there)!!

3.flag Gary Comment

Yeh spare a thought for us ground-hoggers. You guys are a long way up !

4.flag stk Comment
Hehehe ... "What was that 'bump'?" (Ack .. another $2.50 in gasoline) :(
5.flag Aunt Karen Comment
I don't know about the mileage on that thing, but it's a beautiful truck. That's for you Rachel.

Here in Arizona, the gas is running 2.50 a gallon. Down a tad, as it was close to 3.00.

Hope all is going well and you are enjoying your summer. We are so dang hot! This is the 29th day over 110°F for the summer. We broke a record, which was not one we wanted to break. Looking forward toward the end of the month when it starts to cool down. Remember those nice hot days in Bakersfield?

love ya
6.flag Gary Comment
Pheeeeeew, 110, now thats hot!
How do you stand it for that length of time? We moan about the weather here in the UK - being to cold and raining all the time - but boy would us Brits moan if it was that hot for a month.

7.flag stk Comment
Aunt Karen,

Great to hear from you!

It's interesting to compare gas prices. After exchange and liter conversion, Gary and his mates are paying about $7.74 USD/gallon, we're paying $3.83 USD/gallon. I'd say you've got the best deal @ $2.50/gallon!!

Summer? Ours is over! Kids are back to school next Tuesday and the weather already has a nip in the air.

Gary - I can only remember what it's like to be so hot. I'm now aclimated to Canadian weather and wilt if the temperatures are above 85°F (30°C).

I do remember car seats so hot that you dare not wear shorts!! (It wasn't cowboys or barbed wire that won the U.S. south-west ... it was air conditioning!!)

8.flag Gary Comment
LOl, :-)
You have a way with words.

9.flag Aunt Karen Comment
Gary, although the temp is 110 or 115, the humidity is about 25%. As they say, it's a dry heat. Try sticking your head in an oven at 115. It's still hot. Every where is air conditioned in Phoenix. Your house, your car, your work place and even our indoor football stadium and baseball park are air conditioned. So they only time it gets really hot is getting into the car and waiting for the air conditioner to cool it down.

10.flag Gary Comment
Karen, Thank goodness for air con. then :-)

11.flag Aunt Karen Comment
Gary, My parents moved to Phoenix from Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1948. At that time, there was no air conditioning. I don't know how we survived. We swam a lot as kids and there was something called an evaporative cooler. Basically a fan blowing air through straw-like pads with water running over the pads. It did the trick unless it was humid. Then it didn't work so well. The car was a different story. You would get all dressed up to go somewhere and you would be a wrinkled wet mess my the time you arrived. However, it dried quick. We wore a lot of cotton clothing.

12.flag Aunt Karen Comment
Scott tell me more about this boat. What does the name stand for? Probably something simple. I have never been a boat person, but with you so close to water, have a blast.

13.flag stk Comment
LOL ... Karen ...
Here you go. A run-down on the history of "Pugwis".

How we got her
 A new motor
 Water in the Hull?
 Plunking Pugwis in the water
The boat was originally going to be named "Modnoc" (which is 'condom', spelled backwards. This makes a certain amount of sense, as a boat really is a protective vessel that holds sea men!)
Actually, "Pugwis" is a Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl) word for "Man of the Sea" (a sort of merman, the opposite of a mermaid).

I bet that's more information than you were expecting!!

Yer Nephew
14.flag Ann Comment
I like your new ride.
Say, do you mean they don't pay tax on second hand vehicles in the US?
What say we try and impliment a new law here? I am certain the tax payers will agree!
15.flag Glenn Comment
I say the more gas you use up the better. The sooner we run out of oil the sooner we can move onto other fuels, and that puts them all back in the tent with a camel. :) Nice ride none the less. I was looking at selling my Landy but I will heed my own advice, thats the way we Roll baby. :)
16.flag Mike Comment
Better recalculate you're motor displacement figures, 460 ci. translates to 7.4 litres and not 6.7, carry on though, good article.
17.flag stk Comment
Mike - LOL ... wonder where I got 6.7L from? :p

After running an online volume conversion from cubic inches to liters, 460 cu. in. turns out to be 7.53804 Liters.

Thanks for the catch!

Too bad that it isn't 7.6 liters - I'd have the perfect excuse - dyslexia! :D
18.flag Ford f250 Comment
Yeh, spare a thought for us ground-hoggers. You guys are sitting very high in that truck! I don't know about the mileage, but it's a beautiful truck.