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Seattle Bicycle Tour

Seattle Bicycle Tour

September 18th, 2007  · stk

Scott & Rachel took their 3 1/2 year-old daughter on her 3rd self-supported bicycle touring adventure. They cycled from Yellow Point to Seattle and back (350 miles or so). Read about their 10-day journey. (Completed through Day 4)

338 Miles, 5 Ferries & 10 Days of Sunshine

Early this month, we enjoyed a 10-day bicycle loop adventure. We started from our home in Yellow Point, just south of Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island and rode to Seattle Washington (via Victoria) and then back, along the Washington coast. Along the way, we took a few ferry boats, which helped break up the riding for our 3-and-a-half year-old daughter.

It was Alex's third cycle-tour! (For a 3 year-old, that's pretty good!)

We experienced 10 days of glorious Indian Summer weather, we camped out, we visited with friends in Victoria, West Seattle, Redmond and Bellingham, we had an unlikely encounter with an old PCT friend, and we even managed to cycle a fair distance.

Join us for the tour! See photos, maps and read the daily log. Learn which routes made for good cycling, where we'd visit again, why Washington State is bicycle-friendly and more about the logistics of cycling with a kid, riding ferries and cycling western Washington, Vancouver Island and the Vancouver lower-mainland.

It's going to take a while to unfold this story, so I'll have to do it in pieces.

(This should aid the night cleaning crew, as it'll chop the diatribe into small enough chunks that they should have plenty of time to mop the floors and empty the trash cans). :p

Journal complete through: Day 4

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1.flag Heiner Jδger Comment
Enjoyed reading about the trip.
Great website

heijaeger (World Wide S.E.T.I.)
2.flag stk Comment

Glad you've enjoyed reading. (I just added Day 2) ;)

3.flag Dan Comment
Scott & Rachel,

I linked my blog through one of your pics (found on Google images) to your page about your bike ride through Sequim. Hope you don't mind! Enjoyed reading about your trip.

Next time, drop by our new inn - George Washington Inn - which is half way between Port Angeles & Sequim. We're going to have a coffee bar for bikers on our porch that overlooks the strait.

4.flag stk Comment
Dan - Thanks for writing. We're glad you enjoyed reading about our trip. Stopping for hot coffee or tea sounds very inviting, especially for those cyclists who might be chilled or have weary legs! Hope to see you there.
5.flag Karol Comment
What a fun trip you had! In your post about visiting the ferry boat sounded fun. I'm a huge fan of boats, so I wonder type of marine engine was used.