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Twin Baby Boats!

Twin Baby Boats!

May 3rd, 2008  · stk

Twin Kayaks! We're now the proud parent of two 9-foot, 6-inch kayaks that weigh in at 40-something pounds each. The amount of plastic in our lives continues to climb! ( On the plus side ... they'll be loads of fun for visitors at the Barkley Sound floating cabin .... "Topanga?" :D )

"Blue Yonder" Gives Birth to Twins!

Little did we know when we bought her, but "Blue Yonder 19-foot bayliner classic cuddy For those that don't know, "Blue Yonder" is our new-to-us 19-foot Bayliner Classic Cuddy boat that we acquired as means of getting to the floating cabin. Click for more about the floating cabin & boat " was pregnant! (No wonder we got her at such a good deal)!

Early this morning, when we went outside to fetch the morning eggs, we noticed that there were two brand new baby kayaks, sitting in the yard. Apparently, they had just been born and were resting, after their birth, the night before.

We didn't know that boats could even get pregnant, but we're pleased with the new arrivals and will care for them as if they were our own.

Mum appears to be doing just fine, but she's tuckered out from her labor and is resting under a waterproof tarp. The twins appear healthy and fine. They each measure 9-foot, 6-inches and weigh in at respectable 42 pounds (can you say "ouch"?)! They're healthy baby kayaks, for sure. There is some question about their lineage, however. (Mum has classic yachting lines and a white fiberglass hull, with blue canvas on top. The twins are both beige and made of plastic.) Hmmm ... it leaves us wondering who the father might be?!

Mum is mum on the matter. (Mum is mum? Of course, who else would she be? The English language, eh? :p ) We're concerned that she's been slumming it on the wrong side of the yacht club, had a late night rendezvous with a certain tugboat, or maybe a wild fling with a schooner? *GASP* Perhaps liaison with a *hold-your-breath* working skiff?! Who knows,eh?

Regardless of their heritage, we're now the proud surrogate parents of two brown baby kayaks! (Some people "invest" in trampolines for their back garden, we get a pair of his'n-hers matching kayaks!) :D Go figure.

For more about the new new twins, read on.

Old Town "Otter" Kayaks from Canadian Tire

The flyer came on Thursday evening and the advert showed the kind of recreational kayak that we'd been considering for the cabin. (Something that could be used by visitors to lower crab traps, fish from, putt-putt about in and explore the passage). It had an added bonus, which was that is came "fishing-ready"! Cool.

Rachel was in Vancouver, but I quickly scanned the ad and sent her a copy. (Gotta run things by "the boss", otherwise you get into a heap of trouble. I've been married for nearly seven years now and I think I've learned how things work!)

YAY! Approval. (Furthermore, Rachel's been generous in setting aside some extra "mad-money" for such situations, a bit each time she does a double-time or triple-time extra nursing shift at NRGH.) Though there's not quite enough in the kitty, it'll go a long way to defraying the cost of our new twin kayaks. ;)

Being the research hound, I hit the Canadian Tire website (Canadian Tire is sort of the Canadian version of Target or K-Mart, in the States ... not sure what the U.K. equivalent might be, certainly not Harrods). I was trying to find more information about the kayak and only saw questions, not answers (one guy wanted to know what the maximum weight limit was, for the kayak).

Seeing that it was an Old Town kayak (Old Town is a reputable maker of canoes, going back over a 100 years in the States) ... I headed to their website, to satisfy my craving for more information. From what I can gather, the kayak is a special-edition version of the Old Town "Otter XT" kayak, featured here.

While the kayak currently retails for the same $399 (USD) as the Canadian Tire version, it lacks several of the features that are included: (sealed rear compartment + hatch, flush-mount fishing rod holder + a Scotty rod holder, and a 2.5 lb anchor, which is kinda cute). You just gotta love the brand name too ... "Scotty" ... somewhat appropriate, don'tcha think? :p

Anyway ... to make a short story even longer, I called the local Canadian Tire in Nanaimo (about 30 km away) and asked them if they had any of these boats in stock (it's a store-only sale). They said they had four. I asked if they could hold two for me and was told, "It's a first-come, first-serve basis. Sorry, no." Great. I replied that it wasn't very safe, but I'd hop in my truck and barrel down the highway at break-neck speed, breaking speed limits and running over pedestrians, so that I'd be the first in line. :| The lady laughed, but (I think) missed the point.

So I made the drive up (after conferring with "the boss") and purchased the two boats. After loading the boats into the truck, I had to head back into the store because one of the boats was missing the extra "Scotty fishing rod holder and anchor", which came in a separate package. They hunted all over the store and only found one such package remaining. I guess the other two buyers will have to do without? Typical - just glad I sped down the freeway like a demon! :p

They're not touring kayaks, but they'll be great fun for the cabin. We're not certain, at this point, if we'll leave them there or cart them back and forth, but for now, we're the proud owners of two new plastic "toys".

It's sure getting to be a far cry from 2002, when all we needed, was what we carried on our backs!!

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1.flag Gary Comment
Lol 'wild fling with a schooner' She's such a whore ;)

Those look like they will be lots of fun, I remember canoeing down the river Ardeche through the rapids whilst on a School holiday, many years ago. After we had gone through the rapids and made it to safe water below, the instructors told us that 3 or 4 people were killed at this point last year.... MMMM that really boosted my confidence at the age of 14, trying to look cool in front of the girls.

Thanks for the link, not sure why I called it an 'Investment' maybe it should of been a 'twist ma Dad around my little finger - purchase' by my daughters ;)

Look forward to seeing and hearing more about the 'Twins' development in the near future, will Rachel be breast feeding them? Now that I would pay to see:D

Gz ;)
2.flag stk Comment
LOL @ "twist ma Dad 'round my little finger" .... been there! (Never felt so good at being used)! ;)

*Cough* ... urm ... it would be "Blue Yonder" that did the breast feeding, if there were any to be done? :| Yer a sick man, Gary!
3.flag Gary Comment
Lol, Oh yeh *feeling silly*

4.flag stk Comment
5.flag Gary Comment
... Yeh, looking back it was a little silly. I just had one of my giddy moments I guess ;)

Have you heard from the Yabbla recently? I believe he has flu but wondered if he was any better yet?

It would have to be real bad to keep him away from his keyboard.