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Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

October 31st, 2007  · stk

My hurried post about our Halloween festivities. Dad and the Oop carve pumpkins

Alex is four years old and this will be her second year trick-or-treating on Vancouver Island. This year, Alex will be going door-to-door dressed as a unicorn. It's interesting to note that in Canada, the full-length costumes are a big hit (as they keep the young ones warm) on typically frigid Halloween nights. When Scott was a kid, in California, you just tossed a sheet over your head and BOOM! ... you were a ghost!

To finish the ghoulish tale ... you'll need to punch "read full story".

This years festivities include the normal ... picking pumpkins at the grocery store (reminder to self - make a tradition of going to McNabb's, but GO EARLY!). Let's see ... what else? Carving the pumpkins, of course (generally, it's the Oop and Dad that get into the pumpkin carving thing, while Mom does all the pictures) ... saving the seeds, so we can roast them (making pumpkin pie is too much work, so we'll skip that bit ... cheaper and easier to buy one). Alex wore her costume to day-care (and for the start of pumpkin carving). We'll have to drive to another neighborhood for Alex to do her trick-or-treating, otherwise, she'll likely come home with an empty bag, as it's more than a quarter of a mile between homes - none of which are EXPECTING trick-or-treaters.

This year will be a tad bit different, as we've been invited by a fire-hall friend to attend a pot-luck and some "witch-hunt" type of festivity (mainly for kids that are too young to trick-or-treat). We figured that Alex could do BOTH, though I'm sure her little legs will give out before rounding a full block, in town. (Most kids employ the "hit as many houses as fast as you can" technique, to garner the most candy ... while Alex shoots for the "I'm so cute, surely you'll give me more" tactic). Both work!

Alex doesn't plow through her candy (I didn't either). In fact, we've had to WORK at eating the old candy from last year (some of which, is still in the cupboard, at this writing. Mind you ... we've co-mingled other candy with the "Halloween Candy" ... so there's no telling if it was, indeed, stock from last year, or something that got added later.

I better stop writing, so I can add pictures. We're due out the door in less than 20 minutes and it generally takes me much longer than that to add photos. (It'll have to be a retro post ... something tonight, before we leave ... then I'll clean it up sometime before the 2nd coming of Christ (hopefully).


Happy Halloween!


The Oop: A Halloween History

It's amazing to us that our little girl is now four years old. There's enough "history" that we even began reminiscing about each of her five Halloween's.

Alex was born early in October, so for her very first Halloween, she was only 25 days old. She was still so new to the world that Halloween was lost on her. We were living in Vancouver, at the time, finishing up a house-sitting stint at Rachel's folks. I don't remember many trick-or-treaters, but you can rest assured that it was early to bed for the Oop. The only real celebrating we did with the Oop - if you could call it that - was take her picture with some "pumpkin" bags at a Home Depot store. Gosh ... she's so tiny! There was way more poopy diapers than candy, mind you ... she's still a few months from trying her first "solid food", let alone candy.

Her second Halloween night was a momentous occassion. We had moved to Edmonton, so Rachel could get her 2-year post-graduate degree in nursing. We were renting a home in a very busy Halloween neighborhood, as it turned out. (There was a house up the street that went ALL OUT for Halloween ... pipe organs, whole house facade, actors, etc. It was a real sight and it usually meant news crew coverage on local television. It also brought trick-or-treaters by the car-load and we ran out of candy, before the night was through). Anyway ... we had so many people come to the door and of course, Alex being the people-person that she is, was excited to see everyone. So excited, in fact, that in order to avoid missing the action, she actually walked for the very first time ... taking a wobbly set of first-steps to the front door to see everyone!

Alex's third Halloween was her very first trick-or-treating adventure, her first pumpkin carving exploration and her last Halloween in Edmonton. We dressed her up all in white, gave her a wand, attached strap-on wings and she went dressed as an "Angel". It was a totally ad-hoc costume, but didn't she look cute! She walked for most of the way around the block, often required assistance to knock on doors, then pooped out and we had to carry her home. Too much excitement in one night!

Last year, our first in Nanaimo, Alex dressed as an "Elephant". Maternal grandparents visited us in our new home - "The Hutton House". We carved pumpkins and went to the local pumpkin patch at McNabb's Farm. We had no idea where to go trick-or-treating, as our neighborhood is so rural that no-one expects kids at the front door and you could probably only visit 4 houses and you'd be tuckered out from all the walking. Fortunately, we had some friends in nearby Cedar and Alex did about a blocks-worth of trick-or-treating. The local volunteer fire department (Scott wasn't a member, at the time) drove around in the fire engine, handing out candy to everyone. It was a fun time. (Alex recently put on her old costume, just for fun, and boy-oh-boy, was it funny to see! She's grown so much in one year (2+ inches) that the costume was way too tiny for her).

This year, Alex opted for a "unicorn" outfit. We went to the same neighborhood as we did last year and saw the same fire engine (only this time, Scott knew everyone aboard)! The Oop got a pile of candy. We had a fun time at our friends house ... a pot-luck dinner, treats for the kids. As most parents with young children can attest, it was an early evening. Although, when we returned home, our neighbors were lighting fireworks and invited us over to view the festivities. Alex had fun with Luke, Adam, Sydney (her babysitter) and Courtney (her other babysitter)!


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1.flag Gary Comment
Nice pumpkin carvings, Scott. We just went for the free-hand, cut-out designs. We never thought to look online for stencils ... doh!

Good job you didn't get an angle grinder out as well, otherwise there would of been a mighty mess thrown around the room. None of us eat any of ours, the scoopings just got thrown. Maybe next year we will try roasting the seeds.

Looks like you had lots of fun! I like the reference to throwing a sheet over your head to make a ghost - probably not good enough now with today's trick-or-treaters and all the great costumes that are out there to buy. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween, and didn't have to get the cross and garlic out to save your souls !

2.flag stk Comment

Yeah, it was pretty fun. We went trick-or-treating a tad early (before dusk), because of the party we were going to. It's a good thing we did - it started to rain, just as we were finishing!

That's half the reason I love to carve pumpkins ... eating roasted seeds! ;)

Enjoyed your Halloween post with videos, btw. :D
3.flag Gary Comment
Thanks for that, I see you have added more on your post. Memories hey, you can't beat them. Were does the time go? I blinked and my two are 15 and 12 now.

The Pumpkin growing farm looked a real treat for Alex to pick her own. Our doorbell started ringing at 5.30pm and didn't stop for 3 hours. We almost ran out of sweets (candy) and had to divert to chocolate biscuits from the fridge to keep the customers happy.

Our Kelsey and Jemma had a party and invited friends over so we had 14 kids around our house ! What with them and the doorbell, Pam and I were shattered at the end of the night. It was worth it though, all had a good time.

Still can't get the image with your power tool and the pumpkin out of my mind :D

4.flag stk Comment
Lol ... we don't even have a doorbell. :p We're so far in the sticks, I'm sure we didn't have a single trick-or-treater (have more squirrels in the attic, than kids at the front door) :|
5.flag Gary Comment
Lol, I didn't know you collected squirrels ?

Gz :)