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Bowron Lakes Canoe Trip

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Bowron Lakes Canoe Trip

August 28th, 2008  · stk
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Updated: 22-Aug-2012
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1.flag Gary Comment
Nice one, I shall have a read of this detailed packed, multi paged post in the next few days, had a skim through whilst I had a brew at work today, glad you got the Simple Gallery working, I love it :)

2.flag stk Comment
Yeah, the photo gallery is pretty sweet, isn't it?

(Shhhh ... Don't tell Yabba, as it'll just go to his head. Instead complain about something and hopefully the user interface will improve) :D

3.flag Aunt Karen Comment
You surely had a great adventure. You guys are really good at this "roughin it" thing.
4.flag stk Comment
It takes a certain person to enjoy sleeping in the dirt! :p
5.flag Rachel Comment
Nice job on the photo gallery. Thank you, Yabba, for designing it.

Thank You Scott for doing such a great job of posting the photos in the gallery, and getting pictures imbedded in the journal. I know both things were a lot of work, but definately worthwhile. Thanks.
6.flag Sieg Comment
Wow great story. Tina and I just got done reading the post and looking at Scotts blurry animal photos, lol "Tina told me to say that" Ha must be a woman thing.
7.flag stk Comment
Glenn (& Tina) - Glad you liked the story. :D

LOL @ blurry animal photos. Hopefully, if you take enough blurry photos, one is bound to turn out sharp!
8.flag Charis Comment
I'm one of the kayakers - completely enjoying your account of the trip. I don't recall the "mouse in the tent" story - too funny! We were far enough away from your tent and the wind was so loud that we didn't hear it. It was great to meet you both!! Thanks for the wonderful blog! Here's my report: