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Can You Keep A Secret?

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Can You Keep A Secret?

September 20th, 2007  · Rachel

Rachel reviews "Can You Keep a Secret?", a novel written by Sophie Kinsella.

(Fiction)Review of "Can You Keep A Secret?" a novel by Sophie Kinsella

Emma Corrigan of Sophie Kinsella's "Can You Keep a Secret?" has lots of secrets. Some are big, some are small, some are more private thoughts censored from selected people, and some are absolute whoppers that nobody should know. But, in a state of panic, thinking that she is going to die as her plane violently plummets and jerks in turbulence, Emma reveals her secrets, big and small, to the man sitting in the seat next to her. " at work is the most disgusting stuff you've ever drunk, absolute poison"; "... [I] put 'Maths GCSE grade A on my CV, when I really got a C "; "... took me to all these jazz concerts and I pretended to enjoy them to be polite, so now he thinks I love jazz ...".

Fifty minutes later, when the plane is safely landed on the tarmac, Emma has revealed all her secrets about her colleagues, family, friends, love-life and dreams. While she is embarrassed that she has been blabbering nonstop about her knickers, G-spot and such, the following Monday she is mortified when she is confronted by the stranger from the plane: Jack Harper, the CEO and multi-millionaire of the company for which she works. As Jack spends the week working out of the office, Emma's disclosed secrets resurface into an assortment of awkward predicaments, as he has an excellent memory for the details.

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Sophie Kinsella has a very light and refreshing style of writing, and the book is narrated by Emma Corrigan as a steam of consciousness. Emma's thought process is laid out on the page so that the reader is privy to Emma's musings and gains further insight into her character. The style allows the novel to maintain a fast pace, while Emma's inner thoughts provide much humorous content.

Sophie Kinsella is best known as the author of the wildly popular "Shopaholic" series. Although I have not read any of those novels myself, my understanding is that Emma Corrigan shares many characteristics with Rebecca Bloomwood (main Shopaholic character) in that their lack of common sense gets them into an assortment of hilarious situations.

This novel is certainly not a classic work filled with a rich texture and substance. In fact, it reads more like a Hollywood chick-flick with it's simple and predictable plot: girl meets boy, girl falls for boy and so on. Nonetheless, there are plenty of twists, turns and bumps along the way to make this story very enjoyable. After all, there is a reason why Hollywood chick-flicks are such a hit at the box-office.

If you are the type that demands intellect and world meaning from your books, this novel is definitely not for you. However, if you are looking for a light, refreshing and fast paced read that might even make you laugh out-loud, then Sophie Kinsella's "Can You Keep a Secret" is one to add to your reading list. I look forward to picking up other novels by Kinsella in the future, interspersed between more intellectual reads.

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1.flag Gary Comment
This seems an interesting read

2.flag stk Comment
LOL ... but first, we'd need to write a book. smilie
3.flag Gary Comment
... Ok so I goofed up there then.
One day though, you might release Randsco (does this really mean Randy Scott as Yabba keep telling me ?) the hardback.

4.flag stk Comment
LOL ... (nope) :p
5.flag Gary Comment
... Just a silly moment, I blame it on boredom at work that day ;)

6.flag Su Comment
well this book is awesome... i liked.... cuz this is the first book that i have ever read... nice!!~